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Howlin For You

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November 22, 2013

"Do you really think he's okay with Merle for five days?" Avery asked as she turned to look at Daryl curiously as he drove them back to their trailer.

They had just dropped Hunter off at Merle's place, somewhere he would be for the next five days as Merle had wanted to give them five days together alone without their child. Five days that started today, on their anniversary.

It was also an offer that Avery had debated over so many times and one she wasn't so sure on, even after dropping him off at Merle's.

"He'll be fine," Daryl spoke as he turned to look at Avery with a smile. "I may have threatened Merle with a crossbow yesterday. Told him if he fucked up while he had my child he was getting an arrow through his dick."

Avery laughed at that, her nerves easing some.

"Really?" she asked as she raised an eyebrow. Finding the image of Daryl literally holding a crossbow on Merle both amusing and kind of hot at the same time.

"Would I lie about that?" Daryl asked as he looked over at her curiously and Avery shook her head no. "Anyway I needed him to know I was honest about him fucking up while he had our son," he sighed softly. "I don't know what I'd do if he did something and god forbid..." he trailed off and Avery knew what he meant.

If Merle did something and Hunter got seriously hurt somehow.

Looking down at her lap Avery shrugged, "I think personally he just wants experience," she admitted before looking back up. "Think your brother just wants to know what it's like to be a dad and have a baby."

"Think he also only wants us to have one baby though," Daryl added on with a laugh. "Handed me five condoms before we left..after you had already came out to the truck."

"He also gave you a condom before Taylor's wedding too when we stayed at the hotel," Avery laughed again as she shook her head. "He's really making sure we have a very protected sex life now days."

"If only he had been there at Jessica's wedding then," Daryl said as he shook his head.

Making a face at that, Avery shook her own head, "No, I'm kind of glad he wasn't. If he had been for that we wouldn't have Hunter and we wouldn't have fallen in love with each other while I was pregnant," she spoke as she smiled softly. "I wouldn't trade that night for the world cause I got a wonderful husband out of it and a baby I love beyond words."

"I don't think I would either if I'm honest," Daryl spoke and Avery turned to face him watching as a blush coated his cheeks now. "I kind of like having a wife and a kid."

Avery couldn't help the laugh she let out as he finally pulled into the driveway beside their trailer, "Aren't you just enjoying the domesticated life," she teased as she unbuckled her seat belt and moved in closer to him, leaving a kiss on his cheek. "Who knew Daryl Dixon would take so well to being married with a baby?"

"Shut up," Daryl groaned out as he unbuckled as well, turning to face her which made their faces mere inches apart. "It's all because of you though," he explained as he locked eyes with her. "Got the best damn patience of anyone around to want to deal with me. To love me like you do," he finished before leaning in to kiss her on the lips and Avery kissed him back, letting her hand go to rest on his cheek softly.

It wasn't a rushed kiss nor was it really slow. It was more in the middle and it was one Avery liked. Liked that Daryl had initiated it too because sometimes stuff like that was still hard for him to do.

Pulling away from the kiss eventually though, Avery looked at Daryl with a tiny smirk, "So remind me of our child free plans tonight?" she asked as she kept her face inches from him. "Just need a reminder of all the things we're going to do."

"Woman," Daryl sighed as he rolled his eyes but he made no effort to move away. "You know exactly what we have planned, you just want to make sure I remember it all."

"Maybe," Avery blushed as she moved her hand from his cheek and shrugged. "Just want to make sure your brain is working is all."

Daryl rolled his eyes at that before leaning in to kiss Avery again and Avery half suspected that this kiss was just to shut her up. It was something he did do on occasion when he wanted her to shut up for a bit and usually she didn't get mad because in the end she'd take any excuse to kiss her husband.

When he pulled away finally though she looked at him expectantly, now expecting him to tell her what they had planned tonight.

"Fine," Daryl sighed again as he shook his head. "First we're going to dinner and a movie and then after, I'm going to take you out to that ice cream place for dessert because thanks to Beth raving about it last week you've been craving their strawberry ice cream. Then when we come home we're going to take a bath together because you're a romantic movie sap who likes to do romantic shit."

Laughing at Daryl's explanation of what they had planned she playfully swatted his chest at his last words, "But I'm sure you'll like the bath we take together," she whispered her voice going a bit seductive. "You and me naked together in a bath tub full of bubbles. No clothes...nothing but the water and the bubbles and I can think of a lot of things we could do in there," she winked slightly before leaning in to leave a light peck on his cheek.

