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Teddy and Family-Chris and Ana

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Seattle Grace-Oct 31, 1989-Children's burn ward.

Two year old Christian Alexander Grey glared at anyone and everyone except his baby sister and twin Mia Grey. He and his sister had been victims of a horrific arson fire which had cost the two of them everything in their little lives. Most toddlers would be crying and clinging to whatever security was offered to them.

Chris wasn't most toddlers. He was a highly gifted little guy who was cursed with a memory that forced him to never forget virtually anything. But the trauma from the fire had caused that particular gift or curse to glitch giving little or no recall as to what had actually happened to his family. The fire. How he had suffered horrific burns to his back, arms, and legs. Why he was forced to endure hell just to get better again. All of that escaped him. Though, he knew that his Mommy was gone, because the nice Angel had told him so in her gentle voice.

He didn't know if he should be angry, sad, or just numb. He had very little recall of his Mommy, but his baby sister constantly curled up in the bed beside his and cried herself to sleep calling for her. Their Gran. And their GG. It was frustrating him enough to act out at everyone because he didn't know who she was talking about. Yet there was this big ache in his chest and he didn't know why. They told him that he was a brave little guy for protecting his sister from the flames and he didn't remember that either, unless he was asleep which he hated because he dreamed of the fire, but when he woke up couldn't remember anything but the heat from the flames and his sister screaming.

He had undergone more stuff than his little mind could handle, so he just refused to show it after enduring treatment after horrific treatment to make him all better again. He knew that it was working, because he could actually move around again or sit up in bed without being in so much pain. The yucky stuff all over his skin was nearly gone and they had taken the bandages away.

"Chis we go party…" My twin and baby sister sits up her eyes are all bright and she's smiling. "It be fun…"

"You go…" I growl, folding my little arms in defiance. "I not going…"

"Mommy Grace say you go too…" Mia's nearly all better now, but she won't go home unless I can to. "We gets treats…" She thinks that's gonna make me wanna go, but she's wrong.

"So what…" I bury my face in my pillows, so I don't have to look at my happy sister's face.

"Candy!" Mia chants at me. "Candy good! Yummy Candy, Chris!" I lift my head to glare over at her and she jumping up and down on her bed and is gonna get into trouble again. "We dress up too!"

I burrow my face under the pillow to drown her out.

"Who's up for some trick or treating?" I stay buried under my pillow as my older brother Lelliot and Logan, my big brother too even though he's not, invade our hospital room. They're both older than us by a lot.

Lelliot is loud, but he's not bad as brothers go and Logan's really good a magic and stuff. Cary is his Lelliot's Daddy and my new Dad and Jason is Logan's. Cary is a guy who argues about stuff and wins and Jason is a real life GIJOE. Logan's Mommy is Gail and she's nice and makes us yummy stuff because hospital food is yucky.

"Chris no wanna go….but's I's do!" Mia keeps jumping on her bed. I can hear it squeak. "I be princess and get candy!"

"That's right, Mimi. Lots and lots of candy!" Lelliot must be going over and picking her up because she all happy giggles now. "Mom's got your costume all ready, Mia…" He carries her out of the room and I'm left with Logan.

"Not going!" I growl from under the pillow.

"You don't have a choice there, Little C. If your Mommy says you go that's it you go. Besides, it's fun and it gets you some freedom out of this bed." Logan sticks his head under the pillow and I glare at him.

"Fine right here." I sulk, grey eyes stormy and defiant.

"No you're not. What you are little C is really angry and a party is just what you need help make that angry go away." Logan plucks the pillow off of me and holds it up out of my reach.

"Give it back, Logan!" That's not fair! It's my safe place!

"You'll get it back after the party…" He sits the pillow in a chair. "How about we turn up the Turtle Power in here." I glare as he pulls stuff from a bag.

I curl myself up and make myself small under the covers. Touching hurts! "No! Touch!" I whimper and start shaking.

"Easy, Little C. No costume. Got it. How about just the mask?" I peek out from under my covers and he's holding out a ninja turtle mask.

"Touch hurts…No touch…Chris…" I slowly pull back the covers and sit up again.

"I know. I know. Grace said you got the stuff on your owies gone…that your hurts would be a little better." He retreats to the chair beside my bed, after sitting the hat on it. "You have PJ's on and that's touching your owies…"

"They soft…not hurt…me…" I sniffle.

"These are just new PJ's, Little C. Soft. They won't hurt. You." He digs into the bag again and sets the PJ's by the mask.

