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Baseball's Golden Boys-- And Their Shocking Affair!

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Japan’s favorite baseball celebs Miyuki Kazuya and Sawamura Eijun tried to hide their sordid secret from fans.  The two are famed for their close relationship on the field—but in this exclusive report, we reveal the outrageous truth of their gay affair and the cover-up that followed!

The catcher and vice captain of the national baseball team, Miyuki Kazuya (age 25) has long been known for being secretive about his affairs (including last year’s near-engagement with French model Aylise Bonheur). But even he couldn’t cover up his newest scandalous lover—his teammate and ace pitcher Sawamura Eijun (24).

So how did Miyuki—a ladykiller with a horde of female admirers—seduce this nubile young Apollo? The truth may go back farther than you think! Fans have long been enchanted by the story of how the best battery in the nation were childhood friends, but the wholesome fantasy turns quickly sinister. Close even outside of practice, it’s likely that they began an off-and-on sexual relationship as young as fifteen.

  After requesting three days of paid leave from team practice, a savvy photographer captured this image of the two vanishing into Miyuki’s apartment. You can guess what happened next—Sawamura himself let slip that he often spent “days at  a time” in the dubiously moral company of his teammate and captain. The stories of Miyuki’s sexual perversion and bedroom debauchery take on a new and shocking light with his corruption of baseball’s golden boy...

 Will fans demand a tell-all, or will the liars get away with covering up their dirty secret? Time will tell. This has been a Real World Report, with exclusive true coverage. – Misahi R.




Kazuya’s day really begins when Sawamura tosses a magazine onto the table at breakfast.

 “What the hell?” he complains, narrowly picking up his coffee in time to avoid catastrophe. He scowls up at the other man. “Christ, when will you get it through your head that not everyone likes mornings as much as you do?”

 “Just read it.”

 Kazuya regards him warily.  Sawamura’s grinning like a loon, still breathless and flushed from a morning run—from the look of it, he hadn’t even bothered to change out of his tracksuit before showing up on Kazuya’s doorstep.

 “And what, exactly, is this?” he asks dubiously, picking up the magazine by one cheap paper cover. It dangles pitifully in the air, pages limp.  “Tell me you didn’t buy it.”

 “Like I would,” says Sawamura—justly offended. “I was stopping to pick up some milk from the corner market, and the clerk gave it to me for free. Just read it already. Trust me, you’ll want to see this, it’s great. Page ten.”

 He grimaces, but when Sawamura gets like this it’s better to just humor him and be done with it. So he flips it open—past Ten Politicians You Thought You Could Trust, and Sick Justice—A Serial Killer Walks Free, and settles at last on page ten.

Baseball’s Golden Boys—And Their Shocking Affair!

“They didn’t.

Sawamura’s grin widens. “They did.”

His mouth falls open as he skims through the opening lines of the article—it’s a full two pages, coupled with snapshots of supposedly risqué interactions during matches, as well as the apparently damning scene of him and Sawamura heading back to his apartment. One, a picture of him and Sawamura at Nationals in high school, is captioned, ‘Sparks of Lust—An Affair Begins’.

 It’s all so gloriously stupid.

 “Oh my god,” he says, and he can feel the gleeful smirk spreading across his own face. “People really will read anything.”

 “I know!” crows Sawamura, tugging it back from him. “My favorite line was—hang on—‘dubiously moral company’. Which, yes, probably true, but—what do they think we get up to?”

 “Well, ‘bedroom debauchery’, apparently,” he deadpans. “You know, since I’ve seduced you.”


 “Did you know we’ve been lovers since high school?” Kazuya notes. “Honestly, Sawamura, you owe me a decade’s worth of anniversary gifts. You’re a terrible boyfriend.”

“Maybe I only love you for your body,” retorts Sawamura.

 “I am a good fuck,” he concedes, and is rewarded with a helpless half-yelp, half-snicker. “Ask Aylise Bonheur, apparently.”

 “Oh, yeah—since when were you engaged to a French model?”

 “Since they got a picture of us shaking hands at the charity auction,” Kazuya reminds him in amusement. “I think they’re ignoring the fact that she’s got a girlfriend. Or maybe they’re saving that for a tell-all article about how she cheated on me with a Swiss ornithologist?”

 “You poor thing—wait, does that make me your rebound date?”

 “I guess we temporarily broke up?” theorizes Kazuya. “I mean, if we were screwing in highschool, I really don’t think there were any French models in the picture at that point.”

 “Right, ‘childhood friends’, I forgot—oh my god.” Sawamura’s voice is muffled, because he has both hands clasped over his mouth to keep from laughing. “They called you a ladykiller. How can anyone get that impression? You tried to pour coffee in your rice yesterday morning.”

 “Better than ‘nubile young Apollo’.”

 “Why do they assume I’m the one being seduced?” complains Sawamura. “I’m only a year younger. Besides, you’re the catcher.”

 “Do my ears decieve me? Did Sawamura Eijun, paragon of innocence, just make that innuendo?” Kazuya grins. “I’ve corrupted you, my nubile young Apollo.”

 “Oh, shut up.

 “Did you really say ‘days at a time’?” he continues idly. “You had to know someone would take that the wrong way.”

 “Well, I do,” says Sawamura, crossing his arms. “I mean, you gave me a spare key, but even before that I was spending more time here than at my place. After all, someone has to make sure you get out of bed in the mornings, or you’d sleep through practice.”

 “Oi, I’m not a little kid. I’m just not a morning person.”

 His teammate snorts derisively, and looks him pointedly up and down—in contrast to Sawamura, Kazuya’s still in sweatpants and an old T-shirt, hair uncombed, and, thanks to the timely interruption, his breakfast is going cold. “I don’t know how you made it through university without anyone dragging you out of bed in the morning.”

 “There’s a fabulous invention called an alarm clock. I own one. It’s just that I don’t feel the need to set it to ungodly hours of the morning.”

 At this, they both glance reflexively at the clock. 7:48.

 “Shoot, I’d better run home and get my gear.”

 “Want your magazine back?” offers Kazuya. “Or shall I frame it and put it on the wall? As a memento of the time someone thought you were actually in my league, of course.”

 “Yeah, whatever, ladykiller.” Sawamura makes a dismissive gesture. “Keep it, toss it, burn it. I don’t really care. Just don’t be late to practice—I wanted to go over the pitch mixing for the next match before we start team training.”

 "Got it.”




He thinks—somewhat naïvely, it turns out—that he’s heard the last of it.

 The magazine is left where it belongs at the bottom of a recycling bin, where hopefully someday it might be repurposed into something of slightly more value to the human race. He downs his coffee— bitter—and his breakfast—cold, thanks to Sawamura—packs his bags, and heads out to catch the bus to the practice field.

