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Possession is Nine Tenths of The Law

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Being born at the bottom of the totem pole wasn't all that bad especially since the new modern age of medications and strict laws. Pills managed the yearly heat. Laws prevented unwanted breeding and/or claiming, which the omegas and even some lower ranking betas would be forever grateful for. Not that any major harm ever came to them, a deeply driven in instinct to protect and nurture prevented that. However, the laws were still a necessity because even though nature provided a safety net of sorts it didn't take away the dislike or disinterest one might feel for another; for an omega in estrus did not have the luxury of saying 'no' even if the aggressor was someone they absolutely loathed.

Pheromones and the need to have younglings were both powerful drives, each one of which caused numerous battles and even deaths between alphas.

It was also the exact reason why omegas were usually kept home until after their first heat passed since it was the most unpredictable. It would not due for an unclaimed barer to be caught in a public place going into or in full-blown estrus.

Hence the reason why Andy Elizabeth Sachs had to beg and plead to her mothers for a job puppy-dog-eyed and everything until eventually, they(her dam) gave in.

Andy hurried through the lobby towards the elevators after passing through security. She took the elevator to the twenty-second floor and came to doors, which in her opinion was ridiculously unnecessary due to the fact everything was made of glass. Privacy must be a major issue here. She thought as she watched people scurrying around in different directions inside.

Andy took a deep breath. Well, here goes nothing. She entered only to nearly jumped out of her skin when an exasperated redheaded woman met her right away. Her blue eyes immediately swept over Andy. "Human Resources must think this is a joke."

Her back straight and pale blue eyes forward she radiated dominance though not as strong as an alpha's it still made Andy a bit dizzy.

She scanned over Andy head to toe before continuing on. "We need someone who can survive here. It is a highly demanding job, Miranda expects perfection. Do you understand?"

"Well I'd like to be considered-" The redhead rolled her eyes, turned on a dime, and left leaving Andy standing there like an idiot in the dust. She hurried after her only to nearly bump into the other woman's back when she suddenly came to a halt, unknowing sending a wave of suppressed hormones over Emily.

The redhead pivoted, stepped forward, and sniffed a few times. Her Alice blue eyes widened. "Bloody hell, you're an omega."

And as if to answer the question, Andy's body reacted on its own accord. She whimpered and turned her head to the side and bared her throat in submission. A pleased hum and suddenly heated puffs of air began to hit Andy's neck.

Emma moaned breathlessly as she buried her face in pale skin. The girl had such a sweet odor. Like morning dew and sunshine. So sweet, so deliciously intoxicating. She could claim her before the rest of them even found out and the girl would be hers and hers alone. Their younglings would be-

Emily blinked as she jolted backwards. Oh, bleeding Christ! She needed to get rid of this girl and quickly before Miranda arrived. Miranda Priestly, editor & chief of the fashion magazine Runway was notorious for not hiring omegas. Her deeply driven in alpha instincts constricted her-made her soft when around them and that simply would not do. "You need to leave this instant. Miranda doesn't even-"

But before she could finish Emily's phone vibrated with a new text. "Oh, my God, no, no, no."

Confused Andy couldn't help but to question. "What's wrong?"

"She's here. Her facialist ruptured a disc! She had to cancel her appointment! She'll be here in five minutes!" The redhead appeared to be on the verge of hyperventilating as she began to frantically run around, straightening her desk and slipping on another pair of shoes then practically ran into what, Andy assumed, was Ms. Priestly's office.

An older higher beta, impeccably dressed in a Chanel pinstriped power suit and stylish glasses, came through another set of doors to Emily's desk. Upon hearing of Miranda's imminent arrival, she straightened up and went to another set on the other side then shouted outside. "Gird your loins!"

And with that simple phrase Pandemonium broke out.

All the employees began sprinting to their desks, throwing away old containers of food, refreshing their makeup, and exchanging flats for heels. Clearing the halls like the red sea and rushing to their seats where they pretended they were busy.

Just in time too because the elevator doors were opening and the queen had arrived.

The silvery white-headed woman removed a pair of gold D&G sunglasses with one single swipe and began to stroll down the corridors only to nearly be slammed into by Emily. "I simply cannot understand why it's so difficult to confirm an appointment."

"I know. I'm so sorry, Miranda. I actually did confirm last night." She all but whined.

