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“I’ve always wondered one thing,” Niall said to Louis as they lay slouched on the couch in their shared flat. The place was kind of small, but very cozy. It was simply home, and Louis loved it. “Did you realize you were gay because you did it up the arse with a girl and realized you liked that much better than the other way?”

“Niall, I will hit you in the head with your grandmother’s urn.”

“I’m serious. I’ve known you’re gay since always, but I’ve always wondered.”

“Fine. No.”

“Oh.” Louis rolled his eyes at his blond friend’s disappointment. They’d been best friends since they'd met at university two years prior, when they had both moved to London. Niall was from Ireland and had moved in for the city just liked Louis, but as they had both promised their parents to take classes at Uni they had met, and they’d hit it off immediately. Niall was perfect for Louis. He was just as wild and loud, but he knew when it was time to retain some of the madness and was good at taking care of Louis. Louis did the same for Niall. They were completely mad together, and spent way too much time partying and way little time studying.

“But how did it happen?”

“I realized that I was more attracted to the man in the porn film than the woman.” It had been as simple as that and Louis hadn’t spent too much time worrying about it. He didn’t care what other people thought anymore and he didn’t really think too much of labels. At first it had just been that he occasionally liked to fuck boys and then it turned into occasionally fucking girls instead and lately it was only guys.
Niall shrugged and his eyes shifted towards the telly again. It was small, but all they could afford. Louis worked at a coffee shop after classes and Niall did what he could at the electronic shop just a street away from their flat.

“Just so you know, Shauna is meeting us at the club tonight.” Niall said, knowing that the protests were coming.

“No, Niall. No.”

“But I’m getting laid if I bring her.”

“Niall. You already get laid. What is our motto?” Louis’ eyes narrowed. “Niall?”

“Fuck before feelings.”

“Yes. Good. You’ve fucked already. If you keep doing it the feelings will come.”

“Not yet, though. Just tonight, Louis?” he begged, those pleading puppy eyes looking up at him. Louis hated those eyes just because of the fact that he loved them. He always did this.

“Tonight was supposed to be our night, just like last time, but hey if you’d rather spend time with that skinny brunette, then by all means go ahead.”

“Yay,” Niall smiled and turned to the tv again. Louis picked up his phone, feeling it vibrate. It was Twitter, his favorite site. He tweeted every day, enjoying the responses he got from his quirky followers. He mostly wrote about the stupid things he and Niall got up to, and he was still sort of surprised at how many followers he had. He’d reached around seven thousand just last month. He was staying anonymous though, he didn’t want people from work or his university to read what he wrote. That could probably be due to the fact that they’d hate him. But people loved reading his stuff and Niall was very proud when people started asking about who @TheTommo ‘s friend N was, who had actually gotten rather famous on his twitter.
He typed out a tweet.

The Tommo (@TheTommo)
“Going out tonight and tragically N is bringing Shauna. Sigh. Enough is enough.”

After a few moments Niall glared at him, phone in hand. “Stop tweeting about me. I’ll expose you.”

“Please, you love it when I tweet about you.”


The club was smacked. Even considering it was a Friday this sort of commotion was unusual. But it didn’t matter because Louis was here to smash it. He wore tight chinos and a snug shirt that fit his body perfectly. His hair was carefully done into his usual fringe and his signature Tom’s were on his feet. He was ready.
Niall and Louis made their way through the crowd, direction of the bar. Clinking their shots together they swallowed the burning alcohol, making faces but then smiling knowingly towards each other. Tonight was going to be good.

Much later Louis found himself on the dance floor, making everybody around him look like amateurs. He remembered seeing Niall at the bar with Shauna, a girl Louis had walked in on naked in their bathroom way too many times that was allowed. He would have to talk to Niall about this. But first he needed the gents’ room. He was all sweaty and felt like he needed a look in a mirror before he went to find a guy to take home.
Even though the club was full, the bathroom seemed pretty much empty. Louis took a moment to fix up his fringe and soak up some sweat from his neck with a paper towel. He washed his hands quickly and just as he turned around he bumped into something. His head flashed up and he found himself staring into impossibly green and terribly mesmerizing eyes. They both stood still, almost pressed up against each other. He couldn’t tell much about this guy, other than that he was tall and hadn’t stepped away from their closeness.

