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Small Moments

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Miroku was sitting outside the hut, contemplating the perfectly straight line of the road as it cut through the countryside, when Inuyasha and Kagome at last returned from their journey. It took only a single glance for him to see that the two had come to some sort of understanding during the time they had been away and on their own. In a way, he was glad for them. They deserved a little peace.

Kagome called out cheerfully as soon as they were within earshot, pedaling faster on her bicycle to reach the hut all the more quickly. Inuyasha, perched on the back of the contraption while Kagome did the work of propelling it, looked less than pleased. Miroku knew from experience just how difficult it was to balance the bicycle long enough to ride, especially when accommodating a passenger, and sympathized.

"We got the herbs!" Kagome announced as the bicycle skidded to a halt. "Now Myouga just needs to tell us what to do with them."

Without further ado, she slipped past where Miroku was sitting and went in to check on Sango. Rather than following, Inuyasha came over to loom over him. "You didn't try anything funny while we were gone, did you?" he asked.

Miroku sighed. "Even I would not stoop so low as to take advantage of a woman in Sango's condition," he protested, though he knew his words would not make a difference. Kagome and Inuyasha had already made up their minds about him. There was no sense getting upset about it, no matter how exasperating he found it.

"Right," Inuyasha snorted, heading past Miroku to follow Kagome into the hut.

Miroku gave them a few minutes alone with Sango before heading in to join them. Sango looked a little bleary-eyed, and had probably been asleep when Kagome came rushing in, but was otherwise showing steady improvement. Kirara, on the other hand… Inuyasha and Kagome had returned not a moment too soon.

Already Myouga was instructing Kagome and the others on what additional supplies would be necessary. Thankfully, it sounded as if they simply needed to brew a tisane from the herbs and entice Kirara to drink from it at regular intervals until her symptoms abated. A simple enough remedy, if you had the required supplies on hand. Miroku wondered if the herbs would be as effective against the poison from Naraku's hell wasps. Perhaps they should have gathered more, just in case.

Eager as always to feel as if she were useful, Kagome set about gathering the needful items and preparing the healing concoction. With Kagome busy preparing the remedy for Kirara and Inuyasha to keep watch for trouble, Miroku was happy to find he was suddenly superfluous. He settled himself in a corner, out of the way of Kagome's bustling and Inuyasha's scrutiny, and let his eyes drift closed.

There was nothing really for him to do now, and he knew Inuyasha would want them back on the road as soon as possible. He might as well get some rest while he had the opportunity.

He waited in his corner of the hut, half dozing, until Kagome had finished preparing the remedy for Kirara. After she had coaxed Kirara into consuming some of the medicine, he allowed himself to slip into a deeper sleep. There was nothing to do now but wait anyway.