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you keep me under your spell

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  1. Table of Contents
  2. 'Arthurian Legend AU' for ageisia
  3. 'Hades/Peresphone AU' for squirrelstone
  4. 'Master/Slave AU' for squirrelstone
  5. *'Ice' for stubsz87
  6. "My leg is asleep" for sweetsigyn
  7. 'Raindrops' for stubsz87
  8. 'Cooking together' for whyndancer
  9. 'Blind Date AU' for freudensteins-monster
  10. 'College AU' for whyndancer
  11. 'Windy' for mischiefslady
  12. 'Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn' -Elizabeth Lawrence for mischiefslady
  13. 'Stop fidgeting' for mischiefslady'
  14. 'Forbidden love and jealousy' for valiantlyangryfoxblr
  15. 'Fake relationship' for valiantlyangryfoxblr
  16. 'Vampire AU' for afterultron
  17. *"Do not be gentle with me." and "Only when I give you permission." for squirrelstone
  18. *'Squeezing her hand under the table' for mischiefslady
  19. *"Do you want it harder, sweetheart?" for mischiefslady
  20. 'Christmas Caroling' for evolution-of-magic
  21. 'Hot Cocoa' for valiantlyangryfoxblr
  22. 'Eggnog' for whyndancer
  23. 'Decorating the tree' for valiantlyangryfoxblr
  24. 'Cookies' for sweetsigyn
  25. 'Sloth' for fudebusho
  26. 'Envy' for evolution-of-magic
  27. 'Library' for georgiagirlagain
  28. "There's a rumor going around town" for sweetsigyn
  29. "Shouldn't have touched it" for yournewfriendshouse
  30. 'UFO Sighting' for hkthauer
  31. 'Particularly inconvenient phobia' for evolution-of-magic
  32. 'First kiss' for valiantlyangryfoxblr
  33. 'Mutual pining' for mischiefslady
  34. *'First time together' for mischiefslady
  35. 'First kiss (ii)' for sweetsigyn
  36. 'First kiss (iii)' for evolution-of-magic
  37. 'Proposal' for whyndancer
  38. 'Secret marriage' for evolution-of-magic
  39. 'Gone Insane' for yournewfriendshouse (with slightly domme!Darcy)
  40. 'I Will Wait' for whyndancer
  41. 'Whatever You Like' for mischiefslady
  42. 'Geronimo' for whyndancer
  43. *'Ice Play (Jotun Loki)' for winterrbuns
  44. *'Ice Play (Jotun Loki) (ii)' for whyndancer
  45. *'A/B/O' for whyndancer
  46. *'Semi-Public; Fingering' for evolution-of-magic
  47. 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' for anon
  48. 'Talk Show Host' for gladheonsleeps
  49. *'Voodoo' for anon
  50. *'Wildest Dreams' for itsjanetsnakehole
  51. 'I'm Kissing You' for squirrelstone
  52. *'Run Around' for WildChildALR
  53. 'Creep' for whyndancer
  54. 'Mutual Pining; Part 2' for sweetsigyn
  55. 'I'm Kissing You; Part 2' for winterrbuns
  56. 'Nude Model AU' for winterrbuns
  57. 'Toasted Marshmallows' for sweetsigyn
  58. 'Seeing Your Breath' for winterrbuns
  59. 'Stargazing' for anon
  60. 'Bed & Breakfast' for whyndancer
  61. 'Apple-Picking' for whyndancer
  62. 'Fog' for whyndancer
  63. 'Knitting' for evolution-of-magic
  64. 'Bed sharing' for whyndancer
  65. 'Stage' for marblesarelost
  66. 'Cupcakes' for sleepygrimm
  67. *'Enrapture' for sleepygrimm
  68. 'Hedgehog' for whyndancer
  69. 'Swimming' for whyndancer
  70. 'Dragons' for lostmermaidponyo
  71. 'Bath bombs' for sweetsigyn
  72. *'Glitter' for whyndancer and anon
  73. *'Bubble baths' for daughter-of-ophelia
  74. 'Antiques' for mischiefslady
  75. 'Mermaids' for valientlyangryfoxblr and nemhaine42
  76. 'Books' for hearth4days
  77. 'Dragons; Part 2' for evolution-of-magic and whyndancer
  78. 'See your breath' for nemhaine42
  79. 'See your breath ii' for venitia89
  80. 'Fog' for whyndancer
  81. 'Angel's Delight' for whyndancer
  82. 'The North Pole' for whyndancer
  83. 'Jack Frost' for whyndancer
  84. "Stop telling me you're okay" for whyndancer
  85. *'D25 Smut' for whyndancer
  86. 'C30 Hurt/Comfort' for anon
  87. 'B41 Fluff' for whyndancer
  88. *'D40 Smut' for whyndancer
  89. 'Goose' for polarbaroness
  90. 'I run a bed & breakfast and you showed up for your reservation alone. Do you understand what the purpose of a b&b is?' for whyndancer
  91. 'My scarf’s stuck in the door of my apartment building and I can’t reach the keypad to unlock the door to the lobby, can you help me out, neighbor-I’ve-never-spoken-to-before?' for gyoroururun
  92. 'It’s finally hoodie weather, now give me yours' for whyndancer
  93. 'Why are your hands so cold?' for Gyoro_And_Ururun
  94. 'Come into the blanket fort' for whyndancer
  95. 'Getting stuck at the top of the Ferris Wheel' for Gyoro_And_Ururun
  96. 'Will you be my date to the costume party?' for Gyoro_And_Ururun