 He walks into the locker rooms, and is greeted by a chorus of whistles.

 “Ah, here comes the lovebird!”

 “Did you see the news?” says one of their teammates with a sly grin, slapping Kazuya on the shoulder. “You two are the hottest gossip in the country right now.”

“Come again?” he asks slowly. He’s had a hundred gossip rags write ridiculous articles about him, but none of them merited any sort of attention remotely close to ‘hottest gossip in the country’.  Certainly this one shouldn’t either. “What are you talking about?”

“Seriously—don’t you own a phone? Social media? Anything?”

“I have a Twitter account,” he says warily. “The team PR manager mostly runs it for me.”

A burst of laughter.

“Might want to check it, then,” advises the shortstop Noki with a knowing look. “If mine was flooded this morning, I hate to think what yours looks like.”

“Is this about that stupid sex scandal article in Real World Report?” he asks, already fishing out his phone from his bag. “Sawamura showed me this morning, but I don’t see what’s the big deal...”

“Aren’t young people supposed to be up-to-date with technology?”

“Oi, it’s early.”

Shirabu, who’s nearly thirty-five with a wife and kids, makes a scoffing noise. “Well, they posted it on their website too. Let’s just say it got a warmer reception there. The damn thing went viral overnight—apparently your fans got ahold of it.”

With growing wariness, Kazuya unlocks his phone and thumbs the Twitter app.

Immediately, a list of notifications flashes up on his screen, so quickly that it seems to glitch for a moment.  “What the hell.”

“You’re trending,” says Noki smugly. “Only locally, of course, but still.”


“Hell if I know.”

One of the fielders interjects helpfully, “From the looks of it, half your fans are outraged on your behalf—at how presumptuous the reporters are, et cetera—and the other half are delighted. There’s a whole group of people saying they ‘knew it all along’. They’re just upset it was painted so negatively.”

Quickly, Kazuya switches off his phone.

He can already tell today’s going to be a headache. Really, he ought to have known from the moment when Sawamura burst into his kitchen and nearly knocked over his coffee with a goddamn magazine. But this—this is surreal in its weirdness.

“It’s the Real World Report,” he says in disbelief. “Why would anyone take that seriously?”

“You and Sawamura make a convincing couple,” observes Noki idly. “I guess everyone was just waiting for someone to say it first?”

“We what?

“Just saying, I see where they’re coming from—"

And of course, that’s when Sawamura pushes open the door into the locker room. He pauses for a moment, looking around with wide, blinking brown eyes. Noki cuts off abruptly, and the silence stretches unnaturally long.

“Um,” says Sawamura. “Did I miss something?”




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Real World Report  @rwreport
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okay I know @rwreport is full of shit but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if #MiSawaAffair was real


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not saying its okay to publicize it w/o permission but it would be great if #MiSawaConfirmed


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@realmiyuki.kazuya You can’t ignore #MiSawaAffair forever




Blessedly, it doesn’t take long to bring Sawamura up to speed.

He, at least, seems to take the whole thing in stride.  He finds it as ridiculous as Kazuya, and doesn’t hesitate to point this out with great amusement. It’s a little suprising how calm he is about it, actually— he’d matured a fair bit from their high school days, but still Kazuya had expected at least a minor explosion.

“You’re taking this rather well.”

“Well, there’s no point getting fussed about it, is there?” Sawamura says philosophically, stretching his arms up over his head. “It’s pretty common for rumors like this to spring up. We’ve been teammates for years—someone was bound to say it.”

Kazuya snorts. “That’s never stopped you from throwing a fit before.”

“What’re you talking about?”

He waves a hand idly, fishing through his bag for his sunscreen. “You know, that slam article in the Tokyo Review, back when we got invited to the national team. You were pissed about it for months.”

Sawamura straightens, letting his arms fall. “Well, that was about baseball. And obviously they didn’t know what they were talking about. They were badmouthing my breaking balls, and they called you an ‘overblown boy wonder’ which is just stupid. In comparison, this—“ he spreads his hands “—is hardly even an insult.”

“Well, it’s certainly flattering to you,” Kazuya quips—because he really couldn’t resist an opening like that. “A bit degrading on my side, but what can you do?”

The younger man sticks out his tongue, because he’s actually a five-year-old. “Anyway, you’re the one who got me recruited in the first place. Obviously people were going to say something.”

“Oi, don’t bring that up again.”

It was a whim and nothing else, when he dropped by the recruiter’s office. At that point he hadn’t played on the same team as Sawamura since high school—though they kept in touch, Sawamura went to a different university.  Kazuya would never throw his influence around just because he was a rising star in the pro leagues, but he wasn’t above suggesting—just in passing—that they might check out one of the university pitchers.

When—not if, when— they decided to recruit Sawamura after that, it was on his own skill and nothing else.  Anyway, in the end everybody won. Sawamura got a pro offer; the team got a good pitcher; and Kazuya got to catch interesting pitches again. He and Sawamura had always clicked more than any other battery he’d been in, and that crystallized moment before the pitch, when Sawamura’s eyes gleamed amber—that was when baseball was the most fun.

“Well, whatever,” concedes Sawamura. “All I’m saying is, it’s not their business or anyone’s but yours and mine. But if we don’t care, there’s no problem.”

Some tens of thousands of people arguing over whether Kazuya was having kinky sex with his pitcher, and all Sawamura has to say about it is no problem. A fuck-you to society’s judgment is fine by him, but even he knows that at some point you have to think of the consequences. Sawamura really is so exceptionally single-minded.

Deep down, he’s still the kid who’d stood in front of the entire team and declared he was going to become the ace.

“For a guy who likes attention as much as you do, you really are oblivious to publicity,” says Kazuya dryly, sliding his bag into his locker. “Honestly.”


He grins a little crookedly, and slings an arm around Sawamura’s shoulder. “But that’s not the worst thing to be, I suppose. C’mon, we’re really late for practice.”




They are late, and it’s all Miyuki’s fault. Once Eijun and the catcher make their apologies to the team and the coaches, though, practice goes smoothly. They’re running through pitches for the preseason games, and Eijun is beginning to hope that the day might be looking up.

Of course that’s when the paparazzi show up.

 “This is a closed practice session,” insists the manager valiantly. His voice carries across the field, and Eijun can’t help but overhear from the bullpen. “Spectators are not permitted. Leave, or I’ll call security.”

A camera flashes defiantly, and the manager’s face goes quite red. There’s a picture ready for the gossip magazines. Probably captioned with something like the cover-up continues.

“Can we get a comment from Miyuki and Sawamura?” shouts a reporter.