"Details of your incompetence do not interest me." Miranda dismissed not even looking at her assistant." Tell Simone I'm not going to approve that girl that she sent me for the Brazilian layout. I asked for clean, athletic, smiling. She sent me dirty, tired and paunchy. And R.S.V.P. Yes to the Michelle Kors party. I want the driver to drop me off at 9:30 and pick me up at 9:45 sharp."

"9:45" Emily attempted to write it down while keeping pace a step behind which proved a nearly herculean effort due to the four-inch heels.

"Call Regina at Glorious Foods, tell her no for the 40th time. No, I don't want dacquoise. I want tortes filled with warm rhubarb compote. Then call my sister, ask her to meet me for dinner at that place I went to with Massimo." They finally entered the inner office where Miranda continued her never-ending list as she shucked off her "Tell Rosamund I saw the pictures that she sent for that feature on the paratroopers… and they're all so deeply unattractive. Is it impossible to find a lovely, slender," She seemed to shuck off her coat for emphasis. "paratrooper? No. Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really."

Miranda didn't notice the brunette right away, but as she took a moment to breathe she faltered. She lifted her nose the air sniffed a couple of times before her eyes zeroed in on the lone girl. A low rumble and the alpha straightened, breasts pushed out and head held high. She unconsciously peacocked for the young unclaimed.

Andy's cheeks pinkened as she lowered her gaze and whimpered, clearly showing her status.

Beside the alpha, Emily picked up on the action and her hackles raised. Her inner beta didn't like this one bit and thrashed within its cage, demanding that she protect the vulnerable omega if need be. A challenging rumble.

Miranda snapped around and locked eyes with the high ranking beta. She glared her dominance until Emily had no choice but to look away.

All of this happened this posturing and establishing rank happened in mere seconds before Miranda just as quickly reigned in her features back into her usual glacial-like impassiveness.

Tense moment broken, she continued on towards her office. "Also, I need to see all the things that Natalie has pulled for Gwyneth's second cover try. I wonder if she's lost any of that weight yet." Miranda finally narrowed her eyes over Andy as if she'd just now seen her. "Who is that?" She absentmindedly gestured in her direction.

Emily jumped and squawked while the girl's features lit up. "Human Resources sent her up about the new assistant job, and I was preinterviewing her. But she's hopeless and totally wrong for it." She rambled out while protectively placing herself in front of the girl.

"I see." Miranda drawled out and Emily decided to break in. "Miranda, I'll just-" A dismissive wave cut her off. "No, no, Clearly I'm going to have to do that myself because the last two you sent me were completely inadequate. So send her in. That's all."

Emily's jaw dropped, she expected the girl to be turned away on the first whiff. "She wants to see you."

Andy's face lit up like a Christmas light."Oh! She does?"

"Yes," She hissed then shooed her. "Move!" 

Andy entered the office a bundle of nerves and wasn't even halfway to the desk before Miranda, perched in a plush leather chair as if it were a throne, began."You're an omega." It was a statement not a question and sort of stupified Andy. "Well, I uh." She sputtered out trying to explain. Explain what? Who the hell knows, but her mouth was moving for some reason.

"No, that wasn't a question." Miranda dismissed with just the tone of her voice alone.

An awkward pause and the older woman spoke once again. "Did your parents smack their heads on the pavement? Sending their young unclaimed omega daughter to a den full of Alphas and high ranking betas." Miranda demanded, her voice like icy velvet.

"My parents trust my judgment. I have my suppressors ready for when that particular day arrives and I have been prepared thoroughly for it." Andy defended, her arms crossed and pout in place.

"Well, since you're so prepared for everything you should also know about Runway." Miranda drawled out condescendingly.

"Ah, it's a fashion magazine –"

"You have no idea who I am, nor have you ever heard of me before today?" And when she didn't get an answer, Miranda continued. "You have no sense of style or any sense of fashion and if I had to guess your mother's picked out your assemble." She finally glanced up from Andy's resume to the girl in question at Andy in derision and boredom. The girl was dressed nicely in a collared cerulean blue oxford and tailored charcoal skirt, but Miranda could smell along with her sweet scent the heavy underlining pungency of another alpha. One who was strong, powerful, and thankfully familial to the girl. Her sire. She concluded and though she did not usually care whom dressed whom. The little unclaimed one would just cause her trouble especially with those large doe eyes, round hips, and supple breasts.

