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Generans Purus (The Breeder)

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Voldemort was dead by Spring of Harry's sixth year. Unfortunately the casualties on the "Light" side were still many, the most significant of which, at least as far as the wizarding world as a whole was concerned, being Dumbledore himself.

Harry thought maybe, just maybe, his life would finally find some semblance of normalcy. He could finally let himself find a girlfriend…or a boyfriend; his life had been so crazy he'd never even given himself a chance to figure out if he had a preference.

He was looking forward to actually being able to focus on his classes for once as well. Maybe he could actually get all high marks on his NEWTs instead of the barely average scores of his OWLs.

Yes, he was looking forward to his seventh year. Too bad he forgot that Fate was a fickle bitch that apparently had a grudge against him.


The trials for Severus Snape and the Malfoy family started at the beginning of May. As one of the key character witnesses for all four of the accused, Harry was required to attend. He found it an interesting process in that "Please, Merlin, by all that's holy, never let me have to do this again" kind of way.

It might have been easier if he wasn't slightly distracted the entire time. He had always considered himself to be a normal teenage boy, with normal urges, though if he was honest with himself, he'd never indulged those urges quite as much as his dorm-mates, aside from the occasional quick wank in the shower.

So, needless to say, he was a little concerned by the half-aroused state he seemed to be in throughout the entire trial, the feeling only abating strangely enough when he was back inside Hogwarts. He even tried going on a couple long walks around the lake with Ginny who kept strongly hinting at her willingness to go out with him. As much as he tried, as much as he wanted, his feelings simply didn't seem to want to cooperate with him and he was left apologizing to Ginny for not returning her interest.

It was the last day of the trial, a week before the end of school, when the situation finally resolved itself, though not in any way Harry, or anyone involved, probably would have predicted. Due to Snape's role as a double agent, he was cleared of all charges. The entire Malfoy family was put under house arrest, extending to include Hogwarts in Draco's case, as it was proved through veritaserum and testimonials from others, including Harry, that Voldemort had been holding the lives of the family against each other in a sort of emotional blackmail to ensure their cooperation.

Some official decided it would be a brilliant show of good faith if Harry, Boy-Who-Lived, Savior of the Wizarding World, posed for some pictures with the family. Harry had never been more thankful for his baggy clothes that concealed his partial erection as he was manhandled over to the area designated for the photo-op. But then, suddenly it seemed, he was less than an arm's length away from the three blondes and he was instantly and, thanks to the restrictions of his jeans, painfully hard, his face flushing in embarrassment.

Lucius gave him a strange look then gave an apparently meaningful look to his family before that customary blank mask seemed to overtake his features once more. Unsure what to make of it, Harry took his position between Draco and Lucius, with Narcissa standing to the other side of her husband and Snape lurking behind his godson, and tried his best to appear calm.

The session seemed to drag on forever with Harry fidgeting, damn near vibrating with the intense need pulsing stronger through him with every heartbeat. Finally, finally, it was over, the last journalist and official gone, leaving Harry alone with the four. He was just about to bolt so he could find the nearest loo and take care of his little problem before he went crazy.

Instead, Lucius extended his hand, ungloved for once, that strange look gracing his patrician features again as he spoke. "Potter…Harry, if I may… please accept my sincere apology on behalf of myself and my family for every harm done to you and your friends, as well as our most profound thanks for your assistance in our trials."

Harry studied their faces carefully before reaching out to cautiously clasp the extended hand. The words of acceptance that hovered on the tip of his tongue fled as their palms touched and an intense wave of desire rolled over him, leaving him staring dazedly at the older man.

Lucius didn't look much better, but with a quick nod to his family, dragged Harry into a nearby empty office, shutting and locking the door behind them.

Drawing a shuddering breath, Harry finally managed to force out the question pounding inside his head. "What…what's happening to me?"

Lucius tugged the boy closer so mere inches remained between them. "Have you ever heard of Generans Purus? If not, it's understandable, they're not very common. Essentially, in pureblood families there will occasionally be born a child, male or female, that upon their magical inheritance becomes what is known as Generans Purus, or simply Breeders. A Breeder will find that they are drawn to a certain family; that they, in essence, resonate with the members of that family. Traditionally the Breeder would be drawn to a family that their family already had a strong link to. This guaranteed the continuation of both family lines and strengthened the ties between them. I believe, Harry, you may be one of these people."

Harry had to force himself to concentrate as Lucius spoke, though his words did little to ease the confusion racing inside him. "But…why now? My birthday… was last year. And our families… have never been close."

Lucius tugged him that one step closer so their bodies touched, seeming to align perfectly and sending a pleasured shudder through them both. His voice was husky as he spoke, peering down into startled emerald eyes. "When in the past year have you been near any member of my family when you have not been in danger? And I guess they don't have to be strong positive feelings for each other."