“Hi,” Louis said breathlessly. His eyes flicked lower. Woah. Lips. This guy’s smile was the biggest he’d ever seen on a boy, and god, he had dimples.

“Oops!” he smiled. His voice was deep and his eyes twinkled with that perfect ounce of charm that Louis always seemed to look for. Slowly the guy grabbed hold of Louis’ arms and turned, making them switch places. A one-dimpled smile formed on this face as he turned towards the sink. He bent down in his black and very, very tight jeans and the fabric clung perfectly around his bum. His white shirt that already showed off a lot of collarbone, hung and through the mirror Louis could see a milky skinned stomach and a toned, tattooed chest.
Louis just stood there, a little taken aback. Damn, this guy was absolutely breathtaking. Then he wanted to hit himself with a shovel. Breathtaking? Get your shit together, Tommo.
Shaking his head, he tried to rid himself of the daze he’d been brought in. He was about the take a step for the door when he heard the guy’s low rumble of a voice again.

“You know I can see you checking out my arse in the mirror.” He met Louis’ eyes through the glass. His cheeks immediately turned crimson as he felt himself blush. He scolded himself internally. He never blushed. “It’s rude.” The curly haired boy smirked. Quickly, Louis found the words at the edge of his tongue.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just admiring your jeans.” He smirked and the boy’s laugh echoed against the ceiling. The sound did something to Louis’ insides. He wanted to hear more of it. This boy couldn’t be older than twenty. The boyish grin he wore gave it away. He dried his hands on his jeans and leaned back against the sink, tilting his head to the side. Slowly, he gave Louis a once over.

“Not too bad yourself.” Louis just smirked back. Yes, this was the guy. He was definitely taking him home. Louis could just tell this was going to be good sex. “Nice shoes.” Curly added.

“Nice shirt.” Louis said, taking a step closer. He was only feet away now. He eyed the collarbones of the lad, feeling the desire build in the lower part of his gut. The dark haired boy leaned his head back, hands clutching the sink on either side of him, smiling down knowingly.

“Nice tan.” Louis smiled. He actually was very proud of his natural all year around tan-looking skin. He took another step closer.

“Nice hair. Curly.” They were only inches apart and Louis could feel the anticipation burning inside him.

“Nice fringe.” He smirked and let a feather light hand run along Louis’ caramel hair. Normally Louis would’ve slapped anyone who tried to touch his hair, but oddly the light touch was only making him warm inside.

“Nice collarbones.” He couldn’t help it. He licked his lips. They were only inches apart, thighs barely touching. The stranger reached his hands out, clutching them firmly around Louis’ bum cheeks, pressing him up against him. A surprised and aroused breath escaped Louis’ lips, but it wasn’t like he minded. The lad leaned down, their noses touching side by side. Louis gulped. This guy was making him so… Well, he was taking all the dominance out of him.

“Nice ass.” Curly whispered against Louis’ skin. His eyes drifted down at the stranger’s mouth.

“Nice…lips.” He whispered back and he felt himself being pulled in. Finally their mouths met. This boy’s lips were firm yet soft, dominating Louis’ mouth, making his knees week. Louis’ hands clutched at Curly’s white shirt, feeling the hardness of the stranger being pressed against his.
After a few moments Louis got tired of being dominated and took over. He licked at the other boy’s lower lip, asking for entrance. The lad wasn’t slow to give in. But Louis took his time. He explored every part of the mouth he was connected to, sliding their tongues together. He felt the hands at his arse pressing their crotches closer, begging for friction. Louis let his hands slide in underneath the shirt and his breath caught at the touch of defined v lines. The stranger took advantage of Louis’ momentarily lapse of control and swiftly took a tight hold if his thighs, turning them, lifting him up on the sink.