"Well I-," Andy tried to counter but was interrupted by the 'gird your loins' woman from before. What was her name? Natalie? She swept into Miranda's office and around her desk to show her something in a brown envelope. "I got the exclusive on the Cavalli for Gwyneth, but the problem is, with that huge feathered headdress that she's wearing she looks like she's working the main stage at the Golden Nugget."

Miranda peered down at them and hummed then glanced up at Andy. "Thank you for your time. That's all."

They watched her go before Natalie turned to Miranda. "Who was the little omega? Are we doing some sort of matchmaking shoot I don't know about?"

A ping of something hit the alpha right in the gut. What was that? Regret? Longing? No, it could not be. She hadn't felt that way in...


Ever, really. Miranda inwardly groaned and picked up her office phone.

Andy trudged solemnly down the sidewalk before fishing out her cell and locating her sire's number. Well, they always wanted me to be a lawyer now I guess they'll get their wish. 

"Andrea!" The brunette turned just in time to see Emily rushing up to her.

Months passed and all was going smoothly. Well, going as smoothly as a top fashion magazine could. None the less, if someone were to look in from the outside they'd merely assume Andy was just one of many betas employed at Runway, but if one took the time to observe it's inner workings closer inspection they'd find out that it was all an illusion.

They all thought she couldn't tell, but Andy soon noticed the difference. For one, no one raised their voice to her or was even remotely condescending, which surprised a hell out of a lot of people when Miranda was around her. They all smiled and seemed to eagerly want to help her even when she asked the stupidest of questions.

"What's this?" Andy held up some sort of weird instrument laying idly on a makeup table.

The blonde Brazilian, whom she spoke to, turned away from a lower ranking beta's face long enough to smile warmly and explain. "An eyelash curler."

"Oh," Andy drawled out as she studied it like it was a cure for cancer.

"Que coelhinho fofo," She heard the other woman mutter and a chorus of giggles broke out.

The brunette tilted her head and brow crinkled, unknowingly making herself cuter. "What's so funny?"

A shake of the head combined with twinkling eyes and a full-on cheeky grin."Nothing, Coelho."

It wasn't until a couple of days later when her curiosity finally got the best of her that Andy decided to look up the word. Coelho or what she later found out(thanks to the miracle of google translate) 'bunny' became her new nickname. Bunny? She wasn't a bunny... Okay, so she had big round chocolate eyes, a nose twitched when she was confused, and sometimes she hopped when on a mad rush for Miranda's hourly Starbucks. That didn't mean she was a bunny. She scoffed as she stabbed a carrot in her salad and popped it in her mouth...

Oh, God damn it. She tossed it out.

Another moment came when she wore something especially cute. A gaggle of them lower and higher ones cornered her in the elevator. Cooing and coddling, brushing their cheeks against hers and touching her everywhere that was thankfully appropriate. Never in her life had Andy been more embarrassed and flushed. By the time she made it into the outer office she nothing more than a walking cloud of protective pheromones.

Emily crinkled her nose though remained silent, but when she entered Miranda's office something odd happened. The older woman wordlessly rose from her chair, strolled over, and sniffed her a couple of times before making a displeased noise. She then preceded to, much to the omega surprise, rub her own cheek against Andy's, marking the girl with her distinctive protective scent.

Though not at all a claiming mark it was still a bold statement. One that clearly screamed, 'leave her the alone or else!'

The alpha pulled back and peered down at her with a cold determined glimmer in her eyes. "Never walk these halls without an alpha's protective mark, am I clear?"

"Yes, Miranda." She dipped her head, like a handmaiden being dismissed by her queen and fled.

After that Andy never got cornered again. Well, she did, but they did not mark her. Andy was very pleased, to say the least, but her sire wanted nothing more than to murder the fashionista at first whiff.

Luckily for the Miranda, Andy and her dam managed to talk her down from it. That's the last thing they needed right now was her sire's face splashed across the television screen for allegedly murdering her daughter's boss. Allegedly in that Patty Hewe's never gets her hands dirty. It's always somebody else and done cleanly. No matter what the professional level is though Andy really didn't want to go through that again.

