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Getting The Girl [Boy]

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The hostess of the new TV show named Marina smoothed her dress for the tenth time right before the new show went on air for the first time.

She smiled widely at the camera, and audience, once the producer confirmed that they are recording.

"Hey everyone, and welcome to our new reality competition called 'Getting The Girl,' and we hope you stick around to see who wins." Marina internally cringed at the cheesy dialogue that she was scripted with.

"To start off with what's happening, five men will be placed into a house with each other for one month. They will be competing against each other to win the heart of one lucky lady named Lindsey Ballato. We have a video clip of who she is and what she is like."

A woman with jet blacked hair appeared on the large screens by the stage. "Hello! Hi, hey!" She grinned and waved at the camera. "I'm Lindsey Ballato, a bassist from Scotland. I currently live in California with a friend of mine named Jennifer, or Kitty as I like to call her.

"I'm in a band called 'Mindless Self Indulgence' with her. To the men in the competition, I'd like for there to be trust in our relationship. I can easily get like, jealous and angry. But hopefully we have a healthy relationship, like, I'm very accepting, so I want you to be like, accepting too."

She flashed one last smile to the camera. "Good luck, boys!"

Marina and the fake audience full of actors both clapped after the video turned off. "What a sweetheart! One of these guys will be lucky to have her. Now we'll be introducing our first contestant..."

The screen turned on again, with a man that had black hair and a slightly chubby face on the video. "Hey, my name is Gerard Way. I'm a comic book artist and a singer. Cartoons are my everything and I'd love someone who would share the same music taste as me, who's pretty childish at the right moments, and exciting.

"I'm extremely feminine and LGBTQ, so if that's a problem then there's an unlikely chance that I'll stay in this competition." He chuckled. "I grew up in Jersey with my little brother Mikey."

The image changed to another man with a long fringe and glasses to the tip of his nose. "My brother Gerard has always been outgoing yet shy at the same time. Growing up in Jersey made it unsafe for us kids to go outside and play because it was so dangerous. We stayed inside and were very close, still are."

The screen changed again to Gerard hugging Mikey. "Love ya. See you in hopefully a month."

"Love you." 

"Any last words to the audience, Gerard?"

Gerard smirked. "... Hey there Lindsey."

The screen turned to a guy with obviously gelled, combed hair. "Yo, I'm Brendon and I'm from Utah. I'm a singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, pianist, organist, and more."

"I'm pretty creative and like humor. I'm not afraid to joke around, and I'll basically be your best friend while being your boyfriend."

"I don't really make contact with my family anymore ever since I left Mormonity. I do have a friend back home called Dallon, he's been with me through a lot; I owe it to him."

"I can make music with you, and I'll be a good lover."

"Any last words?"

"Vote Bernie Sanders for president."

"It's a little too late for that..."

"J-just... Vote Bernie Sanders."

The video changed to a new person with a lip and nose ring in all black. "Frank Iero here. From New Jersey, I love New Jersey. Belleville, New Jersey. It's a scary place but it's home. New Jersey... Talk about myself? Not Jersey?"

"Fine. My name's Frank. I'm a guitarist and singer. I love tattoos. What else do I say? Oh yeah, music is... Amazing. It gets me through shit, and I can't live without it–"

The scene abruptly changed to Frank's mom. "Frank has always been a good person. We've always encouraged him to get a girlfriend but he never does, so we made him join this. For some reason, he's never had a girlfriend."

She shrugged. "No idea why. But he's very loving and caring, and funny. You'd be lucky to have him as a boyfriend."

The screen went to Frank and his mom. "Love you." 

"Any last words?"



"Hi, I'm Patrick Stump. I'm from Illinois, and I'm multi-instrumented."

"Oh yeah, fedoras are my everything. Nobody wanted to take a video with me... Okay, they did, but I'm too short so the camera wasn't focusing on me and..."

"Any last words?"

Patrick tipped his fedora. "G'day."


"I'm Pete Wentz, a bassist, I can't sing, and I... Don't mention anything about music? Why not?"

"All the others have talked about it? Then I'm not gonna talk about anything at all... I hate ice cream, my brother is Andrew, and I guess that's it?"

"This is my friend Andrew Hurley. Andy, my dude."