“I’m Harry by the way,” he murmured as he kissed Louis’ neck passionately.

“Louis,” Louis breathed. This guy certainly knew how to use his mouth. Harry slid in between his legs, kissing his way over Louis’ jaw and then down along his throat. Louis leaned back against the mirrored wall behind him, whimpering lowly as Harry brought his t-shirt up and letting his lips meet Louis’ bare skin. His tongue made its way down from his chest, planting kisses all the way down to Louis’ bellybutton. Harry’s hands gripped firmly at his hips, holding him in place as he squirmed. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold it together.

Tugging at the shirt at Harry’s shoulders, he brought his face up. “Maybe not here,” he breathed. This Harry blinked and then seemed to realize the surroundings.

“Shit,” he murmured. Louis just smirked.

“Don’t worry. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d be caught in the act.” Yes, he, and also Niall for the record, was considered being little bit of a slut. He didn’t really mind though. He liked having sex for god’s sake. Curly only murmured something intelligible and something told Louis that this Harry wouldn’t take getting caught too lightly.

“Well then…” he said, hopping down from the sink. Harry looked down at him, seeming unsure of something. Louis let two fingers trail a path down his clothed stomach. “Your place or mine?”

A slow smile formed on the stranger’s lips. “Yours. Definitely yours.” He reached down and their lips met once more. The kiss was meant to be chaste but Louis found himself being pressed against nearest wall. All of a sudden the door flew open and a guy walked in. Harry froze. The guy was about Louis and Harry’s age, head shaved at the sides, a little bulky but with round puppy eyes. He was kind of hot, but nowhere near Harry’s rank, Louis thought smugly. But the guy’s eyes locked at them, staring. His face turned grim and his eyes shifted towards Harry. No one said anything.

“Umm,” Louis said, a little annoyed. “Mind you, we’re trying to make out here.” He said to the new stranger. The dude didn’t even look his way.

“Harry,” he said instead.

“Oh, you know him.” Louis muttered. If this turned out to be Harry’s boyfriend then he was so out of there. He was not in the mood to wake up with a black eye. Again.

“Liam.” Louis looked between the two. They were staring at each other, disapproval written all over the new kid’s face. They seemed to have some sort of stare down, and Louis just stood there awkwardly, wondering if he would be able to slip past them and out the door unnoticed. But then this Liam seemed to give up and he sighed, shaking his head.

“I suggest you slip out the back door then.”

“Thanks for the advice.” Louis said, smiling unknowingly. The two strangers stared at him. Ah, awkward moments. Then Harry cracked up into a low giggle and pulled at Louis’ arm, dragging him towards the door. They passed the other guy who only rolled his eyes, and got out of the bathroom, the loud thumping of bass hitting their ears.

“We need to go out that way.” Harry nodded towards the back exit. Louis had understood as much. He didn’t ask questions. He wasn’t willing to risk losing this boy that was practically sex on legs, so he only nodded and followed him through the crowd. His arm was held in the grasp of Harry so when he saw Niall nearby with his arms around Shauna, Louis only waved, giving him the thumbs up when Harry wasn’t looking. Niall winked and nodded in approval.
Slipping out of the club was easy and they found themselves in dark alley. They made their way towards the street and slipped past the crowds, Louis understanding by the way that Harry was hiding his face that he really didn’t want people to see him. Louis didn’t get why but he guessed it had something to do with Harry’s friend in the bathroom.
The walk back to Louis’ flat was short, as the building was only a block away. The walk wasn’t awkward at all, opposed to many other nights that Louis had painfully experienced. They both strolled a little clumsily, reminding Louis of the drinks he’d had before. When they finally reach the building Louis punched in the code and dragged Harry up two flights of stairs and then unlocked the door. He held it open, smirking at Harry.

