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Let me touch you ❀ fem!harry [Larry AU]

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Oh God, what the hell am I doing? I need to stop this before it is too late.

He lay on his bed, trying to bring down the lump that now strained against his pants.

I'm not even gay what kind of shit is this?

He tried to think of something else, but all he could think of was the perfect boy with curly hair beneath it, on her thighs tapering to thin and long legs that glow ... are so soft, Shit. There was not nothing else to do!

He unbuckled the belt holding his dress pants, dropping, sliding his boxers at the same time.

The way the teen sucks one of his fingers and groaning in anticipation is making it even more difficult. He slowly took his penis with his left hand, and began fondling, moaning softly as he did.

It felt so good, but so bad at the same time. See the face of pleasure that green-eyed boy while he was wanked on him, was all he could think. It was crazy, and he knew it, but the fact is that he's enjoying so much.

None woman did feel him in this way, and none looked so sexy in panties like Harry. He felt a deep sense of warmth, God! It felt so good after all this time, it was very close with just hear him moaning.

"Can I touch you? I want to touch you," Harry panted.

"No, baby. You can't. You're just going to look"

Harry made an involuntary pout, and then pricked his lower lip as he brought his face to the crotch of Louis.

"Can I suck?"

Louis smiled and shook while he masturbated stronger. "No, baby. You can't suck... not yet"

Harry crossed his arms, pouting again. "You don't let me do anything! you just touch yourself looking at me, I want you to touch me, and I want to touch you ... Let me touch you, Louis!"

Louis touch the hot face and lips of Harry. "You're not ready for this yet. But you know what, baby?"


"You gonna love it"

~ • ~