“No comment—and no photos—

Maybe Eijun should be more annoyed about it, but all he can feel is vague pity. It’s obvious none of the reporters are from proper media outlets—probably freelances trying to get in on a trend while there’s still money in it. None of them look terribly well-off, and he can’t dislike them properly when they’re dancing around a middle-aged baseball manager like he’s guarding the gates to paradise.

“Oi. Sawamura. Are you paying attention?”

His gaze snaps back to Miyuki, who’s regarding him with impatience. “What? Of course I am.”

“You suck at lying, you know.”

“I’m not,” he retorts reflexively, trying desperately to recall the last part of Miyuki’s sentence. “Mixing pitches, right. Cutter for the number four? Wait, why aren’t we doing an inside ball or something?”

“People expect inside balls from you these days,” says the catcher, folding his arms. “I don’t like being predictable.”

“But if we can get them to think I’m pitching predictably, when we throw a breaking ball they’ll be caught off guard,” he argues. “They probably won’t swing on the first pitch anyway.”

“But if they do, they’ll hit it out of the park.”

It looks like the manager’s finally snapped and called security. Four big men converge on the gate, and begin to purposefully herd all the reporters off the field. There are shouts and swearing—none of the reporters are too happy about being evicted. Not to mention the way they’re lingering just off the edges of the property—it’ll take some clever sneaking for Eijun and Miyuki to get out of practice without being swarmed.



“You’re the one who said we should just ignore it and move on with our lives,”  says Miyuki—a little annoyed, but his eyes are sharp. “So quit gawping. If you can’t focus on pitching, go do conditioning until your head’s on straight.”

“Sorry, sorry. I’ll focus, I swear. I just—“ There are more camera flashes from the mob of reporters, and he turns instinctively to look.

“I could kiss you,” Miyuki says conversationally.


“If you don’t start paying attention, I’ll kiss you right here in the middle of practice. Give the reporters something real to throw fits about.” He raises an eyebrow. “What do you say, Sawamura? Think I’m bluffing?”

No, he doesn’t think Miyuki’s bluffing. He knows Miyuki’s lying face, and this isn’t it. The problem is that he’s pretty sure the catcher might be sincere, and that notion makes his pulse skyrocket in a way that has to be unhealthy.

“Right,” he says, dry-mouthed. “I’ll focus.”

“Good,” says Miyuki, satisfied. “Now, let’s start back with the number two batter, because I’m fairly sure that’s when you stopped listening...”






Dear Sirs:

The Public Relations Department has been made aware of your situation with respect to certain recent publications in the Real World Report magazine and website. Firstly, of course, we hold both of you entirely blameless in this unfortunate affair. Your conduct as members of the team has been irreproachable, and we extend our apologies as well as our sympathies.

Secondly, after conferring on the subject at length, the consensus of the team is that engaging with the issue in a court of law would be counterproductive and damaging to the team’s public image. While of course you are free to press charges if you wish, a libel suit can often have the unintended consequence of drawing further attention. If you have concerns, please consult with the head of our legal team at

With regards to damage control, we believe it would be appropriate to issue a brief, casual, statement on social media disavowing any allegations. Do not engage directly with any individuals or media representatives; do not offer interviews or make any binding statements; do not respond to queries in person or via proxy. The local law enforcement has been notified of your situation. Contact us immediately if you have any questions on this matter.

Again, our sincerest apologies,

Suzuki Hotaru
Head of Public Relations




Miyuki Kazuya @realmiyuki.kazuya
No dark secrets here, I’m afraid. #MiSawaAffair #MiSawaDebunked


Sawamura Eijun @se.officialace
Thanks to @rwreport for a good laugh this morning. #MiSawaAffair #MiSawaDebunked




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#MiSawaDebunked From @realmiyuki.kazuya himself, can we move on already??


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Call from Unknown Number (+886  38-274-5555)
Accept | Reject


“Hello, this is Sawamura?”

“Eijun! Thank goodness. I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for a while.”

“Oh, Harucchi! It’s been a while. Are you still in Taiwan, or—”

“Yeah. Well, I’m catching a flight out to Korea in the morning. Aniki already left. I should be back in Japan within the month.”

“Awesome! You’ll have to come to one of our preseason games!”

“I was thinking I could just watch it on TV, now you’re so high-profile...”


“I’m joking. Of course I’ll come.”

“Ugh, it’s even harder to tell when you’re kidding over the phone. You sound more like your brother every day. Anyway, I’ll make sure there are tickets reserved for you, so if you’re in town you can just come by.”

“Thanks, but that’s not actually why I called. You saw the news, right?”

“Oh, you mean the—“

“—that article online, yeah. I wanted to make sure you were doing okay. I know it must be rough dealing with all that publicity.”

“Oh, that? Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain with the paparazzi. The article itself was great, though. Miyuki laughed for about fifteen minutes straight the first time he read it.”

“It’s despicable how little respect there is for privacy—what?”

“They called him a ladykiller—sorry, it’s still funny, I can’t—hang on, he’s yelling at me. ---Yeah? ... It’s not my fault they came up with the stupidest description possible, you obnoxious tanuki! ...Quit bringing up the damn ‘Apollo’ thing—yeah, it’s Harucchi. Huh? Mochi too?

“Oh, I texted Kuramochi when I heard this morning. I hope that’s all right?”

Hang on, Harucchi’s talking—Yeah, no, it’s fine. Apparently he’s texting Miyuki now.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Wait—you didn’t tell your brother, did you?”

“I... may have mentioned it.”

“Oh, crap.”

“If it’s any consolation, I’m certain he already knew. And he didn’t seem surprised, really. He just laughed like—well, you know how he is sometimes.”

“Yeah, definitely—hang on, can I call you back? My dad’s texting me—“

“Of course. I’m sure you’re busy. I hope everything calms down soon.”

“Thanks—see you when you get back. Don’t forget about those tickets, either! I’ll make sure I reserve a couple, so you can bring your brother or Furuya, if he’s around—shoot, got to go. Bye!”




From: Dad
A true Sawamura never gives up
stay strong until the end
we’re proud of you, kid

To: Dad
Understood! :]




From: Mom
What your father means is that we’re sure this is hard for you.
If you need to talk remember your folks back home are here.
Love you.

From: Mom
And I’m sure Miyuki is a very nice young man
You should invite him over to dinner some time

From: Mom
We’ve caused him an awful lot of trouble I’m sure

To: Mom
Love you too
I’m pretty sure Miyuki’s fine with this
he’s been snickering all day
I’ll call you later




From: *** CHRIS-SENPAI !***
Sawamura, I’m sure you’re busy, but

To: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
OMG how are you doing?
It’s been so long  hahaha
Thank you very much for checking in!

From: *** CHRIS-SENPAI! ***
We just spoke last Tuesday.

