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Teddy's Day Out

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Teddy POV

My name is Teddy Raymond Grey. I'm three years old. My parents together run an empire which they both tell me will be mine someday. Did I mention that my Dad is the CEO and owner of GEH and my mommy is the CEO of GP? Why is that such a big deal? Well, together they run two of the most successful companies in the world. Mommy's all about books and Daddy's about buying, selling, and stuff. He's really good at his job and famous 'A master of the Universe'. It says so on a picture on a Magazine that I saw when Mommy and me went shopping with Auntie Gail.

How is it that I can read? I'm crazy smart and have been reading since I was almost two. Daddy was reading to me and I started reading with him. It wasn't very hard. He'd read Goodnight Moon to me like a zillion times. I can remember pretty much everything. You can learn a lot from Baby Einstein, the baby channel, Nick Jr, and Disney Junior. I wasn't sure that reading was a good thing not at first. My parents, well, the whole family went crazy. I had to take all of these tests to see how smart I was and then after that I was sentenced to having to go Tiny Tots Preschool for Gifted Youngsters.

Did I mention that I was almost two when this happened? Yeah, being smart is a pain. Though, I love the Daddy and me time on the piano that's fun. Tiny Tots not so much. It didn't last though. I got sick with spots all over me and Daddy freaked out and now I get to have Miss Summer come and give me a lesson every morning. He has this thing about germs. Mommy not so much. She says that my spots were a child's rite of passage and that he can't shield me forever from being around other kids. I still get to go on playdates at the park and I get to see my friends all the time, but it's nice not having to share my swing set or eat weird food for snacks. I'm fine with Miss Summer. She's teaching me French and Spanish. Daddy speaks all sorts of languages. Some of them make Mommy mad and I was told never to repeat any of it. I did once and she got really mad at me. I don't know what the big deal is? I mean, Daddy, my Uncles, Grandpas, and Aunts use it all the time and they don't get sent to the Naughty Step or their room for timeout. Though, I have seen Daddy sleep on the couch a bunch of times in the family room or in his office. He's even slept in my room. Maybe that's his time-out. Grownups are so complicated. No. I'm happy being a kid.

Being an only child isn't really fun. Don't get me wrong I see my cousins and friends a lot, but it gets lonely sometimes and so for my third birthday. I asked my parents for a baby brother or sister. I didn't think that they listened. But on my birthday, which I share with my Daddy, I got my wish. Boy, did I.

I asked for one and I would have been happy with just one baby sister, but nope. Try two, but the plus side is that I get a baby brother too. Mommy, Aunt Kate, and Aunt Mia had this really cool video and pictures done of the babies and that's how she found out about my baby brother Christian Alexander.

Yep, there are three babies swimming around inside Mommy's tummy. But Daddy only knows about my sisters because Mommy told my Aunts and Nana that if he found out that there was three that he'd wrap her up in a protective bubble and never let her out of his sight. Her freedom as she'd known it would be history. Daddy can be crazy over protective so I can see why she made me promise to god and everything not to tell Daddy about Xander.

I asked Daddy how the babies got into Mommy's tummy…He got really red. Started pulling at his hair like when he's really mad. Oh, and he poured himself some Daddy apple juice and drank it really fast. All I got is that his and Mommy's love was so big that they were blessed with my sisters. I asked Grandma Grace. She's like a doctor and everything and she kissed the top of my head and said basically the same thing. I know that there's more, but if it makes Daddy act crazy and even Mommy turned all pink. I really don't think that I wanna know. Love made my siblings. Got it.

I just think it's neat how they move around and kick inside Mommy's tummy when I talk, play the piano, or read to them. They know me and they aren't even born yet. I love them already. I plan to be the best big brother in the universe. I won't even mind sharing my toys.

Mommy's nesting…Do Mommy's nest like birds? I mean, she doesn't have wings or feathers like a bird? But that's what I heard Daddy, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Gail saying after she cleaned every room in our house like three times. Our house is big. It's so big that I have my own park to play in outside. Mommy's Meadow. It's got lots and lots of flowers in the spring and summer. My playground is outside on the lawn. That's like big too. It takes a long time for the mower people to help the grass. They do the trees and stuff too. But not Mommy's Meadow, it's my own jungle. We have lots of picnics there. My house is so big that it has more things than the mall. We don't really have to go anywhere. Daddy's always saying it's safer this way.

