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Young and Beautiful

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Jim was extraordinarily attractive immediately after we copulated, as he was now, lying beside me in my—our—bed. He was flushed a becoming pink from the top of his head all the way down his nude body to his toes. He did not cover himself with a sheet, for he was always warm and not particularly shy with his nudity, which I appreciated very much.

I had perhaps gotten slightly carried away with marking him this time for I noticed he bore several small bruises in areas I had been eager with. But it was only us. For blessedly a while still.

He had his hand on my chest and he was rubbing circles just under my left breastbone. I was soothed by his touch, grateful for the way Jim Kirk had always been tactile, in both universes.

“Mm, that was amazing,” he said in almost a purr.

“Indeed, I cannot complain.”

Jim laughed, rich and warm. I was staring and I could not help myself. Though we had finished having intercourse only moments before I found myself wishing to take him again, but unfortunately, my member was not currently up to the task.

“Do you wish me to clean us?”

He shook his head. “I like feeling your cum inside me. It’s nice.”

I covered his hand on my chest with my own hand. “I find myself somewhat embarrassed.”

“By my words?”

“Negative, Jim. Between us you can always be as open as you wish. There is no need to censor yourself with me in any way.”

“What then?”

“I find myself unable to stop thinking of you.”

He smiled, soft and beautiful. “No one has ever spoken to me like you have.”

“No one has ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“Not with the same…reverence, no.”

“They are all fools. Everyone who has ever known you before me is a fool,” I said somewhat fiercely for me. And though I was perhaps embarrassed again at the intensity of my feelings, I had learned all too well that to hold back my feeling with this human was a terrible mistake.

“I don’t care about any of them,” Jim said, although I knew that was far from the truth. My beloved cared far too much for what others thought.

“Are you ready to meld, ashayam?”

His gaze met mine, the eyes such an incredible blue color, and I was reminded once more of both the differences and similarities of my two Jims.

“Yes, Spock, I’m ready.”

I inched closer still to him, though there was hardly any space at all between us, for neither of us like to be far from the other, and I placed my hand upon his face, while he kept his on my chest.

I stared deeply into his eyes as I softly incanted, “My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts.”

Almost before I was ready, my mind reached for his and entered into his brilliant, golden essence. I was enveloped by startling warmth, like the sun.

“Las’hark,” the word formed upon my lips without conscious thought to do so.

There was a moment hesitation, almost like a hiccup, a bit of uncertainty, and then I felt him reaching out toward me, embracing me in even more light and heat, nearly overwhelming my mind with his powerful one.


Jim’s thought. His word. His recognition of what we were. What I was to him and he to me.

Any remaining loneliness I’d felt was swept away and filled with Jim. Always Jim. I sucked in a breath, and I was aware that there were tears on my face, and they were joyful.

“Spock,” he spoke out loud, and then he was kissing me with more passion than I thought I could stand, but I kissed him back, desperately, eagerly, and I was hard again, as though we had not just recently copulated.

With my hand still upon his psi points, our minds still connected, incredibly joined, we shifted upon the bed until he was under me and I was in him, taking him, joining our bodies as I had combined our minds.

I did not know how long we made love, for I lost track of everything but him, being with him, knowing him in every way I could. But when we both at last found an intense release, we were shaking and weak from the exertion, and we clung to each other like we would never let each other go.

I felt such great love for him. This human. Who was now fully mine. My bondmate.

I let my hand fall from his face as I held him to me, our bodies still joined, though we could not experience pleasure again just now, for I was reluctant to pull out of him. Our minds buzzed with our powerful bond.

We did not need the meld for that.

We were one.

I could not be sorry for my attachment to this Jim for anything. I would move heaven and earth and the very universe or any universe to have him, to protect him. I would die for him with ease.

My Las’hark.

“I love you, Spock,” he said roughly, deeply, his voice hoarse from crying out earlier as I took him. His voice, his skin, all of it was a balm to me.

And his words.

“Hey, don’t cry.” His thumb brushed the tears leaking from my eyes. “I’m here. We’re here. You’re my mate.”

“Yes,” I said on a gasp. “Yes, my Jim, my T’hy’la.”

His hands cupped my face as he kissed me gently, kissed my tears and my mouth. He was wondrous. Perhaps I was a foolish old man and perhaps I did not care.

“Love you,” he said against my mouth as he kissed me again and again. “Love you.”

My penis swelled within him and we were ready to mate once more.