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The Diary of Sir Guy of Gisborne - season 3

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You are DEAD Marain an I cannot see you so donot think you can give me that look!

Ayway it wasn my fault Hood forced me do to it!

hell be bac soon an then we'l see. It will be a fiegt to the death, his frends will not stop us this time




Marian come bak i mis you


30th April, in this the year of our Lord 1194

I have killed him! I have killed Hood! But no one beleive me. The Sheriff thins I am drunk. Perhapsso, I hav been drinking synce last Octobr but all the same, I KILLD HOOD.

Proof? Sir Jasper can go an - and - whistle for it! I know I killed him. Hood cam seeking me and i killed him.

But what if I did not? He stunned his head on the rock during our fight and I threw him from the cliff and he must have drownd in the river below. he must hav. But what if he didn't? That monk, Tuck, said the water must have takn his body away. He mus be right. But what if Hood is out there somewhere, waiting, waiting to kill me? He might creep in some night. He would not find me sleeping, thouogh! I do not sleep. I do not want to sleep!

Marian, jus go, stop talking to me, I cannot hear you, you are DEAD. Robin took you from me so it was his fault, don't you see? And now he is dead, why are your spirits not together, leaving me alone, so alone...

You are waiting for him, I know. He should be with you. Are you here becaus he's not dead? Maybe he will find me adn kill me. It would be a mercy.

Go away Marian. Or if you will not, at least fech me another wineskin.


31 Aprl in thiss yr ofr Lord 194

He wouldnot kill me why would he not kill me? Doesnt he want his revenge?

hode is laughing at me. I am cursed. Even the sun turned her back on me today. She hid and let him rescue his men an then she came out and shon on him an he wudnt even kil me tho i beggd him to end it

so tired but I cant - i don't dare to sleep- the demons, clawing at my brain - that monk was a demon too i think

if I am unconsh uncon blind drunk they cant find me tho so hah


Marian were are you


12th May, in this the year of our Lord 1194

Dear Diary,

I am NOT AFRAID of the Sheriff. I am too angry to be fearful. Nothing frightens me but my dreams. I think they are a precursor to my punishments in Hell. I have not slept a full night in... a while.

The wine helps. I can see the Sheriff is afraid – I CAN SEE YOUR FEAR, VAISEY! I could crush you. I know all your secrets. I coud tell Pirnce John everything. You would be well served. You are to blame for her death as much as Robin! Always talking talkng talking about Marian and how she din't love me and she was playing mefor a fool and such. IT DROVE ME MAD!

Now prince John wants a thousand crowns each month for protecing the Shreiif from the King bcause of what we did in the Holy Land. So the sheriff is selling our peasants to the Irish rebels for soldiers. Prince John would have his head if he found out. Hah!

Damned Irish. The one, Tiernan, is a drunk and a rouge, good at figthing and womanising but 0 branes. His brother is the one to beware of, Finn, he's the leader, he has all the shcemes. Tiernan thinks he can get his own allys and go his own way, I seen him cosying up to the Sherif. he can't see that he's nothing without his brother.

Damn the peasnats, too, theyre always whining. I can't pay my taxes! I don't want my tonge cut out! I dn't want to go to Irland! anyone would think they had rights. As if I shuld care fi they al die. What dose it matter? What does anything mater aymore?


13th May, in this the year of our Lord 1194

Dear Diary,

I am betrayed by the Sheriff! Curse him! Hood foiled his plan to sell the peasants, so the Sheriff had nothing to give Prince John's men – so he handed me over, in lieu of the thousand crowns! I am on my way to London, to explain why the fine has not been paid. I have no explanation! Prince John will execute me! The Sheriff knows this, and yet he gleefully sacrifices me!

He took my sword, and I was too slow to react. My head ached so, and the bright sunlight pierced my eyes. I sobered quickly when I understood his intention, but it was too late. I have been a FOOL.

I cannot believe he has done this, after all we have been through together. After everything I have done! I showed my loyalty to him – I chose HIM over MARIAN! My life was damned, the moment I made that decision. Oh Marian, Marian... why was I so blind?

But you were never my choice to take, despite your offer. Hood claims you were his wife. But how? When? Is it pure fancy, the ravings of another poor fool who has lost you? I'd swear you were not yet his when we travelled to the Holy Land – and there was no time... God's teeth. In those last few moments, as you bled out on the sand and I fled my crime – did you marry him then, blessed by the wounded King, and with the outlaws looking on and weeping? No wonder Hood hates me.

Hood will be cheated of my death. I could almost welcome it, from his hand – the hand of one who loved you as I did. Only he might truly understand the depths of my despair – my horror at what I have done. But to be betrayed – to be given over and killed simply because I am the bearer of bad tidings – a fine that could not be paid... I would not sell myself so cheaply!