Other than that tense little bump in the road everything was going smoothly. Hands were kept to themselves, the cooing remained, and Miranda finally began calling her by her first name instead of Emily. Everything was grandish.

Of course, like all good things it was bound to come to an end.

It began with a subtle flash of heat. Nothing major just a small wave that left Andy breathing a bit heavily. She took the collar of her blouse and tugged at it a couple of times.

Only to find the culprit to be Emily. The brit was chewing on the end of a ballpoint pen and white-knuckling the side of her desk while her upper body occupied most of the top. Face was flushed and pupils the size of dimes she looked sick or high. What the hell?

Andy's face scrunched. "Emily?"

"Emily?" She tried again this time a little louder.

The redhead jolted, blinked rapidly for a moment before her face screwed up into agitation. "Bloody hell, will you stop bellowing at me! I can hear you just fine." She snarled but the bite in her voice had an unusual hitch to it.

"I you have a copy of Miranda's schedule for Thursday?" Andy quickly made up some bullshit line. The redhead had been acting a bit odd this past week. Like some sort of clingy girlfriend. Glaring at the others, walking a bit too close to Andy, and being all sorts of gentlewomanly, which was cute. Odd but cute.

Hours ticked away and the slight temperature change seemed to increase by the second. A bead of sweat broke from Andy's forehead, joining the assault covering the remainder of her body. If she didn't know any better, she'd thought the office had turned into a sauna.

Once she entered the bathroom Andy made a beeline to the sink, turned on the water full blast then splashed her overheated face a couple of times. What the hell was wrong with her? Was she coming down with something? God, she hoped not. Miranda would have an absolute shi-The door clicked open and shut, snapping Andy's attention.

Three models stood in the near the entrance their gaze unwavering as they stared at her. What the hell? An unpleasant jitter swept over Andy and settled in her belly. "Um, I was just fixing to leave." She made a couple of steps their way and faltered when none of them moved. "I need to get through. I need to-"

A rumble of purrs vibrated and they began to advance, pumping the small space full of pheromones. They watched in what seemed to be amusement as the young omega swayed a bit as her pupils dilated to the size of dimes and breaths became rapid.

"No.. please, no..." The young woman rejected as she stumbled backwards, but to her horror, the betas kept creeping closer, the glazed eyes and half-open mouth panting revealed their intentions, and Andy knew she was too weak to truly resist if they managed to touch her. "No.." She closed her eyes tight and breathed, trying to steel herself against the assault, but found it to be a mistake when another wave of hormones bombarded her senses.

Knowing that there was no escaped she turned and tried desperately to make it to an empty stall only to be grabbed from behind. A warm body pressed against her back and with it came a heady musky scent that caused her back to arch.

The model behind her let out a pleased purr and Andy felt it. A hard lump rubbing against her backside. She whimpered a bit as she rolled her hips, ready for it. Soft hands held her, roaming this way and that until they got to the hem of her skirt where they began to slowly slid upward.

SLAM The clash of metal against granite ricocheted, startling all four within.

"What pray tell," The whispered words laced Andy's neck like a short lead on an energetic dog, asphyxiating her. Miranda. She shuddered as did the other three. The alpha was here and judging by her tone she was not pleased. "Is going on here?"

The young betas jolted away from the lone omega and all but whimpered. "We, um."

"I see," A pause and Andy felt the burning gaze on her before it left. "Consider yourself fired all of you. Get out."

The three girls scurried out and Andy tried to follow only to be stopped by crossed arms, pursed lips, and that icy voice. "Wait not you, you stay."

The brunette halted mid-step, straightened herself, and peered down at the floor with hands clasped. Once they were alone the alpha approached, the sound of her heels like knives to Andy's ears with each 'click'. She stopped just a hairs way away and towered over the young omega.

"Are you alright? They didn't harm you, did they?" When the girl couldn't make herself answer she felt a soft yet firm hand wrap around her bicep. "Andréa?" Andy whimpered and a shiver ran along her spine and it was so strong she was pretty sure Miranda felt it too, as her hand shifted slightly; Andy couldn't tell if it was a comforting gesture or a silent order to stay put. Not able to move anyway, her legs turned into jelly by Miranda's sole presence, the omega tilted her head slightly in a submissive display, beckoning the alpha to her.

Breathing hitched and the grip on Andy's arm tightened. Miranda moved closer.