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Short Shorts

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Word Prompt: Surrender


Joxer woke slowly but kept his eyes closed. The feel of the soft fur blankets were warm and silky against his skin. A male hand stroked his cock from root to tip then back down over his balls, it feels nice, Joxer thought. Joxer hissed as the man's fingers circled and caressed the head of his cock making pre-cum well up to a bead on the slit. A hand slid over Joxer's ass, down his thighs spreading them apart, ending with a teasing touch to his hole. Smooth lips surrounded by stubble, no, that was a full beard that brushed against Joxer's back, his current lover placed open mouth kisses along his shoulders and down his back.

"I know your awake, my dove," A deep husky voice filled the room with dark resonance. Joxer said nothing, only pushed his hips back into the hands touching him. "Do you want me to fuck you? I can if that's what you desire."

Joxer inhaled sharply at the word. It had been a long time since Joxer had been fucked in the way the other man was implying. Joxer grunted when the hand on his cock quicken it's pace and the man began to squeeze Joxer's balls gently.

"Your cock is so eager for my touch... Has it been so long for you? Surely you've had other lovers?" The word were purred softly into Joxer's ear.

Lovers? No. Joxer hadn't had a lover since Meg had started up her pleasure house. She had been kind enough to help Joxer learn about and fill his desires, mostly for free. Joxer sighed, loudly when a well oiled finger breached his hole. It pumped roughly but not painfully so, in and out of him in a steady rhythm.

Joxer cried out when a finger tip tapped against his prostate. It wasn't long before Joxer was moaning lewdly when a single finger became two then three. Joxer's hands clenched into the furs under him, when his lover stopped stroking his cock and removed his fingers from Joxer's hole. He could feel the strength in his lover's larger frame as he pushed apart Joxer's thighs and settled between them. Joxer could feel his lover's cock slid between the cheeks of his ass teasingly.

The other man grunted out a sigh, as he softly asked, "Do you want it," his lover's cock brushing against Joxer's hole. "Do you want my cock? you have to tell me, pretty one."

Joxer trembled at the thought of having this man's cock. To have the pleasure he knew a deep. hard fuck could bring. Joxer nodded his head, giving his consent for his lover to continue touching him. Joxer stiffened slightly as the man's cock pushed inside of him.

Joxer couldn't help it when the name of his God fell from his lips in broken gasps.


Joxer groaned, he rolled over and opened his eyes. He looked around the room of Meg's pleasure house. He was sore and sweat soaked in the best of ways. Meg's house offered only the best and safest pleasures for both the client as well as for the companion for the night. His friend always knew when Joxer needed his fantasies brought to life. Where she had found a man that looked, even sounded so much like him? Joxer couldn't even begin to guess but Meg had done it each time Joxer had asked for this fantasy to be brought to life. He ran a hand through his short sweaty hair. He was going to have to bath before he left. As much as he enjoyed nights like the last? The part he hated was the after, when he woke alone, hating the fact that his surrender wasn't to the one it was truly meant for.

Joxer shook off the depressing thoughts, he grabbed the robe that was at the end of the bed, shrugging it one.

Until we met again, a husky male voice filled with a dark resonance floated through Joxer's head, my dove.