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Art for Echoes of the Past

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Cover Art



“I can think of a hundred things I’d rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon than sitting here for …” Doyle emphasized his words by studying his watch “two bloody hours waiting for his nibs to show.”


“Would you look at that?”  Bodie reached inside and carefully drew out a rifle. 

“It’s a PSG1,” Doyle identified the sniper rifle made by German manufacturer, Heckler & Koch.

Pulling out another, Bodie said “it’s full of them.”

“Looks like we need to put a call in to Cowley.”


A sickening realization started to dawn on him.

“I think …”   He hesitated and swallowed hard.

“Bodie?”  He sensed Doyle looking at him.

“I think we just found Marty.”


The Reverend took a deep breath.  “Let me ask you, young man.  Do you believe in the paranormal?”


“Right, then, let’s get this show on the road.”  He said with false bravado.

They made it all the way downstairs before there was any sign that Charles was stirring.