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Futa Prison

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"Mmm~ Gmpgh! Ahm! Mm~"

"Hmm... that feels wonderful!~ Ahh... Keep moaning you cock loving whore~"

Warden of easily Remnant's most notorious prison, Glynda Goodwitch, sat behind her desk looking over files with rosy cheeks, a smile on her face and wicked glint her emerald green eyes. A fresh batch of prisoners was scheduled to arrive later tiday and she could not be any happier. Her beloved prison was going to become a bit livelier and she had her assistant under her desk giving absolutely amazing head! What more could a warden ask for?! She idly played with one of her round, perky tits through her mostly open blouse while a head of brown hair bobbed up and down, pretty pale lips wrapped tight around her soda can thick cock while big brown eyes stared up at her.

"Oo~ I can hear the flesh pounding, the moans and cries already~ Oh, it's even turning me on!!" Her erect beast of a shaft throb in her assistant's mouth and leaked a generous amount of her clear, salty essence, "This is going be a jot to watch. All of these lovely ladies being broken in." Her next moan was one of slight disappointment as Amber rose up a bit, letting her 14 inches of meat slip out of her throat and mouth. The blond warden shot the girl a half-hearted glare and would have shoved back down to the base had she not been in such a good mood. Luckily the brunette bitch knew her place and started to pump Glynda's saliva slick monster cock with both hands.

"Do you think they will be any good?" Amber asked. Their last few arrivals had been rather uninteresting according to her mistress.

"Of course," Glynda replied. She adjusted her glasses and stared at the files on her desk, "We have a number of bottoms coming in and ones that will make fantastic bitches at that~" She licked her lips. The thought of them was making her throb. Her hefty balls tightened.

"We have so many already," Amber said, tilting her head, confused. A moment later, without warning, she recieved her first spurt of many right between her eyes. Her curious face was blasted by a torrent of thick, hot white seed from the leaking slit and Glynda let out a loud, languid cry of bliss as her orgasm was finally achieved. Almost 20 seconds of ejaculation and Amber's face and bangs were covered in jizz. It dripped on to her naked lap. While she took to licking it up and scooping the thick cum to put in to her mouth, Glynda rose from her chair and walked with her flaccid dong hanging between her thighs.

She came to the big, bay window to the main prison cellblock, that allowed her to look down on them all and they could all see her as well, and smiled, "Dear Amber, you foolish girl. You can never have enough bottoms. And these girls will be wonderful bottoms indeed."

She couldn't wait.