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The World-Walker

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It all started how many centuries ago
When the first of the great Gates were found,
And we saw that their masters had tampered with time
Until, caught in its whirlpool, they drowned.
The Gates were too deadly; they had to be sealed
For fear it should happen again,
So two hundred brave men and women set out
On a mad quest that might never end.

Morgaine the Frost-haired, Angharad Death-Goddess –
Many the names I have worn through the years.
My powers are vast, but my heart only human,
And where is there one who will comfort my tears?


Through each new Gateway new wonders we found –
New planets and people and beauty;
Though we knew that our mission might shatter their lives,
We were bound to continue our duty.
And though some were born, there were always more dead;
Each world took a tithe as its toll.
Now I stand here alone, the last of my line,
With the mission's full weight on my soul.



The wars start to fester wherever I go,
For vengeance or power or land;
And those who ally with me gamble their lives,
And some of them die by my hand.
But one man rides with me for honor and pride,
Though he knows he might someday be lost.
To love him is madness – I dare not be tied;
Yet I will – and be damned to the cost!



Journeying endlessly, sealing the world-Gates,
Knowing I'll never know which is the last;
Comfort I'll take from the one man who offers
Hope for my future and strength from my past.