"Now come on and get out of the truck so we can start getting ready for our night out," she said as she pulled away and again she heard Daryl groan but she was sure it was for other reasons, like the images she had just put in his head.


"I think I'm full just from the ice cream alone," Avery sighed out as she walked inside the trailer behind Daryl a few hours later.

Their night out for their anniversary had been a success or at least it had been in her eyes and a part of her hoped every anniversary with him was like that.

"Also tired too," she finished as she slipped her shoes off and sat down on the couch, feeling a bit exhausted now.

It wasn't the same kind of tired as she felt after a full day of watching Hunter but it was still a certain kind of tired.

Daryl stayed silent as he sat down beside her with a broody look on his face. A look that Avery knew meant he was thinking about something and stewing and it was never good when Daryl stewed.

"What is it babe?" Avery asked finally as she moved a bit closer to Daryl on the couch, leaving a light kiss on his cheek. "You're going all broody on me."

"I'm not broody," Daryl said though his tone was kind of harsh with her which made her move away some and he must have realized his mistake because he blushed and turned to look at her just as fast as she had moved away.

"I'm sorry," Daryl apologized in her silence. "I just...maybe I was kind of looking forward to that bathtub sex after all those images you left in my head earlier," he confessed as his voice went softer and the blush on his cheeks grew. "Been wanting you all night woman."

Avery paused at Daryl's words almost a bit taken aback by them but finally a tiny smirk played on her lips.

"You thought I didn't want to have sex with you just because I was tired?" she asked her voice all teasing as she leaned into him again, their faces merely inches apart now. "Is that what got you all broody on me baby?"

Daryl rolled his eyes at her words, "Shut up," he sighed as his blush still grew under her teasing. "Just shut up," he said as he leaned in to kiss her on the lips and again Avery knew it was to shut her up just like it had been earlier in the day too.

Which again she didn't mind because she would take any excuse to kiss her husband that she could get.

"You know we can still do that bath even if I'm tired," she told him as she pulled away from the kiss though she stayed close to him. Liking the feeling of just being near him.

Being so close to the man she swore she always fell more in love with as each day passed.

"Is that so?" Daryl asked as he raised an eyebrow like he was genuinely surprised that she'd want too and it struck Avery some that even after a year of marriage he still wasn't used to her being selfless when it came to him.

Probably because no one else had done it much for him.

Nodding her head Avery leaned in to peck his lips, "Very much so," she said as she stood from the couch slowly, reaching her hand out for him which he took and once he had she pulled him up off the couch.

Though even once he was standing she kept a hold of his hand as she lead him down the hallway to their bathroom and it was only in the bathroom where she dropped his hand, turning the light on as she stepped inside and once Daryl was in the room she heard him shut the door.

"I mean if you're tired we can just go to bed," Daryl said as Avery walked to the bathtub, bending down long enough to put the stopper in and turn on the water. "We don't have to have sex just because I was looking forward to it."

Shaking her head Avery poured some of the bubble bath stuff Jessica had given her as a birthday gift into the water, watching as the water soon became bubbly and foamy and before it could get too high, Avery turned the water off.

Turning to face Daryl after she had done so she sighed, "But I want too as well even if I am tired," she told him as she began to strip out of her clothes. "I want you and I want this bath and I can't see a better way of relaxing even if I am tired," she defended once she had finished undressing and she walked to where he was.

Making it to him she slowly let her hands go to the hem of the shirt he had on, pushing it up slightly and once it was high enough she smirked when he lifted his arms so she could take it off him. Which she did eagerly because she really wanted him naked and in that tub with her.

"I love you," she whispered as she leaned in to kiss him as he undid his jeans quickly. "So fucking much," she sighed as she pulled away from the kiss and turned to walk to the tub.

Getting in she got on the side that had the faucet and again she sighed this time out of content at how nice and relaxing the water felt.

Though her gaze stayed on Daryl who had finished undressing, his cock already half hard more than likely from the anticipation of what was to come.

"I love you too Avery," Daryl told her as he got into the tub on the opposite side, facing her.

Smirking once he was in the tub, Avery moved up slowly so that she was straddling his hips, her arms going around his neck.

"How much do you love me?" she asked him as she moved in to leave a light kiss on his neck, her lips slowly working their way up his jaw. "Want you to tell me how much you love me."