To: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
Rly? It feels so much longer than that!
But enough rambling.
How are you on this fine day???

From: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
I’m fine. It’s night, actually.

To: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
Oh, right, time difference, whoops!

From:  *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
I heard the news from Ryosuke.
Are you and Miyuki handling everything okay?

To: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
I’m touched!
We’re both fine really.
There were some reporters at practice but they got kicked out
< (^.^) >

From: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
I’m glad to hear it.
Well, Ryosuke said he thought it would turn out fine
but he’s not always the best judge of ‘fine’.

To: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
We’re all good!

From: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
That’s a relief to hear.
It’s rather late, so I’ll be going to sleep now.

To: *** CHRIS-SENPAI!***
Of course! Please do not trouble yourself at all!!
And good night!!




From: Kuramochi
hey miyuki
haruichi just told me the news
nice slam job they did
‘bedroom debauchery’ wtf

To: Kuramochi
Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

From: Kuramochi
ew ew ew
oh my god
i know youre shitting me and its still gross
why the fuck do i talk to you

To: Kuramochi
My charming personality?

From: Kuramochi
ha, fuck no
right, im gonna go rinse out my eyes with bleach
you can go right back to whatever you usually do
ogling sawamura & not getting laid

To: Kuramochi
Half right.
Want to guess which half?

From: Kuramochi
jesus fuck
im out




“Things were supposed to settle,” complains Sawamura, glancing through a crack in the blinds. “How is this settled? This is the opposite of settled.”

“It’s only been a few days. Anyway, there’re fewer of them than there were before, aren’t there? Call it progress.”

The younger man gives him an exceptionally dubious look and goes back to peering out the window. Which, okay, is justified. There might be fewer reporters staking out Kazuya’s apartment these days, but there are definitely more than either of them had anticipated.

The first day he’d ignored them mostly. Shoved his way through, locked the door, and called the police as an afterthought. The next morning, okay, so they hadn’t gotten the message. Kazuya called the police again, texted Sawamura to stay put, and set aside his vanity to request the team send a car by to pick both of them up.

Finally,  they’d just decided it’d be easier for Sawamura to camp out at Kazuya’s for the night. There was a degree of irony in that, considering impromptu sleepovers were at least half the reason they were in this mess to start with.

“We can’t stay in here forever,” says Sawamura unhappily. “It’s our only day off. I need to get groceries and do my laundry. And Seido has a practice match I wanted to watch, too.”

“You still go to Seido matches?”

The brown-haired man gives him a look. “Of course I do. It’s only weird that you don’t. It’s our duty as alumni to support the school.”

“I never asked anyone to come to our high school matches,” he replies, leaning back on the couch. He’s already called the team manager to request a car again, so until they show it’s just a waiting game. “It’s not like we know the kids who’re playing these days, anyway, so what’s the point?”

“It’s about giving back to the place we grew up! Investing in the next generation—” Sawamura cuts off with a huff. “Never mind, you wouldn’t get it.”

“Yeah, yeah. Who’re they playing?”

The pitcher grins. “Inashiro.”

“Ha! Does Mei know?”

“He won’t shut up about it,” grumbles Sawamura, flopping comfortably on the couch beside Kazuya. He tucks his legs under him and pulls out his phone. “Don’t you pay attention to Twitter? I mean, to be fair I mostly ignore his stuff too, but he always tags you when he’s rambling about high school games.”

“Does he really?” Kazuya leaned over to get a better look at the phone display. “Figures.”

“He’s still sour I stole his catcher,” says Sawamura, sounding distinctly satisfied.

“Stole his—what, you mean me?”

“Though he really doesn’t have any room to complain. He had you all through university.” The younger man scowls, and flicks off his phone with sudden annoyance. “You don’t know how much he goes on about that, honestly.”

“Oi, oi. You talk like you’re trading off your favorite baseball card or something.”

“Well, obviously you’re no one’s property,” says Sawamura patiently, like explaining something to a little kid. “But the way he whines about you ditching him in high school—he acts like you dumped him and ran off with another lover.”

Well, there’s something he never, ever wanted to discuss with Sawamura Eijun.

Something must show through in his expression—damn that guy for being able to read him so well—because Sawamura’s eyes go suddenly very wide, and his mouth falls open.  “No way. No way. You and Narumiya--?

“Close your mouth, you look like an idiot.”

But Sawamura isn’t so easily deterred.  “You were dating Narumiya? When?”

There are a hundred answers that come to mind, all of which would be less problematic than the truth. But when Kazuya opens his mouth, he finds himself talking without a proper idea of what he’s saying.

“In university,” he says offhandedly. “It was a terrible idea. Not so much dating as fucking, honestly. We lasted maybe three weeks, and we hated each other by the end of it.”

Sawamura is silent.

 “We aren’t built for relationships, either of us. Mei, he’s—“ imperious, all-consuming, breakneck “—intense. And I’m me, obviously. God knows why either of us thought it might be a good idea in the first place.”

Kazuya did know why, of course. He’d been isolated, utterly friendless, and the sudden absence of everyone he’d known at Seido gnawed at him day in and day out. He’d handled solitude before, back in middle school when he poured himself into baseball—but it was harder to go back to it after getting used to something more.

Then Mei was there. It was easy to fall back in with him, like middle school days again. Mei understood Kazuya’s sharp edges—his ruthlessness, his desperation, the silent understanding of any means necessary—and he respected them. But most of all he was there, and willing, and Kazuya didn’t have to worry about hurting him because Mei had his sharp edges too. 

“Anyway,” he concludes. “It’s not as though I dumped him—and we parted on good terms, so—what the hell?

Sawamura’s looking at him with a horrified expression, like someone’s kicked his favorite puppy.

“I’m sorry,” he says softly, and then he lunges forward and he’s hugging Kazuya fiercely. It’s clumsy and a little awkward, and Kazuya freezes uncomfortably because hugs are not, have never been his thing. “Really, I’m sorry, Miyuki. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, and I’m sorry you broke up.”

“Calm down, seriously. Anyone would think you’re the one who got dumped.”

“Shut up,” mumbles Sawamura into his shoulder. “It’s sad, and you have the right to be sad about it!”

“Look,” he says, and his light tone is at least ninety percent real. “I wasn’t kidding when I said it was doomed from the start. It really is better like this. We both got over it years ago.”

Sawamura pulls away to give him a wary look. “You’d better not be bullshitting me again, Miyuki Kazuya.”

“Who, me?"

Sawamura scowls at him. “Don’t even start.”

Kazuya’s phone buzzes on the table, and they both jump at the sudden noise. A notification pops up on the screen, and he glances up.  “The car’s almost here. We should be ready to go soon.”

“Ah, right!”

