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Awake but not Alive

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Wet smacking noises echoed throughout the quiet room. The demon was enthusiastically attacking the reaper's plump lips. It didn’t matter how much wriggling or kicking the boy did from under the massive figure, between Sebastian’s powerful hands and wings that darkened his immediate area, Ciel was unable to move.

“Mhhh…no…” the former Lord managed to get out when his owner relented in the assault for a few short seconds. Ciel pulled on the restraints, but even a reaper wasn’t able to break steel shackles.

Sebastian propped himself on his elbows and looked down at the shaking mess beneath. “Have you forgotten your promise already slave? You agreed to submit to anything.” The demon caressed the pink tinted cheek; it was warm and damp from the occasional trailing tear. “Why are you shaking? Are you that fearful? Has all the strength and bolster left you since you’ve become a reaper?”

Ciel shrugged lazily and didn’t feel like reminding the demon of his near fatal brimstone attack. He felt so tired, mentally and physically. The reaper was past the point of thinking he would ever get a straight answer out of the demon, the same demon that swore to never lie to him. It was ironic, that statement in itself was a lie. As much as Ciel had changed when he became a member of the Shinigami Dispatch Society, that hardened brazen boy still lay buried beneath, under layers and layers of improvement; which caused him to ask once again the meaning of it all.

“Why? — Sebastian, you’re right, I did submit to you. But you owe me just that answer, the why to all these revelations. The why to the mind games and lies; there is no point to it now. I’m yours; you won this time. Tell me the truth.”

Sebastian sighed heavily. “I know you’re trying to postpone me breaking you in, but it won’t work. I’ve told you nothing but the truth since you walked away from that damned Spears. I can prove it to you, but now, you will obey me, and you will submit.”

The once proud Earl just lightly nodded his head.

“Now… tell me you want it,” Sebastian ordered.

“What?” Ciel asked, not following what the other was saying.

“I’ll be more clear then. I order you, Ciel Phantomhive, to beg me to take you, to break you in, as my new toy.”

Ciel just gulped loudly and stared into the swirling pools of the blood red eyes above him. Sebastian was serious, that much the young reaper knew. The boy went back and forth in his head, wondering what would be worse— to refuse or submit. Either option wasn’t ideal pain wise since Sebastian was intent making him suffer. He felt a sharp talon probe the thin slice down his side when he gave no answer. The seconds ticked by and the longer he was silent, the deeper the talon sunk into the fresh cut, making it sting all the more.

“Sebastian,” the trembling reaper wet his lips. “Take— take me and, and…” He paused, gathering courage as he knew as soon as those words left his mouth, he would be assaulted. “… and break me in.”

“Very well,” the demon breathed out.

The reaper felt the weight on his body subside and he could now see the room. Sebastian had raised up, and the spectacular wings were gone. Stupidly, Ciel looked down his own body to see the demon kneeling between his hairless legs. The boy gasped. The massive organ Sebastian was currently working was the largest he’d ever seen. The unsheathed cock was easily two inches in diameter and eight inches plus long; protruding veins made it look all the more menacing. The little Lord threw his head back into the mattress and shut his eyes tight while clutching the barely there sheets. The next few minutes or hours were going to be excruciatingly painful.

Ciel screeched and attempted to pull back when he felt an icy liquid touch his exposed skin. The substance dripped down his balls and collected at the trembling opening below.

“What the hell is that demon? Gah, it’s so cold!” The boy shivered as the liquid dripped down the curve of his pert ass.

“You didn’t think I’d take you without any help did you?” Sebastian asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I really don’t want to have to wait for your healing abilities to kick in if I split you open on my first thrust, hence…” The demon held up a small glass vial before tossing it behind him. “…lubricating oil.”

The man didn’t wait for a reaction from the other and drove one black-tipped finger deep into the slicked hole. Thankfully for Ciel, the penetration was by a talon-free digit.

The young reaper’s body immediately tried to push out the invader to ease the strange sensation. As much as his body was protesting, Ciel knew it was for naught and started taking deep breaths to calm the burning that was surrounding his entrance. Another finger was added all too quickly making the boy thrash and pull against his steel restraints. Ever so slowly the hole widened and allowed Sebastian to make a scissoring motion to continue the expansion. Ciel felt so violated, but he guessed that was the point now wasn’t it?

Sebastian's eyes flickered to a dark ruby. He was fixated on the expanding opening, pumping his gargantuan organ as the scissoring finally allowed the passage to open enough for his tip. “Such a beautiful entrance just for me,” he mused.

The demon crawled up Ciel’s exposed body, peppering the flesh with quick nips from navel to collarbone. Tiny rivulets of blood oozed from the bites making a straight line of small circles up the center of the boy’s chest. “Prepare yourself, my lord. Let me swallow your screams,” Sebastian whispered right before he lined himself up and touched the bulbous tip to the stretched, but still too small, opening.

Sebastian captured Ciel's lips before he could speak. A wet tongue invaded the small mouth and darted about as if to touch every crevice. Sebastian’s tongue only explored a few seconds before snaking down, past the reaper’s uvula. The Earl began to shake violently on instinct trying to gasp for more breath as the slithering organ delved much deeper than a human tongue would ever be able to do. At that moment while breaths came in short bursts, Ciel thought the demon was about to take his soul instead of entering him. The boy soon found that the demon wasn’t that accommodating.