Daryl sighed at her words, Avery felt his hands resting on her hips, "You know I suck at words," he spoke a moaning coming out of his mouth as her lips reached his earlobe which she nipped at playfully.

"I know but I still like when you use them," Avery whispered into his ear. "It's kind of a weird turn on for me when you express yourself and let me inside of places that no one else gets to see."

"You're just weird in general," Daryl told her which made Avery laugh before nipping at his ear again which earned her a moan. "But I love you a lot woman. Even if you are weird, even if you make my life complicated. It's the good kind."

Smiling Avery let her lips move back down to his neck, again getting moans out of him, "And you wouldn't trade me for the world?" she asked on his skin softly, wanting to hear him say that. Wanted to know he was as committed as she was.

Though she already knew it in a lot of ways it did help to have confirmation of it.

"I wouldn't think of it," Daryl spoke so softly as his hands which were still on her waist moved up some and Avery felt a shiver run down her spine.

Slowly she lifted her head as she leaned in to kiss Daryl on the lips and during the kiss she moved herself down on him, a moan coming out as she felt him fill her up.

"Same," she muttered into his mouth letting him know that she too wouldn't trade him for the world.

No matter what anyone still thought of them as a couple or their marriage. Today marked a year of them being married and Avery knew she was just as committed to the marriage as the day she stood at the altar and became his wife.

After saying that though both Avery and Daryl fell silent as they continued to kiss. A kiss that was slow and one in which Avery slowly began to move on him during it.

The only sounds filling the bathroom being the water moving around them as they began to move together at a slow pace as well as the tiny moans both let out every now and then.

It was a nice moment too, one they didn't do often. Being slow or even that quite like this during sex. But Avery found she liked it just the same. Maybe even made her feel a bit closer to Daryl, like they were connecting on another level right now.

Just interested in each other and not how fast it took them to get off during sex.

Though before Avery knew it she could feel herself getting close and she started to move a bit faster on him, feeling his nails digging into her skin and she knew she'd probably have indention's for a bit after.

"You close too?" Avery asked into his mouth as she pulled away from the kiss and looked into Daryl's eyes, seeing even with the hooded stare that he was giving her just how much lust he had in them.

"Mhmm," Daryl muttered out his nails going a bit deeper into her skin and Avery was pretty sure the mhmm was all she was going to get from him word wise.

Tonight was going to be one of those nights where he just wasn't talkative during sex. Not that she minded because most other nights he did let her know how much he wanted things and how good she made him feel so tonight she'd take his quietness.

She'd let him have it just like the nights when he let her have silent moments too. Because somehow in the end Avery was sure they did balance each other out pretty well.

As her orgasm finally hit, Avery let her head fall back slightly as a moan came out of her mouth and she kept her hips moving at least until she felt Daryl finally reach his own end and once she had she slowed her movements until coming to a stop.

Her head soon going to bury in his neck as they came down from their sex high.

"I love you Avery," Daryl spoke softly as his hands slowly went to massaging Avery's back. "I hope you know that every single day. Pretty sure I fall more in love with you."

Smiling at his words, Avery again lifted her head as she looked into his eyes, her hands going to rest on his cheeks. "I do," she nodded as her smile grew and she leaned in to kiss him once more. "I really really do," she said as she pulled away from the kiss, slowly moving off him now.

"Good," Daryl muttered as he returned her smile. "Now can we please get out of the tub. The water's getting cold and I don't need my dick shrinking."

Laughing Avery nodded her head as she moved to stand up, getting out of the tub.

"If you insist," she teased him as she reached for a towel to dry off with. "Wouldn't want your poor dick to shrink."

"Fuck you Avie," Daryl teased as he slipped out and instead of saying anything back Avery just bit her lip as she watched him bend over to take the stopper out of the bath tub.

Yeah, she was pretty sure he'd fuck her again. After all they did have four more days without Hunter.

"I can feel you staring," Daryl spoke as he turned to face her, a smirk on his lips as he reached for a towel.

Avery only shrugged as she gave him a wink, "I was just enjoying the nice view," she replied trying to sound innocent even if she was anything but.

Daryl only snorted a laugh as he wrapped the towel around his waist, "Whatever you say baby," he sighed as he brushed past her to walk to the door where he quickly exited. "Don't take too long getting in the bedroom. You were oh so tired earlier," he called out a hint of teasing in his tone.

Rolling her eyes, Avery soon followed after him a slight anticipation building inside of her for what else they could do together with their four remaining days.