Did I mention that Daddy has his own Army? Uncle Jason is his General. Yep, my Daddy is really an important person, so he needs an army to protect us. Creepy people shout at us when we go out and take pictures with flashy big cameras that hurt my eyes. Daddy calls them bottom feeders. Mommy calls them Sharks. All I know is that they're scary and ruin my playtime at the park all the time. Uncle Ryan, Uncle Luke, and Aunt Sam chase them away lots of times. They're me and Mommy's guards. They like to be called by their last names, but because I am little I get to call them by their first names. Though, Daddy usually yells their last names a lot.

Daddy and me have been spending lots of time together. I get to go to work with him all the time now. Miss Summer has to come to his office to give me my lessons or I use my tablet to do them too.

He's so funny. He's always pulling his hair and pacing the office. I've never seen Daddy act this way ever. Yeah, he yells all the time, but then he's the boss. He gets to yell all he wants. He stares at my baby sisters' picture and talks to himself while pulling at his hair. I've heard him muttering while I've been at my desk coloring or playing on my tablet. He doesn't know that I've been listening to him being all worried about being a daddy to all three of us, but then he needs lots of hugs and love all the time to see that he is the best daddy in the whole universe. I like to come with Daddy so that I can hug him whenever he gets worried. Usually he will curl up with me on the couch and we nap.

After naptime we go see Uncle Barney and have snacks! He's the coolest of my Uncle's because he has lots of computers like a superhero and he made me an Ironman costume for Halloween with lights and everything! He always has sweets and snacks around, because of his low sugar. How his sugar is low don't ask me. I'm three.

Everyone at GEH is gonna be running around like crazy because Turkey Day is next week and Daddy gives them the whole week off. We have turkey day all the time. Mommy craves it. Me I want anything, but turkey. Maybe we'll have pizza, Hamburgers, hotdogs, anything but turkey or chicken. I'd even settle for ham. Daddy and I feed our bird to our labradoodles Leo and Max. Then he and I wait until the babies make Mommy sleep and eat Mac and Cheese or what Aunt Gail has cooked. Sometimes we sneak out and go to IHOP.

Today is one of our special IHOP days. Only it's actually breakfast time and not dinner.

"Teddy, Mommy's Christmas surprise is all finished. What do you say you, me, your grandpas, and Uncles take her out to catch some fish this weekend while Mommy, your grandma, and Aunts all go get pampered at Uncle Franco's?" Daddy grins at me as I dig into my pancakes.

I jump happily up and down in my booster seat. "The Anastasia Rose?! Can we, please, Daddy?!"

"That's the plan, buddy." Daddy grinned back at me. We both love sailing and Mommy's surprise is way bigger than The Grace. "It's at the marina until Christmas time, so we can still surprise Mommy."

"Can we go to the park today for lunch, Daddy?" I ask between bites of food.

"Sorry, buddy. Daddy has to tie some things up at GEH, but we'll hit the park tomorrow. Okay?" Daddy arches his brow at me, waiting for my reaction.

I grin at him. "Promise?"

"Today is Daddy's last day at GEH for a while. Aunt Ros is taking the helm while I focus on taking care of Mommy, you, and your baby sisters. So, yeah, buddy. Park time you and me." Daddy winks at me.

"I help with my sisters and Mommy too, Daddy."

"I'll hold you too that, Teddybear."

"Me, Ava, Gabe, and Soph have baby lessons with Gran and Aunt Gail. I can do lots to help." I state proudly.

"So, that's what all the top-secret meetings at Grey Manor are about? Baby lessons, Huh?" He smirks at me. "

"Yep. I can hold, feed, burp, and change their stinky diapers too. That's what big brother's do." I nod my head enthusiastically. "Ava is getting a baby brother. Gabe is getting a baby sister like me. And Soph is getting a baby brother…" I clap my hand over my mouth. That was a secret and I wasn't supposed to blab it to anyone.

"It's okay, Teddy." Uncle Jason grins. "Gail and I told your Mommy and Daddy last night. We were going to announce it at Thanksgiving, but we told Sophie a little while ago. We knew that she would tell her baby-brother of sorts..."

"Um, and the rest of the cousins…" I shrug now that I know that I'm not in trouble for spilling the beans. Seriously, what do beans have to do with telling a secret? All these sayings confuse me a lot sometimes.

"That's fine, Teddybear. Soph is beyond excited about her baby brother." Uncle Jason reached out to ruffle my hair like he always does.


I've been feeling really guilty about keeping Xander a secret and want to see if mommy was right.

"Yeah, pal." He arches a brow at me. I'm giving him my serious face.

