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Wrong number

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MONDAY, 21:19


Isak: feed shezza!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown number: Shezza?

Isak: don't play dumb Jonas

Unknown number: That's not my name.

Isak: they call you Stacey then or what

Unknown number: I like your humor but no, that's really not my name.

Isak: huh

Isak: Jonas?

Unknown number: I'm Even.

Isak: ooooooh

Isak: so you're really not Jonas?

Unknown number: I'm really not Jonas.

Isak: shit

Unknown number: How did you even manage to text me?

Isak: I got a a new phone and I lost all my numbers

Isak: and I thought I knew Jonas' number by heart

Unknown number: Apparently you didn't.

Isak: no shit Sherlock

Unknown number: And why am I still texting you?

Isak: uhm

Isak: because I'm cool



MONDAY, 23:47


Isak: are you angry with me???

Unknown number: No, why would I be angry with you?

Isak: because you write full stops and didn't reply to my last messages

Unknown number: I'm not angry, I just forgot to reply because I was busy

Unknown number: And I will stop writing full stops if you start using capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.

Isak: never. 

Isak: this full stop shit is contagious!!

Full stop guy: I actually never write them, but you're a stranger so I thought I'd be polite

Isak: Thanks full stop guy

Full stop guy: ?

Isak: you're saved in my phone like that

Isak: but I'm gonna call you empty stop guy from now on

Empty stop guy: Why did you save my number? And who says I'm a guy?

Isak: idk

Isak: and you're called Even, so I guess that's a guy's name

Empty stop guy: Did I tell you my name?

Isak: uhm yeah you did?

Isak: just scroll to the beginning of our conversation

Isak: wait I have it here, I'll send it

Isak: << Empty stop guy wrote "I'm Even" at 21:21 >>

Empty stop guy: I actually did write that. Scary

Isak: should I save you as Even??

Empty stop guy: you shouldn't save me at all

Isak: very polite!!!!!!! And you didn't write a capital letter!!!!!

Empty stop guy: What's with the exclamation points?

Empty stop guy: And I didn't...

Isak: Now you wrote three full stops, what's with the full stops Even??

Empty stop guy: Gotta go

Isak: oh okay

Isak: talk to you later

Isak: ?