And the next thing Harry knew, Lucius was squeezing his hand hard as he claimed his mouth in a harsh, hungry kiss, and he was suddenly cumming harder than he ever had before, Lucius' other arm wrapped around his waist the only thing keeping him upright as his knees buckled.

The next few minutes passed in a blur for Harry. Once he was able to stand on his own again, Lucius cleaned him up with a quick Scourgify and gave him the Floo directions to Malfoy Manor, asking him to visit that night so they could discuss matters further in private.

As disconcerted as he was, Harry simply nodded, stuttering some kind of acceptance and, gathering his magic, Apparated directly to his bedroom in Grimmauld Place, completely ignoring, or more accurately, forgetting, the anti-apparition wards surrounding both the Ministry and the old house, and leaving a startled Lucius and a building full of panicking people behind as alarms sounded throughout the Ministry.

Harry showered and changed clothes, still feeling dirty after the little incident at the Ministry, even after the Scourgify. Clean and dressed in one of his better looking sets of jeans and t-shirt, he packed an overnight bag and wrote a quick note to Ron and Mione letting them know he was going to be staying with the Malfoys, though he left out the reason why, and not to expect him back until Sunday night, figuring Friday night, all of Saturday and most of Sunday should be plenty of time to sort things out. He knew they'd have questions as to why he was staying with the Malfoys of all people, but at least someone would know where he was in case of an emergency. That taken care of, he Flooed directly to Malfoy Manor, stumbling out of the fireplace and straight into Lucius' waiting arms. His bag hit the floor as he clung to the older man, returning the almost desperate kiss that was bestowed upon him.


Harry lost his virginity to Lucius that night on the very comfortable couch in what he later learned was the Floo Room. And as they lay cuddled together on said couch, Lucius feeding him bits of fruits and cheeses that a house elf had brought them, the man explained more about Breeders and their place in wizarding society.

When a Breeder received their magical inheritance on their sixteenth birthday, the surge of magic changed their bodies to accommodate their new status, making both genders highly fertile and adapting the males' bodies so they were capable of carrying and birthing a child, the idea of which both freaked Harry completely out and, at the same time, made him feel warm and happy as he realized he'd be able to have a family all his own after all.

Furthermore, instead of marrying a single person, the Breeder essentially married into the entire family as they were drawn to members of a certain bloodline, in Harry's case, the Malfoy line as he was attracted to Lucius and not Narcissa and, by extent would probably be drawn to Draco as well, though they hadn't had a chance to test that theory fully yet. But considering the overwhelming reaction he had had when standing between the two at the photo-op, Harry just chalked it up as fact.

A small part of Harry's mind was screaming at him, wanting to know how he could in any way be alright with what was happening. Lucius himself had been a key player in so many situations designed to kill Harry or his friends, starting with the diary in his second year. That wasn't even taking into consideration everything Draco had done since the first day they met.

Unfortunately for that little nagging voice, the rest of him was all but purring in contentment at the moment. After the initial wave of lust the two had experienced on his arrival and the subsequent bout of impassioned sex, Harry was feeling calm and oddly elated. And he was beginning to understand what Lucius had meant when he said Breeders "resonated" with their chosen family. He couldn't truly describe what he was feeling deep inside, but it was like a humming pull that seemed to lead directly to the man beneath him. If he focused on it, he could feel another pull in a different direction, though it was faint, as if the mental "thread" that was connecting him was stretched thin, and he had to assume it was to Draco and that he was back at Hogwarts. Which made him wonder where Narcissa was and what she thought about the situation. Which led to another thought that had him blushing.

"Umm, Lucius, if a… a Breeder is drawn to a family and not a person, than whose… I mean how…what…"

Lucius chuckled and took pity on the boy. "I'm guessing you are trying to ask whose children you would bear?" At the embarrassed nod, Lucius smoothed back the messy black locks and leaned up to place a gentle kiss on the swollen red lips that seemed to beckon for more. "The answer is both of ours, mine and Draco's, though as head of the household, mine would be first so as to provide another heir in case something should happen to Draco. The next would be Draco's to be his heir, after that, it is up to you truly, and of course, they all would be your heirs to carry on the Potter name as well as Malfoy. Usually the families the Breeders would find themselves drawn to were very small, as would be their own line, thus both families were ensured to continue."

It seemed that for every question answered two more were spawned for Harry's poor mind to deal with. "But… but what about your wife? And isn't Draco supposed to marry Pansy or something? So I become… what? The mistress for you two? A kept man? I… I couldn't live like that, hidden away…" his mind dregging up images of small dark rooms where he lingered, ignored, until one of the two men decided they wanted sex.