After that it’s a bit chaotic. Sawamura goes to wash his face and Kazuya double checks that he’s packed his bag with all his gear. The last thing he needs is to forget something—with all the reporters around, it isn’t as though he can make a quick trip home at lunch break. Within a few minutes, they’re set, and the team car is just turning the corner.

Kazuya pretends not to notice the way Sawamura stands closer to him than usual.




To: obnoxious tanuki
Okay, but
why *NARUMIYA*???

From: obnoxious tanuki
sawamra its fucking three am

To: obnoxious tanuki
Sorry, was that an insensitive question?

 From: obnoxious tanuki
ill write you a goddamn epic poem with
the details of our affair in the morning
go to sleep before i block your number

 To: obnoxious tanuki
It’s just, if I was going to date someone
I’d pick someone like Chris-senpai.

[obnoxious tanuki has blocked you]




Modalle Weekly @modalle
An alleged sex scandal that took the internet by storm. #MiSawaAffair  Full coverage at


CTech @ctechnewsjp
Experts weigh in on how internet stories go viral. #ctweek #leheamurders #misawaaffair at


Oshiro Ren @oshiro.r3
let #MiSawaAffair be a reminder that gay celebrities are attacked every day by the media for profit and sensationalism #LGBT+ #mediaattacks




Aylise Bonheur @la.vraie.aylise
@realmiyuki.kazuya  I suppose this means we’ve called off the wedding? ;D


Aylise Bonheur @la.vraie.aylise
@realmiyuki.kazuya @oiseau.amie21 my fiancee will be glad to hear it


Aylise Bonheur @la.vraie.aylise
Jokes aside, @rwreport is full of shit. These men are real people who deserve privacy and respect. #leavemisawaalone




Miyuki Kazuya retweeted a photo from Aylise Bonheur
--just got my engagement ring with @oiseau.amie21 never been happier--



The MiSawa Affair: Fact or Fiction?
Kaname Shoto, staff writer

Because you guys have been FLOODING us with requests (our inbox actually broke on Tuesday from overflow, so we don’t have an exact number), we present the long-awaited fact check of the MiSawa affair.

For those who aren’t in the loop, the MiSawa Affair rumor stems from an article in the (notoriously inaccurate) Real World Report. The article, published eight days ago, posited a long-standing sexual relationship between pro baseball players Miyuki Kazuya (25, catcher) and Sawamura Eijun (24, pitcher).  Despite the evident lack of proper research, the theory became a point of contention among fans and gay rights supporters.

So here’s the rundown of claims:

 Miyuki and Sawamura have been teammates since high school: TRUE
 This one’s easy to verify. Both men graduated from Seido High School, where they formed a battery on the first string for a number of tournament games. Most famously, of course, they led Seido to nationals for the first time in almost a decade, with Miyuki as captain and Sawamura as ace pitcher.
For curious fans, there’s a video compilation of some of their high school games here.

<img8473.png> Image courtesy of Seido High School. Not for redistribution. Miyuki Kazuya (then 17) and Sawamura Eijun (16) hug after winning nationals.

Miyuki and Sawamura were very close in high school: MOSTLY TRUE
While most of their high school teammates have declined to comment on the matter, there’s plenty of evidence that Sawamura and Miyuki had a relationship beyond being teammates.  In an interview after Nationals, Sawamura spoke about being inspired by Miyuki to attend Seido, and added, “I don’t think we’ve really made a work of art with my pitching, yet—I want to play again with him someday.” (Tokyo Sports Review, year 47, issue 8). In photographs, he can be seen smiling through tears. Not conclusive evidence—but compelling.

High school lovers? UNLIKELY
There is no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that Miyuki and Sawamura were in a sexual relationship as teenagers. Given the dormitory-style housing and the Seido training regimen—which involves dawn-till-dusk practice and very little free time— it seems doubly implausible. Secret trysts after practice? Almost certainly more fiction than fact.

Current lovers?
And now, the question everyone wants answered: #MiSawaConfirmed or #MiSawaDebunked? Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. Here’s what we know:

-- Both posted tweets on the same day (here and here) with the hashtag #MiSawaDebunked
-- However, as many have noted, neither explicitly denied the allegations
-- Neither Miyuki nor Sawamura has ever been in a public relationship with anyone.
-- (Which, yes, does mean that the #BonheurEngagement is completely FALSE. sources)
-- As quoted in the article, Sawamura does often visit Miyuki’s apartment—though the imputation that these visits are for sexual favors has no basis in fact.
-- They are on record as requesting three days paid leave at the same time. The reason given—and approved by the team manager—was for a medical checkup.
-- They’ve long had a reputation for being on the handsy side, even for teammates. #ProMiSawa fans on Twitter have even gone to the trouble of making imageboards compiling all the instances:

<img7155.png> Courtesy of on Twitter. “IRL MiSawa cuddles for the skeptics. #MiSawaConfirmed

All in all—it’s an open question. Perhaps with all the controversy, a more definitive statement will be made. Check back with for updates, or find us on Twitter at @truthsleuthsfc.



Old Faces Meet New at This Year’s ‘Starlight Gala’
Over 200 international celebrities gather at the Hotel Chinzanso in the name of charity. Read more




Sawamura Eijun @se.officialace
Guess who got invited to #StarlightGala? \o/ me and @realmiyuki.kazuya, that’s who


Sawamura Eijun @se.officialace
 Tune in at if you can! #StarlightGala




Kazuya runs a finger around the collar of his dress shirt irritably.

 He’s always loathed dressing up— it’s hot and unfailingly suffocating, and no matter what anyone says he’s convinced he looks completely unnatural. Like an alley cat dyed pink, or a circus bear in a tutu. Events like this—classy galas for rich elites—aren’t his element at all. They’re all about being polite and inoffensive, charming the right people, reciting rote answers to interviewers and sounding sincere.

 God knows why they keep inviting me, he thinks ruefully.

 “Miyuki? Five minutes--” Sawamura ducks his head in the door without so much a knock; seeing Kazuya he pauses, blinks, and gives him a startled once-over. “I guess you clean up nicely after all. Good fit, too.”

Easy for him to say.

 Sawamura takes to dressing up like a seal to water— his suit makes him look a little older, a little less youthful. A little more intense. The cut of the cloth emphasizes his broad shoulders and his lithe torso, and the stark black fabric is drawn taut across all the right places. Combined with the fact that he’s actually combed his hair, the overall effect is undeniably striking.

 Kazuya glances in the mirror, and tugs futilely at his cuffs. Unsurprisingly, it helps not at all.

 “Ready to go?” prompts Sawamura.

 He sighs mournfully. “As I’ll ever be.”