"I've been having a dream about the babies…"

Uncle Jason knows about Christian Alexander and my promise not to tell Daddy. He's giving me a look, but I need to know if Mommy is right, so I ignore it.

"That's not surprising, Teddybear. It won't be long now before you'll get to meet your baby sisters." Daddy smiles at me.

"That's just it. My dream isn't just about my sisters…" I blink up at him.

"Oh?" Daddy's eyebrows raise all the way up into his hair.

"Uh-huh," I nod.

"Do you wanna talk about it? Is it a good dream or a bad one?" He's taking a sip of his yucky brown drink.

"It's a good dream. I just don't understand why instead of two babies there are three…my sisters and a baby brother…" I blurt out finally gathering my courage.

Daddy's coughing and spit out that yucky drink all over Uncle Jason. Uncle Jason is pounding on his back. Maybe this such a good idea.

"That's…" Daddy's gasping trying to catch his breath. "Quite an interesting dream, Theodore…"

I try not to squirm in my seat. He's using my big boy name. Not a good sign, but I've already started might as well keep going. "Yep. There's Phoebe Grace, Katherine Anastasia, and Christian Alexander…" I nod, doing my best not to look him in the eyes. I focus on eating instead.

Uncle Jason is also intently watching Daddy now.

"Teddy, maybe that's your subconscious playing tricks with your mind." Daddy goes back to eating his breakfast.

"Huh?" I blink at him like he's confused me.

"You were hoping for a baby brother and instead are getting two sisters. Your head isn't ready to accept it and that's why you're dreaming about three instead of two. You wish it were so, but trust me son. It's just the twins. I know that you want a baby brother, but that'll have to wait for a few years. Okay, buddy?" He reaches out and ruffles my hair.

"Okay, but what if my sisters are hiding him from you and Mommy?" I throw that into play.

"Teddy, technology today prevents such things from happening. I've seen and been there for all of the scans. Trust me, son. There are only two babies…" Daddy tries to go all wise with me.

"Yeah, but what would you do if it did?"

"Teddy, your dad is right. It's just the twins…" Uncle Jason is shutting me down. Drat. I was so close to seeing if Mommy was right or not.

"I'd kiss your mother. The babies. Pass out. After waking up, find Dr. Greene and yell at her for putting Ana at risk. Then I would go take you to meet your siblings." Daddy took a deep breath and answered me.

"What do you mean put Mommy at risk?" I narrow my eyes. No one said that my siblings could hurt Mommy. "

Daddy's eyes widen and he rakes a hand through his hair. "Triplets call for different care. Mommy would have been in bed a lot more than she has carrying your sisters." He tried to explain.

My eyes pop wide. Yep, that's what Mommy was afraid of and I've got my answer. Nope not telling Daddy. "Oh, okay. Just so Mommy's okay." I decide that I need to end this before Daddy starts figuring stuff out.

"You sure, son?" Daddy's frowning.

"Yep, as long as Mommy is fine. It's all good. It was just a crazy dream. I guess I didn't know that I wanted a baby brother so much." I focus back on the rest of my pancakes.

Uncle Jason winks at me with a big grin on his face.

Daddy's phone's ringing and he turns his focus on it. "Be right back, Buddy." He kisses me on the head and walks outside to yell at whoever is on the phone.

Crisis averted for now.

Uncle Jason frowns at me. "Well, did you get the answers that you were searching for?"

"Yep…" I focus on cleaning my plate.

"Look, I know that it's hard on you to keep this from him, but it's for both his and your mother's own good that you do. Operation Distract Daddy has to continue while your Uncle Elliot finishes up your baby brother's nursery today. Okay, pal?"

"I was just curious." I sigh.

"I know and that's understandable, but your Daddy couldn't handle the news and your mother doesn't need the added stress right now…"

"I know…I'll be good…no more testing Daddy. Promise." I cross my heart with my finger. "Is Mommy okay…"

"Aunt Gail is taking good care of Mommy. Your Grandmas and Aunts are there too. No worries. Kiddo. We've got this." Uncle Jason has got his serious face on, so I know that he's not lying. It makes me feel better.

Just in time because Daddy's back and he's not happy about something. "Taylor. Have them put the rest of our breakfast in to go boxes. I'm needed at GEH. Ros is about to strangle someone from Finance over missing paperwork." He's picking me up out of my booster seat and into his arms. "Good job, Teddybear. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

He's happy that I cleaned my plate.  It's no big for me I love food. "I love you, Daddy." I hug his neck and kiss his cheek. Hiding my face from those picture people, as we head to our SUV.

