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A second Prince in the Host Club?

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Chapter 1 : Welcome to Ouran !

Echizen Ryoma wasn't happy with his life.

And the reason for this was his mother. She was part of the prestigious Takeuchi family. She wasn't the heir, but Echizen Rinko was high enough in the ranking to be used to a life with luxury. On top off all that, she had her own successful law company. She earned a very good livingand she still got money from her parents, who liked to spoil their only daughter and her family. Combined with the money his father, Echizen Nanjiro, and Ryoma himself made, they were very well off.

However, when they had moved back to Japan more then a year ago, his parents had gotten into a big fight. Both had wanted to enrol Ryoma in their old school. His mother wanted him to have the best education money could buy. His father on the other hand, could care less about Ryoma's grades. As long as he improved in tennis, the old pervert was happy.

So his parents had made a deal. Ryoma was allowed one year in Seigaku and after that he'd enrol in Ouran , the school his mother went to. When the deal had been made, Ryoma didn't mind. After all, his mother had promised he could still play tennis. He just wasn't allowed to be part of a tennisclub, nor could he participate in tournaments.

But at the end off last year, he was reluctant to leave the other regulars. It had been the first time he had been part of a team and they were the first people he could call real friends. Luckily they still met up, almost every weekend, and Ouran wasn't far from the street courts.

Right now, he was on the train to school. Ouran was father away than Seigaku had been and he didn't feel like walking. He liked to sleep as long as possible in the morning.

Not that Ryoma was lazy, far from it, but he didn't feel like doing the effort. Because that would mean he actually wanted to go to Ouran.

On his first day, Ryoma had decided he hated the school. He always got lost and thus, was late for class. The building was also … pink. Who in their right minds painted a school pink? A co-ed school!

The second day, he knew he wanted nothing to do with the snobs that were his fellow students.

By the end of the third day, he had called his senpei, Fuji Syusuuke, and complained for what felt like hours! The tensai let him rant and managed to calm him down once he was finished.

The fourth day, Ryoma decided he couldn't care less. His face was completely blank the whole day. He only twitched every ones in a while. And that's the way things had been since then.

"Ohayo, Ryoma-senpai."

Startled he looked up, to see the only other sane person who went to Ouran.


"How was tennis practice yesterday? You said you'd stay longer to watch the club."

"Che, I saw enough to be home before you were! They're weak. Like preschool-weak. But they honestly seem to think they are the best. They're pathetic!"

"So, they're still mada mada dane?" laughed Fujioka Haruhi.

"Ryoma smirked.


"Ne, senpei, I've been wondering. Why do you take the train to school? Most kids at our school come in a limo."

"My mother suggested it, but I refused. It doesn't make sense. Besides, someone I know goes everywhere in one and I always make fun of him for it. So it would be stupid on my part if I suddenly started doing the same. I'd never hear the end of it."

She laughed.

"Well, I'm glad you don't. Now I have at least one sane person to talk to during the day."

"I know exactly how you feel." Stated Ryoma. "And how was the Host Club yesterday?"

"The twins suddenly started fighting, but other than that it was the same as always."

"Are the girls still convinced you're a boy?"

"Yeah, "she rolled her eyes, "but I'm getting used to it."

"It still proves money can't buy everything. They could all use a new brain. Nothing personal, but I'm glad I've got nothing to do with that club. There's too much drama for my liking."

They talked until they arrived at school. There they each went their own way. And Ryoma prepared himself for another boring day. Then again, maybe boring wasn't the best way to describe his day, not with some of his classmates…Like Suoh Tamaki and Ootori Kyoya. Just before classes started, the self-proclaimed king of the Host Club flew through the doors. Ryoma blinked when the blond threw himself at his best friend and started to whine. He could feel a headache forming.

"Kaa-san, the twins are still fighting. What should we do?"


What the hell? If someone had to be the woman in that relationship it would be without a doubt the blond! And not the other way around!

Ryoma sighed. He didn't know what the fuss was all about. Everyone fought once in awhile. Why would twins be different?

He turned towards the windows, ignoring his classmates.

Once lunchtime arrived, Ryoma was in a very bad mood. Usually he ate his home-made bento in the gardens, but today he had slept through his alarm-clock and in his rush to leave for school, he had forgotten the bento his cousin, Nanako had made for him. And she promised to make his favourites too!

Hopefully they served some Japanese food today in the lunchroom.

When he looked at the menu, he scowled.

French food, Italian food, … Everything except what he was looking for. Were those rich kids too good to eat food from their own country? Reluctantly he chose something that looked familiar.

He sat at an empty table, sighed and started to eat.

"Is this seat taken senpei?"

Haruhi stood at the other side of the table, pointing at a chair right before his own. Ryoma shook his head and the cross-dressing girl sat down.

His eyes immediately zoomed in on her lunchbox. Maybe they could trade their lunch? He didn't feel like eating his and she probably never ate something as high-class as his. He was sure that could work out. He was just going to ask her about it, when an idiot with pink hair beat him to it. He was so busy glaring at the guy, he missed the beginning of a new fight. He frankly didn't care they were throwing food around in the cafeteria as long as they didn't get him involved.

Suddenly his own lunch had disappeared, probably to join the rest of air-born missiles the twins were throwing around.

This irritated him, but didn't piss him of. He didn't care for his lunch, but he was upset he lost his bargaining chip for Haruhi's lunch.

However, finding peaces of said lunch being thrown at his face really pissed him off. This just wasn't his day!

He evaded the food, grabbed one twin (pink) by his collar and dragged his towards the other (blue). Then he happily bashed their heads together.

"Ow!" exclaimed both at the same time.

"Let that be a lesson! The two off you could fight for the rest of your lives, and I wouldn't care. I would probably roll on the ground, laughing. But leave other people out of it. I don't appreciate being attacked by my own lunch, thank you very much!"

He turned around and walked out. He could vaguely hear Haruhi scolding them.

He smirked. At least those two nuisances helped him get rid of his bad mood. Screaming at people really helped to make you feel better.

Maybe this school wouldn't be too bad after all.

But somewhere deep down he could almost hear a voice , which resembled Fuji's quite a bit, say: Famous last words …