 “Don’t be so dramatic,” chides the pitcher—like he’s one to talk, honestly. “It’s just a few hours of food and music, but you’re acting like it’s the end of the world. All you have to do is smile and ask for donations. If you can play through twelve innings with cracked ribs, you can handle this.”

“I’ll take the cracked ribs, actually.”

“Oh my god, you’re acting like a kid.” Sawamura catches Kazuya by the shoulder and turns him away from the mirror, looking him up and down. “You look decent, so stop fussing. Here, let me fix your tie.”

Kazuya starts a little when warm knuckles brush across his throat. For a moment they stand together quietly, Sawamura tugging at the knot of his tie while Kazuya tries not to be too distracted about the way Sawamura bites his lower lip when he’s concentrating. The air in the room feels suddenly quite warm.

“Better?” asks the pitcher, straightening.

“Yeah,” Kazuya says without thinking—and then realizes Sawamura means his collar. Whatever he did with the knot, it feels comfortably looser. He might actually be able to breathe at some point tonight. “Much better, actually. What’d you do?”

“A family secret,” he chirps.

“You’re joking, right?”

Sawamura only grins and hooks an arm around Kazuya’s elbow. “C’mon. We don’t want to be late, do we?”

“Well, now you mention it...”

“Don’t you dare.




Modalle Weekly @modalle
The #StarlightGala charity event is underway starting at 6:00 this evening


HLT News @hltnews
Big names gather at the #HotelChinzanso this evening for 16th annual nonprofit #StarlightGala


HLT News @hltnews
Live updates from #HotelChinzanso and #StarlightGala all evening. Visit our site for live video:




Miyuki Kazuya tweeted a photo.
--On my way to the #StarlightGala with @se.officialace--



5:47 P.M.— What – and Who—to Expect At This Year’s ‘Starlight Gala’

6:02 P.M.The Stars Arrive [streaming live]




tanbran @zelda297
@lumifree  holy shit r u seeing what im seeing?


catch that
did #MiyukiKazuya and #SawamuraEijun just get out of the same car omg


AkariH @lumifree
@zelda297 oh my god im dying #misawaconfirmed #starlightgala #wtf


first fan @laangels3
Here we go again. #misawadebunked but no one wants to hear the truth.




The gala is held in not one, but three of the largest, most extravagant banquet halls at a luxury hotel, and it’s so breathtaking Eijun has trouble believing it’s real.

The walls are draped with silk in cobalt and silver, and there are little star-shaped lanterns glowing gold across the ceiling. Everywhere he looks there’s gleaming glass and chrome, with carved mahogany countertops polished smooth. Above the noise of chatter and flashing cameras, the soft jazz melody of a string quartet weaves in and out of hearing.

How,” he demands under his breath, “do they have any money left over for charity after all this?”

 “Close your mouth, Sawamura,” says Miyuki amusedly. “Your country bumpkin is showing.”

Like he’s one to talk. Getting him to even show up on time to this thing had been like coaxing a cat into water, but now he’s here he’s ready to act all sophisticated and unimpressed? Not on Eijun’s watch, he won’t.

“Seriously, though, this is ridiculous, don’t even pretend it’s not—“

“The more of a spectacle, the more publicity they get,” says Miyuki matter-of-factly. “Not to mention all the people who didn’t get invites are paying through the nose to get in here. You and I are the lucky few.”

He adds this last with a heavy dose of irony.

“What’s even so bad about this?” Eijun demands, rolling his eyes. “It’s just dinner and some speeches and then the auction. You’re not exactly suffering like a martyr.”

“The auction and the speeches are fine.” Miyuki bares his teeth; someone remarkably nearsighted might even mistake it for an actual smile. “The problem is the four hours in between now and then. The sharks are circling, and we’re the live bait.”

“Oh,” he says, following Miyuki’s gaze to the crowd of reporters at the door. “Oh.


Eijun believes firmly in unflagging courage in the face of insurmountable odds. Still, for a traitorous moment he vividly contemplates the possibility of turning tail and running far away. Because, yeah, Miyuki’s right. This is not going to be fun.

“No time like the present,” says his evil, evil catcher. “Go on, then, Sawamura. After you.”




Modalle Weekly @modalle
#SawamuraEijun comments on charitable giving at #StarlightGala #live


HLT News @hltnews
Reporter #NhanNguyen interviews #MiyukiKazuya live at #StarlightGala


Luce @lucenetjp
Talking athletics and children’s aid with #SawamuraEijun #StarlightGala #live




Eijun’s barely managed to peel himself away from the latest eager interviewer, and people keep offering him neon-hued cocktails but he’s dying for a drink of water. He lost track of Miyuki among the throng at least half an hour ago, but odds are that guy’s not faring any better.

Another journalist is marching towards him with an intent look in her eye—hurriedly, he steps around a cluster of people.

 “Sorry,” he apologizes hastily, when he bumps into someone. “My bad, really—”

"Sawamura?” asks a light—familiar—tenor voice. “I was wondering when I’d see you.”

Eijun halts and turns to stare. “Big brother?”

Kominato Ryosuke slides his hands into his pockets, looking impeccably casual in tailored silk suit. He manages to make it work, somehow, against all odds. Eijun would’ve sworn up and down that it was impossible—but despite the candy-colored hair and the fact that he’s a full head shorter than Eijun, Ryosuke looks like a predator in his natural element. “I heard you’d be here. You’re quite well-known these days.”

“Weren’t you in Korea?” demands Eijun, dumbfounded. “I was just talking to Haruichi—”

“I was,” agrees Ryosuke easily. “Change of business plans; you know.”

Eijun definitely doesn’t know, and he opens his mouth to request clarification. Unfortunately, just then the reporter he was fleeing reappears, looking quite intent. “Shoot.”

“Sawamura Eijun? Could I have a moment of your time?” she says brightly, not pausing for breath. She probably knows better than to give him time to refuse. “I was hoping to get your remarks on the event and—”

“Perhaps later?” interjects Ryosuke smoothly. “If you’ll excuse us.”

There must be some secret Kominato technique for blowing off people without sounding offensive, because she just sort of blinks for a moment as they turn away. The thronging crowds absorb them, and Eijun trails after Ryosuke who’s walking purposefully.

Somehow they reach the edge of the room, where things are a little less crowded, and Ryosuke leans against a wall while Eijun catches his breath.

“Thanks,” he says dizzily.

“It’s no problem.” Ryosuke regards him, raising an eyebrow. “Where’s Miyuki? I thought the two of you were here together?”

“Somewhere in there, I guess.” Eijun gestures vaguely towards the crowd. “I lost track of him just after we came inside?”

“He must be absolutely miserable,” notes the pink-haired man, sounding disturbingly amused. “Miyuki never did get on well with crowds, as I recall. Do you know if he has his phone on him?"