"I'm Andy. Uh, Pete's a cool guy, I guess. I'm gonna miss him, that's sad. This speech is so rushed because they're only giving us like, thirty seconds."

"Any last words?"

"Emo is over, you can all go home now."


Marina awkwardly smiled soon after the videos ended. "Quite the catches, aren't they?"

"Let's welcome them onto the stage. Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, and Pete Wentz everybody!" 

The five men walked onto the stage. "Now, let's have Lindsey come on!" Lindsey showed up on stage.

"Well, some of you are shorter than I imagined. That's fine, though. I look forward to getting to know you all." 

Brendon leaned towards Gerard. "She obviously doesn't want us to be here."

"I don't wanna be here. I'm gay, this shit is too straight for me."

"Same, except I'm bi." 

Gerard tried not to grin. "I'm gonna try to get booted off first."

"Nice try, I will."

"Wanna make a bet?"

Brendon nods. "Sure thing. You owe me ten by the end of the week if I'm gone."

"What if neither of us two are gone and it's someone else?"

"Then the money doubles over the week." Gerard looked at him, puzzled. "So if we aren't voted off, then the money goes from ten to twenty, if we're still here, thirty, and forty is the most... I can't explain it well, you'll just find out on Sunday when we vote."

"So this is a legit bet?"


"Let's do it."


The five men were led to a two story house with three bedrooms. Two beds in one bedroom, three in the other. Lindsey had her own room in the floor below.

There was a small kitchen in the corner of the house, a living room next to it, a coffee table in the middle and two couches behind it; a flat screen on the wall.

A dining room was in the room connected to the kitchen. A large table with three chairs on either side. Stairs above led to the bedrooms, the hallway only had one wall, and was visible to whoever was standing on the bottom floor.

Frank shrugged and looked around the living room. "Nice."

Three people walked into the living room where everyone was. "Hello everyone, I'm Tyler, this is Sarah and Josh."

"We'll be the ones that watch you guys. One of us will be telling you the activity, or date if you will, that you'll be doing, or going on, each day. The others will be looking to see what you're doing and if you should be disqualified. We good?" Sarah asked.

The five nodded. "All good." 

"Great, we'll let you get unpacked. Choose the room you want to sleep in for these next four weeks, and the person, or people, you'll be sharing it with. We'll go and let you have privacy. Have fun."

Gerard turned to find Brendon and was going to ask if he wanted to share a room with him and somebody else, but Pete and Patrick were already heading upstairs with him.

He turned around to Frank. "Looks like we're sharing?" Frank nodded.

"Looks like it." The two walked up the stairs with their luggage.

Gerard opened the last door to a room with two beds next to each other, a white carpet, two dressers on ends of either bed, and a blue wall. "I'll take the bed on the left." Frank said and zipped open his suitcase.

He smiled and covered his bed in a black bedsheet and Star Wars covers. "Sorry about this." Gerard gestured to the blankets. "I'm a nerd."

"It's cool. I like Star Wars."

"So do I... Well, obviously." Gerard said, getting flustered. "So when we're done, do we just hang out here and wait?"

"I guess we do. What kind of music do you listen to?"

"I like David Bowie. I love David Bowie. Misfits are great, I like Ramones–"

"Ramones? They suck!"

"You're kidding?!" Gerard exclaimed in disbelief.


"I am offended." Frank rolled his eyes. 

Knocking on the door. "It's Brendon." Brendon said and opened the door. "They want us downstairs."



Marina cleared her throat before beginning her sentence. "Welcome back, thanks for sticking around after the break! We have our first challenge for the five boys, their first chance to win over Lindsey's heart. Let's see what's going on!"


The five guys were sat on the couches. "We're holding the first challenge. Lindsey will call somebody, and one of you will go on a picnic with a basket full of food, a blanket to sit on, under a tree for an hour. Tomorrow night, she'll call another person. This will go on until Friday. Friday and Saturday is when you all have a break from challenges. Sunday is when someone is kicked off.

"Think of this as a beginner level, and as you go up a level, or a challenge, the challenges get harder and harder. Understand?" Tyler explained.

"Stereotypical reality TV bullshit." Brendon muttered. "What will the rest of us do while we wait?"

"Talk, hang out here, whatever."

Lindsey approached the living room. "Who's going first, Lindsey?"

