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i know we can make it if we take it slow

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  1. Table of Contents
  2. So pick me, choose me, love me" for anon
  3. Walmart' for georgiagirlagain
  4. Cake' for pleasepleasepleaseme
  5. Space AU' for melifair
  6. Pioneer AU' for georgiagirlagain
  7. Werewolf AU' for merideath
  8. Tall Darcy AU' for georgiagirlagain
  9. Thieving, rat bastard, pig fu-dger" for merideath
  10. *'Kiss, restrain, whimper' for mcgregorswench
  11. Disastrous Double Date (with WinterBiochemist)' for starfishdancer
  12. Can I kiss you" for melifair
  13. Hades and Persephone AU' for holieshka
  14. Neighbors AU' for freudensteins-monster
  15. Space AU (2)' for merideath
  16. Did youmean it?" for huskiesfan-olicity-wintershock
  17. Autumn leaves with bonus Hogwarts AU' for merideath
  18. Scarf' for pleasepleasepleaseme
  19. Cable Knit Sweater' for pleasepleasepleaseme
  20. Halloween costumes' for glynnisista8
  21. Don't go" for merideath
  22. Can I Kiss you?", "Because I love you, okay?" and'accidental cuddling' for glynnisista8
  23. Invisible Man AU' for merideath
  24. Creepy Hotel AU' and "What the hell was that noise?" for mcgregorswench
  25. A walk at night with kissing' for littleplebe
  26. Dreaming of a white Christmas' for nefariousinkblot
  27. Sledding on the shield' for mcgregorswench
  28. Christmas star science' for glynnisista8
  29. Message in twinkly lights' for glynnisista8
  30. Drone mistletoe' for mcgregorswench
  31. Snowed in' for mcgregorswench
  32. Mulled wine' for starfishdancer, (feat Bucky/Jemma)
  33. His rough beard on shaved skin' for merideath
  34. Envy' for starfishdancer, (feat Bucky/Jemma)
  35. Greed' for littleplebe
  36. Nobody is watching' for merideath
  37. Ghostbusters AU' for starfishdancer (feat Bucky/Jemma)
  38. Cuddling' for librarian-amy
  39. *'Dirty talk' for anon
  40. Please come back" for anon
  41. First kiss' for anon
  42. *'Lingerie (Steve in the lingerie)' for anon
  43. Orally satiated' for aenariasbookshelf
  44. Gifts' for renateseline
  45. Huddling for warmth' for pieannamay
  46. Coffee Shop AU' for renateseline
  47. Isolated' for littleplebe
  48. 'Fakeout makeout' for littleplebe
  49. 'Coffee Shop AU (ii)' for littleplebe
  50. 'Fake relationship' for georgiagirlagain
  51. 'Fakeout makeout (ii)' for glynnisista8
  52. 'Bed sharing (ii)' for glynnisista8
  53. 'Bodyswap' for glynnisista8
  54. 'Huddling for warmth (ii)' for glynnisista8
  55. 'Something Just Like This' for darcylightninglewis
  56. 'A Guy with a Girl' for georgiagirlagain
  57. 'The Lost Get Found' for aspiring-trashfire
  58. 'Dancing Queen' for littleplebe
  59. 'Super Trouper' for littleplebe
  60. 'Demons' for littleplebe
  61. 'Elephant Love Medley' for anon
  62. 'How Far We've Come' for Joey99
  63. *'Mirror Sex; Dirty Talk' for darcylightninglewis
  64. *'Texture play' for amidtheflowers
  65. *'Stealth Suit Kink; Oral Sex; Fingering' for glynnisista8
  66. *'Nipple Play; Body Paint' for melifair
  67. *'Texture play (Feathers); Blindfolds' for littleplebe
  68. *'Biting; Lingerie Kink' for littleplebe
  69. 'Massage' for littleplebe
  70. 'Clothing Kink (Suspenders); Semi-Public; Dirty Talk' for huskiesfan-olicity-wintershock
  71. 'Lumberjack AU' for phoenix-173
  72. 'Bodyguard AU' for bval-
  73. 'Royalty AU; King/Thief' for georgiagirlagain
  74. 'Hard Day's Night' for itsjanetsnakehole
  75. 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' for iamartemisday
  76. 'Hey Ya' for georgiagirlagain
  77. 'Head Over Feet' for itsjanetsnakehole
  78. 'Lumberjack AU Part' for darcylightinglewis
  79. 'Neightbors AU Part 2' for starfishdancer
  80. 'Royalty AU King/Thief; Part 2' for glynnisista8
  81. *'Stealth suit kink; Oral Sex; Fingering; Part 2' for glynnisista8
  82. 'Bed sharing; Part 2' for glynnisista8
  83. 'Nobody is watching; Part 2' for glynnisista8
  84. 'Bodyswap; Part 2' for glynnisista8
  85. 'Sharing a Cab AU' for littleplebe
  86. 'Prison AU' for littleplebe