Kominato Ryosuke @kominator
@realmiyuki.kazuya Missing: human male, age 25, poor eyesight


Sawamura Eijun @se.officialace
@realmiyuki.kazuya come join the highschool reunion with @kominator


 Sawamura Eijun @se.officialace
@yoimochi @kominatoh @kingmei You guys need to come next year :D


 Narumiya Mei @kingmei
@se.officialace some of us r busy, u kno


 Sawamura Eijun @se.officialace
@kingmei Not so busy if you’re on Twitter ;)


 Aylise Bonheur @la.vraie.aylise
@se.officialace @kominator I believe I have found something of yours


 Aylise Bonheur tweeted a photo.
--bumped into none other than #MiyukiKazuya at #StarlightGala !—


 Kominato Ryosuke @kominator
@la.vraie.aylise Would it be too much trouble for you to drop him off?


 Aylise Bonheur @la.vraie.aylise
@kominator  on my way ;)




“I don’t actually need an escort, you know,” Miyuki is saying, when he arrives, walking at the heels of  a strikingly beautiful woman in a celadon silk evening gown.

 The two make a well-matched couple, Eijun observes with vague dissatisfaction. Identical sharp smiles and keen eyes—and no matter how much Miyuki fusses, the suit gives him an air of untouchable poise that Eijun couldn’t manage in a million years.

 “Yes,” she replies in Japanese that’s only slightly accented. “But I need an excuse to stop talking to people, and you appeared so conveniently. We must take our opportunities where we can.”

“Oh,” says Eijun. “Oh. You’re...”

Aylise Bonheur offers him a blinding smile. “A pleasure to meet you. Sawamura Eijun, if I’m not mistaken?”

“Yes,” he says, and his returning grin is quite genuine. “It’s great to meet you.”

“I’d love to stay and chat, but perhaps another time?” she says, laughing. “I am wearing five-inch heels, and the sooner I can sit down the happier I will be. Besides, my wife is undoubtedly feeling quite neglected.”

“Right!  Thank you for finding Miyuki for us; I hope he wasn’t too much trouble!”


“The pleasure was mine. Do look after him, though.”


She grins—a very Miyuki-like grin, really—and turning, glides back into the crowd. For all she said about uncomfortably high heels, she walks like she’s weightless. Probably model training, but Eijun only wishes he had endurance like that.

“Was that really necessary?” complains Miyuki, shooting Eijun a look. “Also, when we get back to training you’re doing nothing but strength training for a week.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Ah, you’re right. Two weeks, then.”


“I see the two of you haven’t changed in the slightest,” interjects Ryosuke, who’s watching them both with an amused air. “I thought maybe you’d have some trouble with all the publicity, but it seems I was mistaken.”

Eijun makes a face. “Are you kidding? It’s all anyone wants to talk about.”

“True,” agrees Miyuki idly. “With all the carefully-phrased questions, I’m beginning to wonder if the scandal is the only reason Sawamura and I were invited to the Gala this year. The way people keep trying to be delicate about it—“

“Well, obviously,” says Ryosuke. “Surely you didn’t think it was a coincidence?”

Eijun blinks.

Miyuki facepalms. “Of course.

And damn it, that does make sense. Way, way too much sense, and suddenly all the pointed questions about ‘can you describe your relationship with your teammates’ and ‘so you’re here with Miyuki Kazuya, right?’ reassemble in an entirely new, entirely frustrating context.

“Seriously?” he said, dismayed. “Why? What does any of this have to do with charity?”

“Publicity is publicity,” Miyuki tells him, but there’s an edge to his voice that means he’s seriously annoyed. “Our kind of publicity is cheap, but it does the job.”

“And nobody wants to admit they’ve actually read the article, so they’ll just keep going after us with the same questions until we let something slip,” he concludes unhappily. “And of course there’s nothing to let slip, so they’ll just be after us all night.”

“That’s about the state of things, yes,” says Ryosuke tranquilly. “I’d advise coming up with a strategy to handle the rest of the evening.”

“What about you?”

“Well, it’s not really my problem, is it?” he says in surprise, tucking a lock of pink hair behind his ear. “I have other things to attend to, in any case. Best of luck, though.”

With that he turns to leave. The crowd parts before him. Probably it instinctively senses that Kominato Ryosuke is not someone to trifle with.

Miyuki and Eijun watch him go.

“What does he do, again?”

“I... don’t really know,” Eijun admits. “Something with the government, I think. I used to try to get Haruichi to tell me, but he’s so slippery when he puts his mind to it...”

“Spy?” suggests Miyuki dryly. “Supervillain? Japanese James Bond?”

“I wouldn’t put it past him.” He shivers. “Though maybe we’re better off not knowing. And he said—what, we need to come up with a strategy? Any ideas?”

“Hide under a table until the auction starts?”

He sounds utterly resigned, and it’s such a comical look that Eijun can’t help but laugh. “Well, you know,” he says, as an idea occurs to him. “If we won’t get anywhere by playing it straight, maybe we could do things the other way.”

“Hm? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Eijun should probably stop, but he’s had a bit to drink already, and seeing Miyuki scowling in a very flattering manner does away with the last of his inhibitions. “We could. You know. Flirt.”




Kominato Ryosuke @kominator
Mission accomplished :)


Kominato Haruichi @kominatoh
@kominator Aniki? What’s going on?


Kominato Ryosuke @kominator
@kominatoh You’ll see. See you soon.


Kominato Haruichi @kominatoh
@kominator ?????




Kazuya stares. “Come again?”

“If we give them what they want to see, they’ll stop pestering us,” reasons Sawamura, shrugging. “Nothing too obvious, or the PR division’ll have our heads on pikes, but if we keep it lowkey it might work. Even if it doesn’t, it’ll still be interesting, won’t it?”

“You’re serious.”

“C’mon,” Sawamura says, and he’s got a dangerously puckish look in his eye. “It’ll be so much fun. And it’s a charity auction. We’re practically doing a good deed by increasing publicity.”

Kazuya’s been asked to do far less pleasant things in his lifetime than agressively flirt with an attractive man in public. All the more so when the attractive man is Sawamura, looking at Kazuya with faint interest and no small degree of willingness.  Whatever his life is coming to, he can’t honestly say he’s opposed to it.

“Well,” he drawls. “If it’s for charity.”




Miyuki Kazuya retweeted a photo from Sawamura Eijun

--with Kazuya at #starlightgala, looking fashionable—




c4 @havinablast
FUCKING #MiSawaConfirmed holy shit


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@lumifree OH MY GOD AM I DREAMING???


AkariH @lumifree
@zelda55  I KNOW HOLY SHIT I SAW IT TOO #misawa #starlightgala


tanbran @zelda55
@lumifree theyre literally holding hands that’s adorable?? #misawa


AkariH @lumifree
@zelda55 Did they, like, come out while I wasn’t looking wtf is this???


