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My personal Santa in heels

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There was a timid knock at the door. Lena couldn’t help but chuckle at it. Her assistant had already announced Kara, but she still insisted on knocking every time. Lena mused about what Kara would do if Lena didn’t answer, but decided against it.

“Come in.” Kara opened the door tentatively and smiled that genuine -I’m happy to see you- smile that disarmed Lena so thoroughly. She stood up to greet Kara, who was not so subtly trying to hide something behind her back. “Good morning Kara, what can I do for you today?” Kara paused slightly before following Lena to the couch and sitting down.

“Um I hope it’s ok I just… I stopped by to say hi and well, and give you this.” She placed a weird conical shaped gift on the coffee table. Judging by the sound it made as Kara placed it, Lena surmised it was heavy. Before she could say anything, Kara went on without taking a breath. “I really love Christmas and I wanted to get you something for your office to get into the holiday spirit and well to ask if you wanted to come over to my apartment tonight cause I’m having a sort of Christmas tree decorating party and I understand if you’re busy but it would be great if you could make it.” Kara adjusted her glasses, looked down and bit her lip as she took a deliberate breath and tried to calm down. Lena was still processing everything and just in awe of the sweet and kind soul that was Kara Danvers.

“Well, first off, thank you for this Kara, it means a lot that you brought me a present.” As Kara shrugged, Lena leaned forward to unwrap her present carefully. It was a small Christmas tree in a flowerpot that was already decorated with tiny led lights and colorful decorations. Lena was touched. She looked at Kara and smiled. “Wow. Thank you, Kara. Truly, it’s perfect.” A part of her wanted to reach out and touch Kara, but she stopped herself. Instead, she stood up and placed the tree on the corner of her desk before sitting back down. Kara pointed at the discarded giftwrap on the table.

“There’s another one in there, I wanted to wait until tonight, but didn’t know if you were gonna make it, so I brought it anyway.” Lena lifted the wrapping and found a Christmas stocking that had been clearly handmade. It was purple, with a candy cane in the middle and on the top, in bright yellow stitching it said “Lena”. She held it to her chest and looked at Kara.

“Did you do this yourself?” Kara shrugged.

“Yeah, well, I told you, I love Christmas… and everyone should have their own stocking, y'know?” This time Lena couldn’t help herself. She reached out and embraced Kara, who seemed taken aback at first. Lena had no words left, so she hoped Kara could understand everything she was feeling at that moment. When they let go, Lena cleared her throat.

“I wouldn’t know where to hang it but I promise I’ll find a place for it. Tonight I had a business meeting in Central City scheduled -” Lena immediately picked up on Kara’s slumped shoulders, “But… what good is it being the boss if I can’t get out of work early every now and then, right?” Kara lightened up and lunged to hug Lena. It was a very tight hug, though Lena didn’t complain.

“That’s awesome, ok, so I will text you my address, just drop by… at like anytime, cause I’ll be home. You don’t have to bring anything, though, I have like a million lights and decorations.” They both laughed and Kara stood up. “Ok, I have to go if I want to make it out of work on time. I’ll see you later then, Lena.” She waved slightly as Lena chuckled.

“See you soon, Kara.” When the door closed behind Kara, Lena leaned back on the couch running her fingers over the stitched L on her new stocking.