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I Am Positive

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This was probably going to be the biggest mistake of his life, Stiles was sure, but the moment the other man grabbed the back of his pants and yanked them down so fast and hard that it pulled his upper half from the couch and his elbows hit the floor, he kind of didn’t really care, and all he could think about was that the sex was about to be phenomenal.

The burn of the dick entering his body was a bit graceless, and his shirt fell down his torso a little more with every thrust of hips, Stiles felt his knees slide on the ground, gritting his teeth as he turned, “Oh, fuck you,” He breathed, his right arm out in front of him, left bent by his side and he was still so fucking pissed that he was livid and shaking with it.

“This doesn’t prove a thing.”

Peter gripped Stiles’s hips so roughly that his knuckles had began to turn white, growling under his breath as he thrust into the younger man relentlessly, hips stinging slightly from the smack of their skin, “Doesn’t prove anything other than the fact that you like being fucked, doesn’t even matter who’s doing it.”

He could feel his skin practically heating with anger, wanting nothing more than to claw into Stiles and fuck the remaining shreds of the boy’s lifeless body.

“So why don’t you just be a good little bitch and shut up, Stiles,” The werewolf gritted out, throwing his head back and moaning.

Stiles didn’t comment that he was a virgin a couple of minutes ago, but he seethed in rage as his pants clung to his calves, knees shifting on the rug as Peter slammed into him, “I’m not your bitch,” He breathed between thrusts, turning and pushing at Peter’s chest, “I thought you’d be good at this, aren’t older men supposed to have experience with sex?”

All of this over what had initially started out as a conversation about Derek, “I mean, I thought this would actually be like.. Good or something.”

“It’s good for me,” Peter groaned out, knocking Stiles’s hand away from his chest before gripping his hips again, “I really don’t give a shit if you get off, if I’m being completely honest.”

The werewolf panted and drilled into Stiles even harder, knot beginning to swell, sweat dripping down his temples, “So, if you’re trying to give me an inferiority complex, it’s not going to work.”

“You’re too full of yourself to even try to give you an inferiority-” Stiles gasped and bit his lip, “You suck at this,” He said in a tight voice, body arching as he moved with Peter and his dick leaked beneath him, rock fucking hard, a traitor in the midst, but he didn’t bring attention to it by fisting himself like he wanted to, “You’re gonna regret this, once this is done, I’m gonna fucking molotov your ass again.”

Peter growled and reached up to grasp Stiles’s neck within his hand, claws extending and digging into his throat slightly, “You have such a pretty mouth, it’s a pity you don’t know how to keep it shut. I could knot it for you, I bet that’d shut you up, choke you with it until you suffocate from lack of air.”

He pulled the younger man backwards so that his hands weren’t touching the floor, his voice a low, gravelly whisper in Stiles’s ear as he fucked into him, “I think I’d probably fuck you then, too, after I watch the life fade from your eyes.”

“You’re such a fucked up piece of work, like you’d dare to try,” Stiles hissed back, his hand on Peter’s forearm as he side glanced the older man, “You’re not even at full strength yet, I could take you, easy. You’re nothing compared to the man you used to be.”

Stiles closed his eyes as he tried to breathe calmly, “Nothing at all, a shell of a shell, and I could take you before, it’d be so easy now. You’re all talk, that’s all you’ve ever been, Peter, all talk and no fucking bite to back it up.”

“You really need to learn when to stop talking,” Peter smirked viciously and bit down into Stiles’s shoulder, breaking skin and growling deep in his chest as he latched on - he hadn’t shifted, so his human teeth wouldn’t turn the younger man. It would, however, hurt terribly until it healed.

He slammed into Stiles and gave his knot time to swell up, purposefully not pushing it in until he knew it’d hurt. Pulling off of the skin, he pressed his nose back against the younger man’s ear, hand still around his throat, “I think I’m going to knot you, and I’m going to make it hurt, too. You’d hate that, wouldn’t you, being tied to me longer than necessary?"

“No!” Stiles struggled to move, kicking Peter’s knee out from under him and reaching out to grab at the edge of the couch as he tried to get away, “Don’t, don’t-Peter.” He clawed at Peter’s arm, turning to stare him in the eyes, “Don’t-you fucking knot me and I swear I’ll cut your dick off.”

The alpha was probably threatening to do it, and would follow through, just for fucking laughs - it was bad enough that he’d topped, but to be able to say that he’d knotted Stiles, the thought was embarrassing, “Don’t you even fucking think of knotting me, Peter, I swear-”

Peter grinned wide and dragged Stiles back towards him by the hips, the younger man not wanting him to was all the incentive he needed to actually follow through. He shoved himself in without hesitation, wincing at the tightness, but he took a steadying breath and forced the girth of his knot in passed the rim.

“Whoops,” He murmured sarcastically, knot settled deep enough that Stiles wouldn’t be able to pull off. Shifting slightly and pushing the younger man down against the carpet, he rolled his hips a little, lodging the knot around inside enough to finish himself off.