The reaper’s body jolted up from the bed as Sebastian’s massive organ pierced the entrance it was hovering against. The entry didn’t stop at one thrust and continued until the engorged cock hilted. The advance of such a large object was akin to pushing a large doweling rod inside an expandable but fragile tunnel; the pain was immense and much more so than the first time the demon took the former Lord as he pleased. The boy could do nothing as he was split open from the inside. Unable to scream. Unable to hit. Unable to move. The only thing the small body could do was shed as many tears as it possibly could. Ciel’s brilliant green eyes were hidden behind tightly squeezed eyelids, yet even closed eyes could not stop the tears from pouring down his red face. He could hear the demon’s grunting as his ass was pounded mercilessly for what seemed like hours. Sebastian’s cock slid out and back in, each time covered with a few more speckles of crimson.

The little Lord felt he was about to pass out from the pain when an intense wave a pleasure rushed over him. In that instant, the agony didn’t matter, and all he wanted was the object inside of him to hit that same joyous spot again. Sebastian noticed the change in tone of the gurgling and removed his tongue from the other’s mouth.

“What was that my young lord?” The demon angled his hips to press into the same area deep inside to cause Ciel to moan in ecstasy once more. “Ever the masochist, hmm? You enjoy your pleasure with a bit of pain?” Sebastian asked, not expecting a response.

Ciel slowly opened his eyes to stare at the demon. The tears gave the bright green orbs a sparkling appearance; they seemed to glow in the faint light. “More,” was all the boy said.

The young reaper shocked Sebastian, making the demon think back to the days of butler and master and how the boy had always surprised him to the very end of their contract. Nostalgia may have gotten the better of the older as he acquiesced and pressed his cock deeper into that sweet spot inside the tight heat. Ciel started bucking his hips to meet the other’s thrusts, making both lost to pleasure. Sebastian too needed more and reached up to rip the chains right off the bed posts, allowing the other’s hands to move, though still in shackles.

“I don’t know…I don’t know what’s come over me!” Ciel said with an exasperated tone. “I’m going to come…soon!” The demon was dismayed with another gesture as the reaper looped his bound hands over the horn-clad head above and grasped the long black locks.

Sebastian lost it as he felt the trembling hands weave through his hair and pushed inside his slave as hard as he could, emptying copious amounts of semen into the narrow cavern. As soon as Ciel felt the scorching wetness flood his insides, he too lost control and came with a grunt, covering he and the demon’s chest.

Breathing heavy the pair locked eyes as they came down from their post orgasmic bliss. Sebastian leaned down to give the boy a bruising kiss, but the other quickly turned his face away just before their lips touched. As the reaper came to his senses, he jerked his arms off the other’s head and refused to look at him.

“What did you do to me, bastard?!” Ciel asked as he frowned in distaste at his previous despicable behavior.

The demon pulled out of the Earl, allowing a river of come to rush out, soaking the dirty bed below. Sebastian smirked as he saw the look of utter disgust on the earl’s face as the warm liquid pooled between his cheeks.

“I did nothing but give you the pleasure you were clearly lacking. Apparently, you needed your former butler to give you the release that Spear’s couldn’t or wouldn’t give you. My lord, a little masochist— I knew it.” The demon grinned and grabbed hold of the shackles; with a quick tug Ciel’s bindings were removed and tossed aside.

The reaper still refused to look at his captor.

“Fuck you, demon.” Ciel clenched his fists tightly, trying to contain his composure.

The demon sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. “Stop pouting like a little brat…and for the record, I did just fuck you— and you liked it.”

“Now, even though you are my slave, I told you I would show you proof of Lady Elizabeth’s treachery. You wanted to know, yes? You see, Edward is still alive, and I will take you to him so you can ask him yourself if my words are true.” Sebastian offered.

When Ciel finally faced the demon, he was back into his human facade, butler uniform and all.

“He’s alive? After all this time?” Ciel inquired, questing the validity of the man’s words.

“Yes, he is alive. How I do not know, but he won’t be for long. The incessant drinking has finally caught up with the wretch I suppose; he is to die soon.” The demon said in a quipped tone.

“How do you know that?” The reaper questioned.

Sebastian reached down to the floor near Ciel’s folded suit and came up with a thin notebook and flashed it toward the other. “It seems like someone carelessly left their to-die-list laying around for a demon to find. So sloppy.” The butler shook his head in mock chiding. “William would be so disappointed. But I guess it is his fault he forgot to collect it from you before your departure.”

“Bastard! Don’t touch that! It is not for your eyes dammit!” Ciel tried to get up to grab the book but fell back down as soon as a sharp pain coursed through his lower back, catching him off guard.

“My Lord, you are my possession, which means this book is mine as well. We haven’t much time. Get yourself cleaned up and I will take you at once. You can grovel at my feet in apology when we return, and you know the truth.” Sebastian said as he walked out of the bedroom, leaving the boy to clean up alone.

Ciel wasn’t sure if he wanted to know if the demon was telling the truth or not, but it looked like he wouldn’t be getting a choice, they were going to visit Edward Midford whether he wanted to or not. The boy gathered the torn sheets and wiped himself off as best he could. He felt soiled and used but considering there was no water; dirty linens would have to do a hasty cleanup. Slowly he got up, breathing through the sharp pains in his backside and cursing his affliction that made him heal slower, as he scooted off the bed and carefully redressed. When he was as presentable as he could get, the reaper headed out of the room to find Sebastian.