"I love you too, Teddybear." Daddy kisses the top of my head and gets me settled in my car seat and we're off to GEH.

I'm settled at my desk working on my lesson from Miss Summer from my tablet. Aunt Andrea got my juice and snack. Grape Juice and Apple and Orange slices. Yummy.

Daddy has been in and out of his office, so he has his doors open so that Aunt Andrea can see me.

Uncle Barney is hugging Aunt Andrea hello. She's his wife. They're married. They can do that even at work. He's got something under his arm. I think it's his laptop.

"I've got a game for Teddy. Fun. Educational. He'll love it." He's telling Aunt Andrea.

"Mr. Grey is still in a meeting, so Teddy is taking his lesson on his tablet and having his juice and snack." Aunt Andrea isn't gonna let Uncle Barney interrupt my lesson, she's strict like that, but I really wanna see this new game.

"Boss Man, won't mind, babe. It's a brain game. Like getting a lesson and having fun too." Uncle Barney is grinning at her.

"It's Andrea when we are working not Babe. And Mr. Grey is in a nasty mood this morning. Finance messed up a major deal…" I hear her hiss at him.

"Yeah, I know. I had to fix what the idiot accidently wiped from his laptop. Ros was really close to killing Anders this time. Boss Man wasn't far behind. He's lucky that it's nearly Turkey time or he would have been gone." He hisses back.

"The day's not over yet and he nearly caused GEH millions, because he forgets to back up his work." Aunt Andrea grabs the laptop from Uncle Barney and fires it up. "Show me and then I will see if it's worth interrupting his lesson or not."

Uncle Barney is all smiles and he's showing Aunt Andrea the game. "See. It's educational seek and find. It asks him questions. Then after he answers them correctly, he has to seek them out on the picture, before going to the next level. It's got math, spelling, memory, the works."

Seek and Finds are my absolute favorite game! Uncle Barney rocks! Please! Aunt Andrea! I wanna play this game! I silently beg from my desk.

"Andrea!" Daddy's bellow echoes from the meeting room. Man, he is really mad.

"Be right there, Mr. Grey!" Aunt Andrea pushes Uncle Barney out of her way and races into the meeting room with her tablet.

"I'll look after, Teddy!" Uncle Barney calls after her, all smiles as he grabs up his laptop and heads into Daddy's office. "Little man, you're gonna so love this!"

"Uncle Barney!" I race over to him and happily hug his leg.

"Tedmister!" He reaches down and scoops me up with his free arm, before getting us both settled on the big couch. "Check this out, little man."

We both get lost in the game.

"Barney?" Daddy's standing in the doorway of his office frowning.

"Hey, Boss man." Uncle Barney grins at him. "Sorry we got lost in the game that I made for Ted."

"Theodore? Did you finish your lesson?" Daddy walks over to my desk and is checking my tablet.

"Yes, Daddy. I finished my math problems and spelling words and I finished my snack. This game is so cool! It's got everything that I do in my lessons!" I rave about my new game. "And it's a Seek-n-Find!"

"I'll check it out with you a little later, buddy." Daddy, knowing that I finished my lesson, isn't mad at either of us for checking out the game. He then focuses on Uncle Barney.

"Barney, I need you to head back down to IT and fix this fudge of a cluster fudge for me so that it never happens again! As it is I'm ordering Anders to take refresher classes in all things computers or else look for a job somewhere besides GEH and he is no longer part of executive staff! This is the last thing that I needed to happen before I take leave…" Daddy's trying to pull his hair out again, so I race over and hug his legs.

"Got it, Boss man! I got West and Allen working on that problem as we speak. I just wanted to show Teddy the new game that I created for him. I'll see you later, Ted for snack time!" Uncle Barney salutes my Dad and heads out of his office.

My Daddy picks me up and hugs me close and I snuggle against his chest. "Lunchtime, Teddybear. How's Mac and Cheese and Grilled Cheese sound?" He kisses my head.

"And Tomato soup too, Daddy?" I look up at him. I'm really hungry and my tummy is going grr!

"Mommy had Ryan bring us lunch and what's grilled cheese without tomato soup." He carried me to the big table in his office and set me on my booster seat.