“Welcome, Harry.”

“Thank you,” he smirked back, voice low, making Louis’ insides burn with want. He stepped inside and Louis closed the door behind them. Harry looked around the tiny hallway.


“Please,” Louis scoffed. “It’s not much.”

“I like it.” Harry smiled honestly and turned towards Louis. He eyed him up and down. Louis met his eyes and they stood quiet for a moment. Harry’s eyes then turned from deep green to dark. And Louis knew the feeling. He didn’t want to stand around making small talk. He wanted to attack those incredibly soft lips and have those strong hands all over his body. His eyes lingered on Harry’s lips and he licked his own.
Suddenly there was no space between them. Louis found himself pressed up against the wall, Harry’s hands gripping his arms, holding them above his head. His mouth was roughly taken over by Harry’s lips as they bit and sucked passionately on his lower lip. Louis moaned loudly, wanting Harry closer, desperate for friction. Harry let himself grind into Louis, making him gasp at the pressure and hot feel. He let go of his arms and Louis brought them into the curly hair and tugged softly. He heard Harry’s groan and he smirked. He liked that, it seemed. He felt the boy’s big hands make their way down to close around his arse, bringing their crotches together once again.
Louis was breathless, hard and impatient. He let go of Harry’s curls and pushed at his shoulders. He backed him up through the short hall, never letting their lips break contact, and then through the tiny living room, then finally reaching the door of his room.
They smacked the door closed behind them. They ripped at each other’s clothes, not being able to get them off soon enough. Harry’s lips were fire, burning Louis’ skin and his hands deserved some kind of award for making him shiver as much as they did. Louis was a doll in his hands. Usually he was the one to take control in these sorts of situations, but this time he was giving up the dominance gladly.
Louis left marks on Harry’s skin, though he was breathlessly asked to keep it below the neckline. Louis didn’t think much of it and showed no hesitation about keeping things low. The night was definitely one of the better ones, if not actually the fucking best sex Louis had ever had, and he just kept on wanting more and more. Harry’s touch felt like sparks of fire on his skin and his lips were simply a godsend.
When it was finally over, Harry rested his head on top of Louis’ chest tiredly. They were still slightly out of breath, their hair all over the place, skin sticky and warm.

“What time is it?” Harry murmured against his chest. Louis’ eyes flicked to his nightstand and they found the alarm clock.

“Three thirty.”

“Shit…” Harry groaned. The sound was so soft and utterly adorable and Louis bit his lip. He could not be thinking these things about this stranger. This was only a one-night stand. In a few moments Harry would be gone and they would never see each other again. Louis’ stomach clenched weirdly. He recognized the feeling immediately and that shovel came to mind again. Fuck and no feelings, Tommo, he chastised himself. But he didn’t want Harry to go. Maybe it was just the extremely good after feeling of the incredible sex that got his mind twisted, but he found himself wishing for Harry to stay the night.

“You can stay…” he said slowly. Harry lifted his head, eyeing him.

“Are you sure?”

Louis only had to take one look at those mesmerizing, green eyes and that curly hair to know the answer. “Yeah…” he murmured softly. Harry nodded slowly. Louis had expected him to roll away and take the other side of the bed, but was surprised when he just lay down again, letting his body rest against Louis’. Normally Louis would have…well, he said he would have shoved him off him, but he had never let a one-night stand stay the night before, so he actually didn’t know what he’d do. But letting someone sleep on him, he was fairly sure wasn’t okay according to his and Niall’s motto.
Louis let his head fall back against the pillows, absentmindedly drawing circles on the arm that was wrapped around his torso. What the hell was wrong with him tonight? He was acting…affectionate. Not good, not good. He should have pushed Harry out of his bed right then and there, he knew that, but looking down at the sleeping, suddenly so vulnerable looking boy, he didn’t have the heart to do it. And truthfully, he didn’t want to either.