Unaware of Harry's exact thoughts, Lucius nevertheless could feel the panic building in the boy, the racing pulse, the tensed muscles and pulled him close, running his hands soothingly up and down his back. "Shh, shh, pet. It's nothing like that. On your own, you are still Lord Potter, and I am assuming with your godfather's…final disappearance, you will become Lord Black as well. As for your status in our household, you would become a second "wife" of sorts to me. As for Draco," and here a small, knowing smirk tilted his lips, "I think you two will have to work it out on your own, but I do not believe that Pansy will be, in any way, an issue."

Harry calmed slightly, Lucius' soothing touch and matter-of-fact explanation going far in settling his troubled thoughts. The mention of Sirius' "death," as everyone was calling his fall into the Veil, had him ducking his head, pressing his face against Lucius' neck as he fought the typical wave of sadness that filled him. Breathing deeply, he thought over Lucius' words, trying to decide if he could go through with it, if he could live the rest of his life like that. But then, he didn't really have a choice, did he? Lifting his head, he gave Lucius a questioning look.

"Do you feel this… connection between us, or is it just me? Will I ever feel attracted to anyone else? Will I always feel like jumping you two as soon as I see you?" An alarmed look pulled at the teen's features at his next thought. "How am I supposed to get through school? At least half my classes are with Draco."

Lucius laughed softly, shaking his head as he cupped Harry's face with both hands, trying to forestall the panic rising in the teen yet again. "Harry… Harry, pet… calm down. There's no need to get yourself worked up yet. Yes, I feel the connection between us, not quite as much as yourself, I don't think, but it is there. Much like with Veela and Weres, there is an…impulse of sorts to care for our mate, our Breeder, both physically and emotionally. From what I understand, these feelings will deepen as time passes."

"As for you becoming attracted to other people…well, who have you normally been attracted to? You are a healthy teenage male; I assume you've been dealing with the normal urges?"

Harry blushed, ducking his head and mumbling something. At Lucius' questioning look and impatient sigh, Harry finally admitted his thoughts from earlier in the day. "Not really, not compared to the rest of the guys in my dorm at least. Usually, it's just been after an occasional Quidditch match, or a random class or trip to Hogsmeade. Nothing that ever made much sense to me."

Lucius gave Harry a patient smile. "Those Quidditch matches wouldn't happen to have been against Slytherin? And you didn't happen to have a confrontation with a certain blond heir during those classes or Hogsmeade trips did you?"

Harry's eyes grew wide, an almost horrified expression on his face as he thought back over the incidents he could remember, and sure enough… "Oh, bollocks! You mean all this time I've been feeling this way? Well guess that answers that question. But then why did I feel so strongly today?"

Lucius was trying his best not to laugh at Harry's apparent disgust at his past behavior. "As I said before, I believe today was the first time you've been near us since your change without some kind of conflict. Not to mention, in the past, you were normally only around one of us at a time, so until you found a true outlet for your emotions, the urge to 'jump' us was slightly overwhelming. Tell me, do you still feel the urge to 'jump' me, pet?" Lucius grinned and let his hands trail down Harry's back to cup the rounded cheeks of his ass, squeezing gently.

Harry gasped, his hips pressing down automatically as he ground his newly awakened erection against Lucius' thigh. "Are you trying to distract me?"

Lucius laughed huskily, his own body quickly responding to the teen's enthusiastic reaction. "Merely testing out a theory. I believe that as long as you and Draco refrain from any intimate contact, you should be alright. However, as you just learned, a small deviation from polite touches and you respond quite enthusiastically, which in turn excites your partner." Lifting his hips, he shuddered as his own growing erection rubbed against the teen's abs.

Claiming Harry's mouth for a deep, lingering kiss, Lucius trailed a finger down the cleft of his ass, fingertip brushing over the tight entrance before pausing at what he felt. No, after the cleaning spells, there shouldn't be… He pressed his fingertip against the puckered flesh, breaking the kiss to stare in shock at Harry as his finger was drawn into the slick passage, pulling a soft moan from them both.

"Merlin, Harry…did they teach you anything about sex in school?" At his nod, he continued speaking, his finger thrusting slowly in and out of the tight passage. "You're wet, Harry, like a female would be. I didn't notice the first time, I just assumed… I can't believe this; your body is naturally preparing itself for sex."

Harry was doing his best to focus on Lucius' words as fireworks tried going off behind his eyes every time Lucius' finger thrust forward, brushing, what Harry assumed was, his prostate. "You mean you…don't know everything?" He asked with a shaky laugh. "Isn't it a good thing?"

"Much to my dismay, no, I do not. Further, everything I do know about Breeders I read about as brief mentions in several different books many years ago. But to answer your question," he slipped a second finger into the tight passage, stretching him further, eliciting a moaning gasp from the teen as he teased him. "Yes, it is a good thing. It will certainly make things a lot more convenient if the need arises suddenly."

