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i'll always be loving you (even when i'm gone)

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Dear Yoongi,

It's your angel, Hobi speaking! If you're wondering why I wrote this letter; it's because I felt sentimental and I wanted to say some things I never said to you cause I'm a wuss hahah.

How do I even start- I didn't think this through... ah! I just remembered how we first met! I bumped into you, which made all your coffee spill all over my shirt... how romantic, haha. Anyways! I've got a couple of things to confess!
Even though it didn't seem like it, I really enjoyed being called your so-called muse! I'm sure it'll be that way still, years after now. Just kidding! (Though it'd be really nice to know if it did hah!)

Also, just know that I love you. I love everything about you. Head to toe! Your face, hands, voice! Your absolute flawless being! You're just perfect! Your personality is something unique I never came across through. I mean it in an affectionate way, babe! Your passion for making music- it just... it's really admirable. To be honest, when you wrote a song about us... I bawled my eyes out cause you know, I never really saw myself as a person worthy enough to get such a gift, especially when it's something so beautiful. I felt really special at that moment, so thank you. Wow, I'm really getting mushed up just writing that! But it's the truth. :D

By the time you get this, I'm probably gone now. Yoongi, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I really am sorry I didn't tell you I was sick. It's just... I didn't want you to feel burdened about this. Sometimes I wished that my disease wasn't incurable, that my condition wouldn't worsened as time passed by so that you didn't have to fuss over my well being. But what could we have done? I just accepted the fact that I was bounded to leave earlier before you did. The reason why I never mentioned this to you was because I was scared. Like really scared you'd be gone after you found out. But you stayed with me and I'm so thankful. Though I didn't want your endearing, gummy smile to go away or make your eyes teared up and puffy. It doesn't suit you at all! I want you to be happy. Even when I'm gone. Me leaving shouldn't be an excuse for you to frown at every person you meet in your life! Show everyone how charming you are when you smile.

I don't think I've ever told you this, but my first impression of you was this grumpy person who I'll never get along with. Though we did. And I'm really grateful we ended up as friends, and as lovers in the end. I'll really miss our cuddles and kisses. Even our times under the sheets ahah. Thank you for all those good times spent together. Thank you for loving me, a person who was unnecessarily energetic at the evening, too friendly with everyone, gullible- a person who had many flaws. Thank you for staying with me and know that I'll always love you. Even when I'm gone. I promise you that. I love you, okay?

From a person who'll wholeheartedly love you forever,


Yoongi remained quiet as he stared at the last four words of the letter and after awhile the tears finally came out.