  87. 'Accidentally read your journal AU' for littleplebe
  88. 'Celebrity Twitter AU' for bloomsoftly
  89. 'King Arthur AU' for bloomsoftly
  90. 'Haunted House AU' for mcgregorswench
  91. 'Memory Loss AU' for mcgregorswench
  92. 'Fun-Sized' for mcgregorswench
  93. 'Save You' for mcgregorswench
  94. 'In too Deep' for mcgregorswench (Part of 2)
  95. 'Lovestruck' for mcgregorswench
  96. 'Shake it like a polaroid picture' for glynnisista8
  97. 'Reversed' for glynnisista8
  98. 'Only a cough' for melifair
  99. 'I do believe in spooks' for glynnisista8
  100. 'Slaying a dragon' for anon
  101. 'Deeper Still' for glynnisista8 (Part 2 of 2)
  102. 'Her wildest dream' for glynnisista8
  103. 'Fireplace' for Joey99
  104. 'Flannel' for Joey99
  105. 'Falling leaves' for Joey99
  106. 'Blankets' for glynnisista8
  107. 'Farmer's Market' for em_jaye
  108. 'Touch Football' for glynnisista8
  109. 'Bed &; Breakfast' for glynnisista8
  110. 'Farmer's Market ii' for darcylightinglewis
  111. 'Hoodies' for mcgregorswench
  112. 'Hayride' for glynnisista8
  113. 'Fireplace, Part 2' for mcgregorswench
  114. 'Hayride, Part 2' for mcgregorswench
  115. 'Fall Festival' for bloomsoftly
  116. 'Knitting' for mcgregorswench
  117. 'Flannel ii' for starfishdancer
  118. 'Flannel iii' for mcgregorswench
  119. 'Tailgating' for mcgregorswench
  120. 'Corn Maze' for nefariousinkblot
  121. 'Call Me Maybe' for Joey99
  122. 'Meet-cute' for georgiagirlagain
  123. 'Fake relationship' for mcgregorswench
  124. 'Huddling for warmth' for starfishdancer
  125. 'Bed sharing' for glynnisista8
  126. 'Meet-cute' for littleplebe
  127. 'Huddling for warmth' for Joey99
  128. 'Hurt/Comfort; Fluff' for mcgregorswench
  129. 'Crave' for glynnisista8
  130. 'Satisfied' for darcylightinglewis
  131. 'Apple Pie' for glynnisista8
  132. 'Bubble baths' for itscoffeefordinner and melifair
  133. *'Gel Pens' for tqpannie
  134. 'Kitten Therapy' for mcgregorswench
  135. 'Grilling out' for justagirlfromcharleston
  136. *'Lazy mornings in bed' for mcgregorswench
  137. 'Antiques' for Joey99
  138. 'Cuddling' for glynnisista8
  139. 'Dragons' for Joey99 and mcgregorswench
  140. 'Bath bombs' for tqpannie
  141. 'Leggings' for tqpannie, wickedwriter96, and anon
  142. 'Swimming' for nefariousinkblot and V-Bird
  143. 'Friends to lovers' for katherinedennings
  144. 'Flannel' for anon
  145. 'Knitting' for amazon-x
  146. 'Blankets' and'Hay ride' for glynnisista8
  147. 'Stargazing' for Aenaria
  148. 'Cranberry Mimosa' for mcgregorswench
  149. 'Irish Coffee' for itscoffeefordinner
  150. 'Apple Cider Old Fashioned' for anon
  151. 'Irish Coffee ii' for tqpannie, amazon-x, and miss_elizabeth
  152. 'Hot Chocolate' for Joey99
  153. 'Vanilla Dark and Stormy' for glynnisista8
  154. 'The North Pole' for glynnisista8
  155. 'Cherry Old Fashioned' for GlynnisIsta8
  156. 'Mistletoe Martini' for glynnisista8
  157. 'Hot Buttered Rum' for glynnisista8
  158. 'Fireball Orange Hot Toddy' for ellerigby
  159. ’Is it hot in here or is that just you?' for mcgregorswench
  160. 'Why can’t you look at me?' for anon
  161. *’Let me watch you touch yourself' for Still_AliveAnd_Kicking
  162. ’You want to be with him, don’t you?' for starfishdancer
  163. *’Look deep into my eyes, sweetheart' for Joey99
  164. *'I just want to please you' for glynnisista8
  165. *'Make me' for nobutsiriusly
  166. ’I’m keeping the baby, with or without you' for Joey99 and Anon
  167. *’All mine' for Tempytime
  168. ’Because I care about you!' for zephrbabe
  169. 'Shut up and kiss me' for mcgregorswench
  170. *'I love it when you kiss my neck' for Joey99
  171. *'Grab the headboard for me, will you?' for Joey99
  172. 'Holding hands for the first time' for ellerigby13
  173. 'Bonfire' for merideath & Joey99
  174. 'My scarf’s stuck in the door of my apartment building and I can’t reach the keypad to unlock the door to the lobby, can you help me out, neighbor-I’ve-never-spoken-to-before?' for em_jaye
  175. 'Putting flannel sheets on the bed so you feel like a lumberjack' for Mcgregorswench