Harry really was trying to listen to Lucius, knew it could be important, but at the moment the rest of his body was too focused on what Lucius was doing, not saying. "Please Lucius…please, I can't take it…I need…"

Lucius looked up at Harry, panting and flushed and begging as he writhed against him, and didn't think he'd ever forget that moment. Giving into what they both wanted, he slid his fingers from him and cupped his ass, lifting him enough to position the head of his cock at his entrance and slowly thrust upwards, a pleasured groan slipping from him. "Oh, Merlin… You feel so good, Harry. Sit up, pet; ride me."

Blinking in surprise, Harry did as instructed, a startled moan slipping from him as the action drove Lucius' cock that much deeper. Using muscles developed from Quidditch and years of manual labor at his relative's house in a way he never expected, he raised and lowered his body, hesitantly at first, unsure of his actions, but as the results proved to be quite pleasurable to them both, he soon fell into a steady rhythm.

Lucius watched as Harry rode him, apparently lost in desire, eyes closed, head thrown back, lip caught between his teeth, and though he knew Draco had never seen the other teen like this, he could suddenly understand his son's years-long fascination with the brunette.

And then Harry shifted slightly and all rational thoughts were driven from his mind as the teen's fingers grasped at his arms, whimpers and moans torn from the smaller male as he moved faster, harder, striving for orgasm. "Luc…Lucius, please…so close, I can't…"

Lucius reached between them, long elegant fingers wrapping around Harry's cock, smearing the pre-cum leaking steadily from the tip down the shaft before stroking him in time with his frenzied movement. Moments later, Harry was crying out his release, blunt fingernails digging into Lucius' arms and coating the man's hand with his seed. Hands sliding back to grip the teen's now trembling hips, Lucius thrust upwards, pounding into him now and wringing another pleasured cry from him. After everything, and with Harry's impassioned cries filling the air and body clenching rhythmically around his cock, Lucius didn't last much longer before he was cumming also with one last hard thrust, burying his cock as deep as possible inside his lover's body, the vague thought that he was forgetting something flitting briefly through his mind before Harry collapsed on top of him and he was distracted with casting cleaning spells and making them comfortable before joining his little lover in a light doze.


What felt like mere minutes later, Harry was woken by the sound of a throat clearing. Blinking sleepily, he blushed, realizing he was still naked and once again curled up against the blonde man under him. Finally noticing the house elf shifting nervously from foot to foot and tugging on its ears, he shook Lucius' arm. "Luc…Lucius" he paused to clear his throat, sore from all the noise he'd been making earlier, "Your house elf is trying to talk to you."

Lucius groaned as he stretched sore muscles and resolved to move the two of them to a real bed; he was getting too old to be sleeping on couches, not to mention the fact that there were well over a dozen unoccupied beds at the moment. Turning his head to look at the elf, he grumbled, "This had better be important."

Squeaking in alarm, the elf tugged furiously at its ears. "Ma… Master Lucius, Sir, Dibsy is most sorry, but Mistress Narcissa is here and wanting to see you. She…She said she would come looking for you…"

"Damn, I wanted a little more time…" distracted from his thoughts by Harry's terrified look and sudden scrambling to get untangled from him, interspersed with pained winces, he turned once more to the waiting elf. "Fetch a healing potion and my house robe, and then bring tea for three. What time is it anyway? Never mind, bring us food for whatever meal is closest."

Turning his attention back to the frantic teen who had finally managed to extricate himself only to fall on the floor, he sighed exasperatedly. "Harry…Harry! Calm down, Harry. Har…Potter! Oh, for Merlin's sake!" Snapping his arm out, he grabbed him by the back of his neck, hand gripping him firmly as he spoke commandingly. "Pet, calm down!" Unsure whether it was his words or him grabbing the boy, Lucius was nevertheless surprised when Harry suddenly stopped his frantic scrambling for his clothes and sat back on his heels, blinking up at him in shock. "That's interesting. I'll have to look into this."

Harry stared up at Lucius, shocked to his core even as an odd peaceful feeling seemed to fill him. One moment he was in a full out panic, Lucius' voice barely registering over his own racing thoughts; the next and he felt like someone had flipped a switch inside of him and calm was flooding his system, seeming to radiate from the steady pressure on his neck. Closing his eyes, he could feel that humming thread between Lucius and himself almost pulsing through the contact. He heard Lucius' curious words, felt the fingers relax their hold and shook his head quickly, not wanting to give up that, albeit false, sense of peace quite yet. "No! No…your hand…I can feel the connection. It's sending calm through me."

It was this scene that Narcissa walked into.