I touch the PJ's and they feel soft like the Pooh bear ones that Mommy Grace put on me after I got the owie stuff off me. "Leo…" I finger the blue mask of my favorite turtle and pick it up.

"He's your favorite, huh." Logan grins.

I nod, as I check out the mask and try to figure out how it works.

"He's cool. Do ya need a little help, little C?" I figured out how it goes on, but I still have stuff on my hands, and I nod.

"Owie stuff on hands…won't work…" I hold it out to him.

"Yeah, hands take a while to get better." He get's up and I let him put the mask on me. I brace myself, but it doesn't hurt. "That good? Is it hurting you?" He's staring at me now.

I shake my head.

"So far so good now how about just the shirt?" He holds up the PJ top.

I scoot back and hold my new teddy to me. He's new because my other teddy died in the fire, but Daddy Cary says new teddy will help keep scary dreams away. My eyes are wild and I'm starting to breathe really hard. My chest hurts.

"Easy, Easy, no top….Just the mask…breathe, Little C. You're safe." Logan's looking at me like they all do and it makes me mad.

I lash out at him. "Out!"

"Okay, okay, I'm going…just calm down…I'm sorry…!" Logan runs from the room because I am screaming at him to get out.

I curl up in a ball, making myself small, and cry. For what I don't know, but I want it back so bad that it hurts. I keep crying even when Mommy Grace scoops me up and goes to rock me in her arms

"Shh….easy, sweet boy. Momma's here." Mommy Grace sits down in the rocker by the window and we rock. I just cling to her and cry, because that doesn't make me feel better not today. It doesn't feel right. "You've had a long day. Haven't you." She croons kissing my head.

I nod and continue to cry against her shoulder. "Touch hurt…"

"I know, sweet boy. It hurt because of your owies, but they're nearly all better. Mommy's holding you, baby. Am I hurting you…" She soothes in her gentle voice and I slowly calm down.

I shake my head, because this cuddle doesn't hurt that much and I like the soft touch on my back. I burrow my face against her shoulder.

"Do you PJ's hurt?" She asks again softly.

I shake my head. My PJ's are soft. "No…" I whimper.

"I know that your owies made you think that all touch is going to hurt, but now that they are all better it won't hurt as much. Just feel strange at first. Okay, sweet boy?" She continues to rock me in the rocker.

"Grace?" Someone asks from the doorway. Another Mommy I think. "Gail and I have got the room all set for the party. Is the little guy okay."

"Down…" A tiny little voice demands. "Momma."

"In a little bit…" This Carla person tells them.


Curious I lift my head off Mommy Grace's shoulder and look over at where the voice is coming from. It's a little girl dressed like Pooh Bear and she looks mad. "Who be, Mommy?" I stare up at Mommy Grace and rub my eyes.

"We'll be there in a little while, Carla." Mommy Grace smiles over at this Carla person.

"Mommy?" I frown up at her. "Who be Baby?"

"Momma! Down! Want!" She's really mad now and is trying to wriggle free.

"It's okay, Carla. You can set her down. Chris want's to meet Ana too." Mommy Grace tells Ana's…I guess that's the baby's name…Mommy.

"Down you go, sweet pea." Carla set's her down and she makes a dash towards Mommy and me.

Well, as fast as her little legs let her to make it to Mommy's leg that she's trying really hard to crawl up to get to me. I curl into Mommy Grace's side as she finally manages to make it up to her lap.

"Ana, careful. Chris has owies." Her mommy races over to us.

"Owie…" Ana blinks big blue eyes at me and I nod warily at her, but stay against my Mommy's side. She stares at my owie covered hands. "Sorry…"

"Hi…" I manage warily. "Ana…I'm Chris…"

"Ana…tiss…" She carefully bends down and kisses my hand. "sorry…"

It doesn't hurt, and I stare wide eyed at her.

She kisses them all over. "Mine." She chimes happily and is hugging me.

It doesn't hurt! It feels warm! It feels safe! I like Ana hugs, so I hug her back.

"Mine." Ana snuggles closer and I let her.

"She likes you, Chris. Most of the time she's really shy." Carla smiles down at us.

It's like she thinks I'm her like Teddy, not that I mind. She's making the owies feel better again. "Ana go to party?" I look at the Mommies then down at Ana.

"Yes, sweet boy." Mommy Grace smiles at me.

"Then I go to party too with my Ana." It's like I don't feel that sad ache anymore. Just warm. Ana hugs are good medicine for owies. I know that as long as I have Ana it's gonna be all better again.