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Obi-Wan pauses mid-sentence. What was he saying? He has a point, he knows - something important to convey - but he seems to have misplaced it. He blinks, hoping to quiet the ringing in his ears so he can recapture his sentence, but if anything the ringing grows louder.

Is someone shouting? Try as he might, he can't make the voice resolve into words, not while his head is swimming like this. He swallows and blinks again, this time trying to clear the fuzziness from his vision. Oh dear, he thinks muzzily, as the deck tilts beneath him.

The world blinks out.

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Cody’s concentration is jolted from the tactical display he's been studying when General Kenobi trails off in the middle of a sentence. He looks over to find his general blinking dazedly, which is concerning.

“General? The hostages?” He tries to subtly prompt Kenobi, but the Jedi shows no sign of hearing him. Instead, he shakes his head like he's trying to clear water from his ears, then slowly lists to the side.

“General Kenobi!” Cody closes the distance between them, steps made swift by worry. “Sir! Are you unwell?”

The only answer he receives is an armful of unconscious Jedi.

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“Stang!” Helix curses, peeling yet another tunic off their General. Cody looks on worriedly from over in the corner, where he’s trying to stay out of the way.

“Just how many godsdamned layers is he wearing?” the medic grumbles as he finally tugs off the last one. Stripped of his tunics, Kenobi looks alarmingly gaunt. Cody drums his fingertips anxiously against his rerebrace.

The Jedi stirs as Helix slaps sensors onto his chest. He blinks groggily, catching sight of his commander. “Cody? What happened?”

You happened, General,” Helix cuts in before Cody can reply. “When did you last eat something?”

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“When did you last eat something?”

Eat something? Obi-Wan struggles to corral his thoughts. When was the last time he had eaten?

“Hmm,” he says. He doesn’t notice the concerned look that Cody and Helix share across his medical cot as he frowns in concentration. He hasn’t really had much appetite lately, but surely he must have eaten relatively recently?

“Not this morning,” he muses out loud. “No time. But— yesterday, perhaps? Although I don’t recall....” He shakes his head, then winces as the headache he hadn’t realized was there spikes behind his eyes. “No, I can’t seem to remember.”