Uncle Jason walked in with a big basket and set it on the big table. "Gail says that there is Ana's double chocolate fudge cake for dessert. She's been baking all morning. Gail had to send Ryan out for more supplies. He had to pick up a few loaded large pizzas heavy on the veggies and pineapple, Garlic strips all the sauces, Cinnamon strips with all the glazes, and Strawberry MODSHAKES from MOD's for lunch. Oh and Cheesecake fantasy, Our Strawberry Blonde, Strawberry Banana Rendezvous and Apple Pie A LA Cold Stone from Cold Stone's. That all of them easily polished off in record time. And before you even ask yes, she's taking her afternoon nap. All is fine at Grey Meadows."

"Daddy, anything is better than bird! Be happy that Mommy wants pizza now." I roll my eyes at him.

"I agree with Ted on that one. I vote for anything but bird and all the trimmings for next week's thanksgiving." Uncle Jason smirked, as he set the table for the three of us.

"Please! Please! Please!" I school my face to that of a pleading puppy and stick my lip out in a pout.

"Look, I agree that months of poultry and all the trimmings is more than enough, however your mother can't stand to be around the smell of cooking meat unless it's of the feathered variety And the babies crave it, so we'll have to endure it until we get the all clear from Ana." Daddy takes a deep breath, before shooting us down. "I myself can't wait to be able to have coffee at home in the morning again, but Ana and the babies are priority. Their needs come first above our own."

"Can't we sneak out to the boat house like we do when Mommy naps?" I ask hopefully. I am not giving up hope not without a fight.

"We'll see. It's far enough away from the house to not have it bother her…"

"Mommy will understand if I plead with her…"

"We'll see, Theodore." Daddy set my plate of yummy goodness down in front of me. "Eat up."

"Yes, Daddy." I wisely quit while I have even the slightest chance of getting burgers and hotdogs for turkey day.

I play my game until my eyes start to get droopy and yawn hugely. My Tablet falls beside me on the couch.

Daddy, puts down whatever he was reading and gets up to scoop me up into his arms. "Nap time, buddy." He croons against the top of my head, as I burrow my face against his chest.

"Not tired…" I yawn again fighting a losing battle.

"Sure you aren't. You can barely keep your eyes open." Daddy chuckles as he activates the hidden panel in the wall.

Daddy has an apartment built right next to his office. It's got everything. Momma has one too for her office. Daddy calls it a panic room apartment. Though, I don't know why you'd panic about a room that has everything. Again, I'm three. What do I know?

He carries me to my room and tucks me into my racecar bed. He kisses my forehead. Tells me sweet dreams and I'm out like a light.


He's so adorable when he tries to get out of his naptime, but little boys need their sleep. I turn on the baby monitor and take one of the receivers with me. I had the panic room/apartment built not long after Teddy was born in both Ana's and my offices. It makes having Teddy with us so much easier and it's a nice retreat during stressful days. The latest addition to the apartment was a new nursery that Elliot finished a few days ago for the girls. Ana assured me that he mirrored the nursery design that he created for Grey Meadows, so I'll leave the room be for now. Three weeks and counting. Ana is scheduled to have a C-section. She nearly died having Teddy and there was no way that I was going to have her take that risk again. So, a C-section it will be.

I strode through the opening back into my office and go over to the couch to shut down and then put Teddy's tablet away on its charging station. "Three weeks…" I turn to stare out at Seattle from my floor to ceiling office windows and sigh.

My mind just isn't in the mood to work, but I have a desk to clear up and only a few hours with which to do it, so I get to work. My phone vibrates indicating that I have a text and I smile it's Ana.

Rejoice! I can stand to smell and eat meat again! A x

I chuckle at her text and do a fist pump in the air. Yes! Then I text her back.

Barbeque for Thanksgiving? Teddy demands it. C x

My poor baby's had enough bird to last a lifetime! Yes, I think we can fire up the grills next Thursday. A x

He's not the only one, but you and the babies come first. Cx

I know and I love you guys for indulging me and my crazy cravings! Leo and Max loved it too! Yes, I know all about your sneaky tactics, Grey! Ax

I roll my eyes. The woman has eyes in the back of her head. Sneaky? Try survival. There is only so much poultry that a person can take!

Sneaky?! You wound me, my treasure! Your son and I would never try to pull anything over on you! C x

Feeding the puppies under the table. Gail's second dinners. IHOP. The secret outdoor kitchen at the boathouse? I know all, man of mine! But I understand why, so you get a pass this time! A x

Noted. Now how are you and our babies this afternoon? C x

She's amazing, a goddess, loving, brilliant, and all mine!