With a satisfied grunt, Peter came, cock pulsing inside of Stiles, “Oh how I can’t wait to tell everyone about this.”

Stiles gasped in pain, felt the solid burn in his ass and his arms shook. He turned back and punched Peter in the jaw as hard as he could, shouting as his fist gave, instead of Peter’s face, “Ah, fuck!”

He curled in on himself for a moment before he took the pin from his vest and turned again, stabbing the older man in the chest with it and wrenching it up a bit for good measure, “You fucking tell anyone about this, and I’ll have your goddamn balls.”

Peter growled out in pain and grabbed Stiles's wrist to knock the pin from his hand, fisting the nape of his neck and shoving his face down forcefully to the carpet, “You even try and I’ll rip your goddamn throat out, you hear me?” He hissed, chest stinging and he smacked the younger man’s ass hard for good measure.

“I don’t actually hear you at all, you fucking dick,” Stiles breathed back, his own leaking all over the carpet, “You try to hurt me and I can list so many people that would have my back, and murder the fuck out of you. Oh, you don’t have anyone, do you?”

He looked back at Peter, “No one cares if you’re dead, no one even wants you here. Even the ones you fuck and knot don’t give a shit about you.”

“Do you really think that’ll get to me somehow, Stiles?” Peter asked, voice dipping low, “That I’ll suddenly realize how utterly and entirely alone I am and want to off myself or something? I think you’ve underestimated me, being alone is what I’m good at, you infuriating little prick.”

“I know it gets to you, it gets to everyone,” Stiles responded back, turning to look Peter in the eyes, “The thought that no one will ever trust you or love you again, once you have those things, it’s hard to not want them, I know, better than you think I do. And you won’t have it again. Melissa was the closest you got, and she doesn’t give a fuck about you. You came back, only to be hated by the pack that took you in like a lost dog.”

“I don’t care how you feel, that’s the thing, I don’t care if you feel alone and wanna off yourself or not, because it makes no difference to me, you’ll always be a cold, piece of shit, dick, who everyone rolls their eyes at. You’re a joke, Peter. And the only person you can fuck is a seventeen year old boy, and you had to take it unwillingly.”

“Unwillingly?” Peter asked incredulously, eyes wide with humor as he leaned down, wrapping his arm around the boy’s waist to fist his still hard cock, “I wouldn’t exactly call this unwilling, would you?” He pumped the length quick and harsh, hoping that Stiles would spill so he’d have just one more thing to shove in his face.

Stiles whimpered and his body bowed, “Using a person’s body against them doesn’t make it willing, you dumb ass.”

He reached down to try and stop the alpha from touching him, “It doesn’t make it right, just because I can get off from sexual stimulation, who couldn’t, with what you’re doing?”

Peter pulled both of Stiles’s arms behind his back with one of his own, other hand still fisting the boy’s cock, “Well, I don’t know, Stiles,” He murmured, smirking as he teased the length, “I seem to remember you rocking back for more, it’s your word against mine, really. Granted, people may believe you, but I think you and I will always know what really happened. You wanted it, I could smell it on you.”

“I didn’t, and I don’t. I’ll never want you, Peter, not in a million years,” Stiles said, closing his eyes tight and looking away, trying to think of anything else, anything to turn himself off. Peter couldn’t win with this, it would just make things worse, Stiles refused to come, even though his body wanted him to.

Come on, Stiles,” Peter purred in the younger man’s ear as he restrained him, fisting his cock faster, “You know you want to come, just let go, it’ll feel good.” He’d only be able to resist for so long, his body would give in eventually.

“I fucking hate your guts,” Stiles said as he turned his head away again, trying still, harder than he ever had in his entire life, thinking of the most horrible, vivid things he could to make his boner wilt.

“Oh my God, I hate you, you damn prick,” He came then, so hard it fucking hurt, and his walls clenching around the swollen knot inside of him caused him to whimper in pain, toes curling in his socks. He groaned, dropping his forehead against the carpet as his body shook, “I hate you so much.”

Peter chuckled and reveled in the feel of Stiles’s inner walls clamping down around him, finally letting go of the boy’s arms and cock, “I hate you, too. It’s definitely mutual.”

He rocked forward then, adding insult to injury. His knot had deflated a little, not enough for him to pull out comfortably, but he did so anyways, hoping it’d cause the younger man one last hurt, “Now, gather your things and get out.”

Stiles wasn’t really sure he could move, let alone walk, but he forced himself up regardless, pulling up his boxers and his jeans as his shirt fell back down and he moved to the table to pick up his stuff.

He didn’t satisfy Peter by saying anything more, or looking at him. The alpha had just been feeding off of his comments the entire time. Stiles didn’t even look back as he walked out of the front door and climbed into his jeep.

Either way, Peter was really fucking going to regret today, he’d be sure of that.