"... Gerard." Gerard stood up and walked towards Lindsey. "Let's go." She grabbed the basket and blanket. 

The pair went to the tree by the building and unfolded the checkered blanket, then sat on it. The TV crew pointed multiple cameras at them and a microphone hanging right above them.

"Three... Two... Go..."

"You're a musician?"

"Bassist. You?"

"I can play a little guitar, but not live. I suck at it. I do like singing, though. What's your band called, again?"

"We're pretty popular. It's called Mindless Self Indulgence. You in a band?"

"No, but I'd definitely join one. I used to play as the guitarist, but was kicked out because I couldn't play Sweet Home Alabama on the guitar."

Lindsey laughed at his story. "I'm sure you can find a band that like, won't kick you out."

"I really hope so. But my main goal is to be a comic artist. I love to draw. I always have. Do you draw?"

Lindsey nodded. "If I wasn't an artist, then I never would've gotten into MSI."

"Really? Why is that?"

"It was like, an art show. My friend told some guy who needed a bassist for some band that like, I can play bass. I couldn't. This guy like, came to my art show and gave me the audition after I said I could like, play. So like, I practice and try to learn in one week. I learn a song, and during auditions I'm like, jumping around, and it's boring.

"So I like, drank a Bacardi that I had hidden in my bra, pulled a match from my hair, struck it on my bass, and blew like, fire around the room, the guy, Jimmy, stands up and claps after the room like, goes silent for awhile, and is like,'welcome to the band.'"

Gerard grinned widely. "No shit. That's actually how you got into the band?"

"Yes, that's exactly how I got into the band."

"That must've been a fun experience." Gerard said. 

Lindsey nodded rapidly. "It was."

"Careful, unless you want whiplash."

She giggled. "Shit, I just giggled. God, that was so lame." 

"It's cool." He said, and opened the basket. "There's... Not much in here." He said, lifting a baguette up. "This is so cliché."

"My God, it's even worse than I imagined, there's wine in here too."

"Shall we eat this extremely cheesy meal." Gerard said, holding a cheese wheel in his hand.

Lindsey smirked. "We shall."


Frank toyed with the couch. "Are they making us watch their shitty date?"

"Yep. It's straight as fuck by the way, you might want to keep your eyes off the TV."

He looked up at the television and cringed. Gerard and Lindsey were feeding each other baguettes with cheese spread onto the bread.

"I'll be in my room, away from this shit. Call me when they're coming back."

"Sure thing."


The camera crew placed Lindsey in front of the building for an interview before the date ended.

"I thought this was a pretty cute date, I really liked the food, and I learned a lot about Gerard." She paused until the camera stopped recording. "That's it?"

"Okay, Gerard, stand where Lindsey is standing. Lindsey, stand where Gerard was waiting."

"I liked the atmosphere. Lindsey's a very friendly person, and she's interesting. Good person to hold a conversation with. Can't wait for the next date." 

"Alright, you guys can head back to the house now."


Lindsey and Gerard walked into the house. "We're back!"

"Hey guys." Patrick muttered. 

"Where's Frank?"

"His room. What time is it?"

"Like, seven."


Gerard went upstairs to his and Frank's room. "Hey Frank."

"Was it stressful?"

"Fucking stressful. Didn't like it one bit." Gerard muttered quietly. "Don't wanna speak loudly, just so I won't offend Lindsey."

Frank nodded. "Makes sense." He said. "Can we order pizza?"

"I don't know. You should ask Jenna or something."

"What about Jenna?" Jenna asked, her head poking through the opening of the door. "Can we order pizza? Hell to the no, that's on Friday. Find whatever in the kitchen, as long as it isn't pizza."

Frank shrugged. "Okay then. Want anything?"

"Nah, I just ate." 

"Right. I'll be back in a bit."


By ten, Jenna, Tyler, and Josh were calling it a night. "... And when we go to bed, you go to bed."

"What the fuck? I'm not tired." Brendon complained.

"We have bedtimes? I'm not twelve." Pete shouted.

Frank rolled his eyes. "Night everyone. You coming, Gee?"

Gerard blushed at the nickname. "Yeah." He said. "Let's go."


Gerard and Frank were in their beds. "Goodnight, Frank." He murmured before falling asleep.

"Night, Gerard."