The usual this far along. My lower back is killing me, but I have an herbal pack behind me to ease the discomfort. Other than that and Braxton Hicks we're fine. How are my men? Working hard at the office? Did Ros give in and strangle Anders? A x

I narrow my eyes. Her back was killing her right before she went into labor with Teddy. Twins do come early. I'm glad that I decided to start my leave starting tomorrow.

Where to begin. Ted and I had IHOP for breakfast where he added that he wishes there was an extra baby brother on the way. I talked down from that one. Where does he come up with these ideas and this one he dreamed about. He's even named his future baby brother Christian Alexander... C x

IHOP, huh? I bet Teddy was on cloud nine. Boys have such vivid imaginations and I think that Christian Alexander is the perfect name if we have another son. We'll call him Alex or Xander. So, was that a deflection and is Anders still breathing? Orange is so not yours or Ros's color. I really don't wanna relocate to a foreign non extradition country not with three kids under three and two puppies…but we'll make it work if we have too. Ax

That makes me grin and chuckle. She knows me so well.

He's alive. No relocation needed. Anders screwed up for the last time and has been reassigned and ordered to take refresher computer courses or lose his job here at GEH. He nearly costed us a quarter of a billion this time! Barney is overhauling the whole system so clusterfuck's like this can't happen again! I'm seriously considering having them all take refresher classes just because! Other than that it's been the usual. Barney created a new educational game for Teddy. He's already addicted to it and he even created an App for his tablet. Thanks for lunch it was fantastic as usual, we loved our cake! He played more on his tablet and then I got him settled for his nap.

You could always have them take seminars and bring the professor there to GEH? It's never wrong to refresh the mind when technology never stops. Poor Barney! You crushed his plans to steal Teddy for the day with work! I'll have to see this new app and game for myself. Educational or not. He is not being glued to that tablet! Moderation is best. We're set for desserts for well into next year! I just had to bake and with all the girls here keeping watch it was fantastic fun! I've already texted Taylor that he'll need to have you stop by Cold stone's and pick up the special order that I requested a little while ago. We might need another Subzero freezer. A x

Another one? Gail has three, but if it's another freezer she wants then a freezer it shall be. Plus side being we're stocked with goodies for the foreseeable future! My woman can bake! Sign number two. She loaded up the freezer just before having Teddy.

I'll have Taylor get on that request ASAP. Did you have a nice nap? C x

It's only a suggestion, but it couldn't hurt! I rested, but I couldn't get comfortable. Now, before you go into Panic Mode Major! I am fine, Grey! We are all fine, Christian! Three weeks left to cook in my belly! Now, focus on work and not on me! Love you, Christian. A x

Stay off your feet and read a manuscript. Concerned is not panicking We're on their time not ours. I'm nearly finished and then it's all on Ros for the next few months while I focus on you and the kids. Love you more than the moon and stars, my Ana. C x

I'm on the couch Bossy Pants! The Moms are with Elliot checking on the progress for the Niece and Nephew nursery. Kate and Mia are both still napping in the guest rooms. Sam is parked in the lazy boy pretending like she's reading, but keeping watch. Ryan and Luke are here somewhere too. Most likely raiding the treats in their office. No more texting! You've got all the bases covered now go back to work! I will see both of my men in a few hours! More than my life, Man of mine! A x

I set my phone down and go back to concentrating on the work that's left on my desk. Teddy usually sleeps a few hours, more than enough time for me to get this done. Then after he gets up and we have snack time with Barney…we'll head home.

An hour later and I'm in the zone until Taylor rushes into my office. His face is white as a sheet and his mouth is set in a grim line.

My blood runs cold. My heart stops. And I can't breathe. Something is wrong with Ana! My mind goes blank! Then kicks into must get to my wife mode! "Taylor?! Is it Ana?!"

"Gail called. Grace is having Luke rush Ana to Seattle Grace. Her backache was near extreme levels to the point of her nearly passing out. We need to get you to the hospital now in case they have to take the babies early!" Taylor is trying to remain calm and in control, but Ana is like a daughter to him and he's just as terrified as I am. "Stephen is ready on the roof with Charlie Tango. I've already cleared it with Seattle Grace. You'll be there in minutes instead of an hour after fighting traffic to get there."

We're both on automatic neither one of us is of the right mind to think about anything except Ana. Not Teddy still napping. Not Andrea or Ros shouting what's wrong. Nothing as we race into my private elevator and take it straight up to the roof and Charlie Tango. Ana needs me. Is what I chant in my head as I try to remain in control. It doesn't work, as soon as I strap in, I breakdown. I can't lose her or the babies. I won't.