When morning came Louis was reluctant to open his eyes. He had slept really well and the duvet around him was capturing him, not letting him wake up entirely. He groaned loudly, stretching his arms above his head. He could smell a faint scent of bacon and waffles. Niall was cooking? But that wasn’t the surprising part. The surprise was that it actually smelled good. Something was not right. Louis looked around him and frowned. Why was he so far on the right side of the bed? The memories flashed to his mind. He violently sat up. Harry.
Reluctantly he got out of bed and pulled on a pair of boxers, sweats and a shirt. One quick look in the mirror, he fixed his fringe and then slowly opened the door to his room. The overwhelming smell of food made his stomach rumble as he took in the sight before him. In the open plan kitchen that was connected to their small living room (the reason Louis had been so determined to get this flat), was Harry, making breakfast. He was wearing his tight jeans but there was no shirt. Back muscles, Louis sighed. He didn’t think he’d ever seen such a nice sight in this kitchen before. The picture was ruined though, by a certain Niall that was sitting at the breakfast bar, chewing loudly on a waffle. His eyes flicked up and met Louis.

“Morning, Louis,” he sniggered spitefully, knowing just how awkward this was going to get. Louis only narrowed his eyes in response to Niall. The mop of dark curls whipped around and smiled hesitantly.

“Um, hey,” he said. God, that voice was even deeper in the morning.

“Uh, hi,” Louis answered awkwardly, stepping up by Niall’s chair.

“I…uh, made breakfast.” He pointed at the stove with the spatula in hand.

“I see,” he nodded. He honestly didn’t know what to say. This was an odd sight. No one ever made breakfast around this place. Niall usually got a bowl of milk and coco pops and Louis didn’t even know how to whisk. “Um, pleasant surprise. We don’t know how to cook around here.”

“These waffles are brilliant. And the bacon! Louis, try them! I feel like I haven’t eaten in years.” Niall beamed at Harry who smiled back with that one-dimpled smile.

“Would you like some?” Harry said, raising an eyebrow. Louis wanted to go drown himself in the shower. That was so hot.

“Sure,” he smiled. He didn’t know what else to do. He whispered to Niall when Harry turned towards the bacon on the stove. “This is exactly the reason why I don’t let them stay the night. Niall, this is your fault. You’re supposed so look after me!”

“Nah, I think you did a good one letting him stay. See,” He held up his plated with food and smelled it. “Food!” He was holding it up like it was a gift from God himself. Louis shook his head disapprovingly. But the smell of bacon was very appetizing, so he reached up into one of the cupboards and got out a plate. He stepped up next to Curly.

“Bacon?” Harry asked, holding up the pan.

“Yeah, thanks.” Harry flicked some on his plate and then held out the plate of waffles for him.

“So um, how are you?” Louis asked. He could hear Niall snickering lowly behind them.

“Good. Last night was… Good.” Harry smirked. Louis felt the faint feeling of blood flood to his cheeks. Stop doing this to me, Curly! He internally groaned. But Louis was never slow to come up with a good response.

“I guessed as much. I don’t think I would’ve had breakfast served in any other case,” he smirked. Harry’s low laugh made his smile widen.

“Actually it was more of a thanks for letting me stay.” Harry gave him a genuine smile of appreciation.

“Well, I find it only appropriate then. It’d be rude not to,” he smirked, hoping that sarcasm and Louis’ playful way of speaking wasn’t lost on this guy. It seemed not.

Harry laughed. “Well, eat your bacon then.” He said in a cute manner, and pulled the frying pan from the stove and pulled out a plate for himself. Louis sat down at the breakfast bar on the opposite side of Niall who wriggled his eyebrows. Louis gave him a cold stare just as Harry came to sit down next to Niall.

“So what do you guys do?”

“We go to Uni here in London. Studying.” Niall said, chewing on some bacon. Harry nodded and scratched at his chest where two purple bruises had formed. Louis had faint memories of making them. Harry’s eyes caught Louis’ stare and Louis immediately looked away, cheeks practically burning.