CJ @aceatbat
it’s a fucking publicity stunt, get over it #misawadebunked #starlightgala




Sawamura Eijun tweeted a photo.
--was gonna say we’re the best-looking couple in the room but here comes @la.vraie.aylise and wife—


Aylise Bonheur retweeted a photo from Sawamura Eijun
was gonna say we’re the best-looking couple in the room but here comes @la.vraie.aylise and wife—

such a sweet lie, but a lie nonetheless; find a mirror ;)




AkariH @lumifree
that was an honest to god cuddle fucking help #misawa #starlightgala


first fan @laangels3
lmao at the fucking fujoshis like holy shit theyre standing in the same room #misawadebunked


tanbran @zelda297
@lumifree the interviewer’s blushing this is too cute


CJ @aceatbat
honestly disgusted rn #WTF #starlightgala


AkariH @lumifree
@zelda297 I FUCKING KNOW


AkariH @lumifree


AkariH @lumifree


AkariH @lumifree
@zelda297 DID YOU SEE THAT


AkariH @lumifree
@zelda297 that look he gave him OMFG im dying


tanbran @zelda297
@lumifree fucking shit #SawamuraEijun is getting LAID 2nite




Kuramochi Yoichi @yoimochi
@realmiyuki.kazuya @se.officialace keep it PG, guys, therere kids watching




“You were right,” Kazuya says under his breath, tipping his mouth up to Sawamura’s ear. “This is definitely more fun.”

 Sawamura jumps, which is still probably the most amusing thing in the world. Kazuya thought he’d learned every single way to rile up Sawamura Eijun back in high school, but it turns out he hadn’t even scratched the surface. The interesting shade of red he goes when Kazuya slides his arm around his waist, the way he bites his lip when Kazuya smirks—it’s so very intriguing.

 Of course it’s hardly the first time he’s contemplated it. But having permission to touch, to tease, to experiment—that’s new. And Kazuya likes it.

 “Told you so,” says Sawamura. His voice is a little rough but his eyes are dancing with mirth. “Want to take a romantic photo out on the balcony, or would that be overkill, do you think?”

“Let’s save it for the end of the night,” he suggests. “Go out with a bang.”

Sawamura smiles crookedly. “Definitely.”

“Enjoying all the havoc you’ve caused?”

They both jump at that. When they turn,  Kominato Ryosuke is regarding them with amused satisfaction. He continues conversationally: “The internet is in an uproar all over again thanks to the two of you. Like your own little civil war.”

 He and Sawamura exchange looks.

 “It’s not living unless you’re causing a little havoc,” says Sawamura unrepentantly. “They’ll deal with it.”

 It’s unfair that mischief is such an attractive look on Sawamura. Kazuya considers for a moment how easy it would be to lean forward and kiss the pleased smirk off the other man’s face. Ryosuke can just find his own entertainment somewhere else.

“Maybe I should’ve brought Haruichi after all,” comments Ryosuke dryly, glancing at Kazuya. “I hadn’t anticipated being this much of a third wheel.”

 “Very funny,” retorts Sawamura.

 Ryosuke just gives both of them an enigmatic smile. “I’ll catch up to you two later. Try not to break them—they’re a little slow.”

 Then he vanishes into the crowd.

 “Break them—do you think he meant the reporters, or the fans?” wonders Sawamura aloud. “Actually, if it’s him he probably just meant humanity in general.”

 “Unbroken things are overrated,” hums Kazuya. “Unbroken people all the more so.”

 Sawamura gives him a disturbed look. “Who the heck says that?”

 He only laughs.




Sawamura Eijun tweeted a photo.
--watching the real stars with @realmiyuki.kazuya at #StarlightGala




HLTNews @hltnews
16th annual #StarlightGala raised more in donations than ever before


Real World Report @rwreport
Worst Time For A Wardrobe Malfunction—She’ll Never Go Strapless Again! #StarlightGala rwrep.ur/39dT8


Modalle Weekly @modalle
Ten shocking new couples at this year’s #StarlightGala




From: Mom
You are ABSOLUTELY inviting Miyuki Kazuya over for dinner

From: Mom
And don’t think we won’t be having words about why this
is the first I’m hearing about all this.

From: Mom
Does he have any food allergies?

From: Mom
Call me in the morning




From: Unknown Number
See, Chris?
I told you things would turn out nicely.

To: Unknown Number
Ryosuke? Is that you?

From: Unknown Number
Ah, yes. I changed phones again, sorry.
Anyway, I told you Miyuki and Sawamura
would settle things on their own

To: Ryosuke
I don’t know if this counts as ‘settled’
Are you sure they’ve thought about this?
You didn’t push them into anything, did you?

From: Ryosuke
Such a mother hen
Don’t worry about them;
it’ll be entertaining to watch anyway.

To: Ryosuke
That’s not actually my most pressing concern.

From: Ryosuke
Well, I’ll be off the grid soon
but be sure to let me know how things turn out.
So long ;)




first fan @laangels3
obviously #MiyukiKazuya and #SawamuraEijun were going for publicity & every1 fell for it


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this is what i get for skipping the #StarlightGala #MiSawaConfirmed holy shit


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@stonehill AAAA DID YOU SEE THEM?? how dare they look so good together #MiSawaConfirmed


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Never been more #disappointed by someone I respected #MiyukiKazuya


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The #starlightgala was way overblown, nothing even happened #misawadebunked


AkariH @lumifree
suck it haters #misawaconfirmed #starlightgala #promisawa


Real World Report @rwreport
More drama for the #MiSawaAffair? Shocking new developments at




Kazuya scrolls idly through the rest of his Twitter feed with vague distaste. The white light from his screen illuminates the room dimly: neither he nor Sawamura had bothered to turn on the lights when they stumbled in at half past three, changed their clothes, and collapsed on the couch in a fit of weariness.

“What’re they saying?” Sawamura asks sleepily, on the other side of the couch. “About us, I mean.”

He snorts and switches off his phone—the screen blinks out and casts the room into sudden darkness. “About what you’d expect, really.”

“Yeah,” is the soft reply.

Kazuya’s dead tired and more than a little intoxicated, and he is quite prepared to just roll over on the couch, sleep it off, and deal with the consequences in the morning. But--

“Does it bother you at all?”

In the dark he can’t see Sawamura’s face. He can guess the expression on it, though. Resolute, calm, prepared—biting his lip just in case the answer hits harder than expected. Still a little flushed from dancing and drinking and being kissed on the balcony.

“Why should it?” he says, and means it. “Your problem and mine, remember?”

A quiet laugh. “Right. Good night, Kazuya.”