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You and Me

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You And Me

“Hey Beansprout,” said Chitoge, slightly blushing as she held back a fighting grin. “Late again!” Raku grinned. “Sorry darling, had some minor problems.” Chitoge pouted, and said “We haven’t had a date in ages...I missed you.” The last words were muttered and quiet, but they were heard by Raku and set both of their faces on fire. “I missed you too...” He replied. “I have a plan for today, so just leave it to me.” he said, turning around and slyly reaching for her hand. Chitoge chuckled to herself and jogged slightly to catch up to him. “Alright, I leave it to you then. Don’t mess it up, honey.”


Raku grinned as they arrived at the arcade where he had first realized his true feelings to Chitoge. Chitoge was obviously a little bewildered by the fact that he had bought her here, of all places, but she didn’t protest. “What are we doing here?” she asked curiously. Raku sighed while shaking his head. “Humph, I should have known you wouldn’t be able to guess...we’re here to play, obviously!” Chitoge punched him on the shoulder. “Of course I knew that! It’s just...such a nostalgic place.” Raku smiled gently and pulled Chitoge to the dancing game they had beaten once before. “When we beat the game here before...that was the first time I knew I liked you in a romantic way.” He said, awkwardly blushing and looking away. Chitoge couldn’t help but giggle at his adorable awkwardness. “That’s so sweet!” she said, biting her lip to keep from laughing anymore. Raku was pleased that Chitoge seemed happy. “Today we’re going to a bunch of places! But first...wanna play another round?”

The sunny day was fading to a mirage of lavender and pale cotton candy colors. Raku led Chitoge to their old high school, where it all began. “Remember our first meeting when you leaped over the wall and basically attacked me?” asked Raku, smirking. Chitoge’s lips curved up remembering their unique first encounter. “I was in a rush,” she recalled. “It was my first day at a new school, a new place! I was so excited to make new friends, never thought that I would” Her eyes sparkled as she glanced at Raku. He was red in the face as he spoke. “You know, after I met you, everything changed. My world was turned upside down. I didn’t think that I would ever fall in love with a gorilla who hated my guts. But what do you know? I did. You opened a whole new world of miracles for me. Every second with you was so exciting, so worthwhile. When I was at crossroads, I relied on you, and little by little I couldn’t help but fall for you.” Raku stepped closer to Chitoge and tenderly caught her hand. “Chitoge. You are so beautiful. You are so amazing. When I think about how many days I want to spend with someone as wonderful as’s infinite.” Raku knelt down and took out a small cushioned blue box. Slowly, he opened it. “Chitoge Kirisaki, will you marry me?” Chitoge’s tears were cascading down her crimson cheeks as she parted her lips and said the single word that Raku longed to hear. “Yes.”


Raku stared at the eye-catching beauty that was making her way to him, down the aisle. His breath hitched in his throat, and he couldn’t fight the blush rising to his cheeks. Slowly his mouth formed a bright smile, one that he couldn’t suppress, and Chitoge smiled too. Within what felt like hours, but in reality was minutes, Chitoge arrived besides Raku. He didn’t remember what the priest said, not what he said. He remembered only the best parts of the wedding; their sweet yet simple vows, their joyful sealing kiss, the party, the cheers, the happiness. And Raku knew, from then on, that Chitoge was the only one for him.