“Cool,” Harry said, smirking at him. No doubt smug that he’d caught him looking.

“I work at a coffee shop nearby,” Louis said, trying to deflect Harry from smiling in that knowing way.

“Really? Might have to come down some day,” Harry said. Louis was about to come up with a quirky answer about the place being way too posh for him, but was interrupted by a ringing cell phone. He didn’t recognize the tone, which led him to the assumption that it belonged to Harry.

“Yeah?” he answered. Louis watched his eyes widen and his mouth shaping into a big ‘O’. “Shit!” he exclaimed. “I’ll be right there. Call a car the club we were at last night and pick me up. So sorry, Zayn!” He ended the call and his eyes flashed apologetically to Niall and Louis. “I’m really sorry but I have to run. It was great meeting you both. I’m just going get my stuff…” he mumbled hurriedly. He got up and disappeared into Louis’ bedroom and came out only a moment later, fully dressed. Louis and Niall just sat there, a little stunned. Suddenly he came a stop by end of the room that led into the short hall. “Um, and Louis? Thanks for last night.”

“Uhm,” Louis said. What was he supposed to say? Nice fuck, have a good day? “Yeah, thanks. I’ll see ya.” He was pretty sure he wasn’t. Harry just smiled awkwardly and then disappeared.

Niall turned to Louis. “You should let your one-night stands stay more often. Didn’t know that mornings could be so interesting.”

“I definitely think this was an exception to the rule.” Louis said. There was just something about this Harry. He was special.

“I’ll say you chose a good one though. He was kind of hot, but didn’t look very gay to be honest.”

“Trust me. He was gay.” Louis smirked. He had bite marks and a sore ass to prove it.

“Maybe he was just gay for you. Though that butterfly tattoo was kind of not hetero.” Niall speculated.

“It wouldn’t be the first time I turned someone gay. I’m just that brilliant. Everybody wants to touch me.” Niall rolled his eyes.

“Maybe he’s pansexual.”

“What’s that?” Louis frowned.

“I don’t know.” Niall shrugged. “I’ve just heard the term. Maybe that’s what he is.” Louis snorted, but was smiled at Niall.

“Look it up.” he suggested anyway. Niall went to his room to get his computer and Louis got some more bacon. Damn, that kid really knew how to cook!
Niall came back with his computer ready. He searched the term pansexual and they found that the term meant that you were sexually attracted to the person and not to a specific gender.

“Could be,” Louis shrugged. He didn’t even know why they were wondering about this. A pop ad showed up on the screen, linking them to a gossip site. Annoyed Niall started to close the page but then stopped. On the picture of the site was big headlines and picture of a tall, dark haired guy.

“Infamous boybander leaves club together with unknown,” read the headline. Underneath were picture of a boy with dark curls, green eyes and very tight pants. They both studied the article for a moment, reading it through quickly.

“Is that…?” Louis frowned. That guy almost looked exactly like…

Niall tilted his head to the side. “How the…?”

“Doesn’t he look like…?” Louis said.

“That hair…” Niall agreed.

“Lips…” Louis added. He certainly knew those lips. They were silent for a second…and then,

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT” They bellowed together.


“THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE” Louis yelled, tearing at his hair.



“STOP SCREAMING.” Niall bellowed.








“LOUIS?” Niall exclaimed while staring wide eyed at him, totally at loss.

“NIALL?” Louis said, same expression written all over his face.

“HOLY SHIT!” they screamed together. They stared into each other’s eyes, both absolutely terrified. Louis stopped his running and slowly leaned back against the sink. Niall shakily climbed down from the tall barstool.


“Yeah,” he whispered back, breathlessly.

“You just fucked the most wanted guy on earth.”

“I know.” He looked up with wide eyes.

“You just fucked Harry Styles of One Direction.”

“I know.” He was terribly frightened.

“You just fucked someone who is supposed to be fucking middle aged women all over the place.”

“I know.”