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Screams filled my ears as I was awakened from my deep slumber. Still hazy from sleep I sluggishly got of bed. As my feet hit the floor the bedroom door burst open, frightened by the sudden entrance I jumped back on my bed. After a closer look, I could see that it was my mother in the doorway looking more than just frazzled. She looked absolutely frightened to her core. "What is the wrong mother?", I questioned hastily. She turned her head to check down the hall quickly before sharply looking back again at me. "We must leave child, the Titan Pack has invaded our walls and has sent the village ablaze !" Rattled by this news I jumped out of my bed and followed my mother who had started to descend the stairs.

Right after I reached the bottom step I looked up to see my mother, her back was to me and a man in a mask was standing in front of her. The man's mask was horrifying, with it appearing to have the man's skin pulled off and what was left was blood covered muscle. I was horrified by the man, but I quickly became enraged as I saw my mother with a sharp knife sticking out of her back and her clothes soaked in red sticky crimson that was slowly dripping to the floor, forming a puddle. She looked over her shoulder and extending her arm to me, shakily reaching for towards me. "RUN CHILD RUN!" momentarily stunned, the man slid the knife out of her stomach and she dropped to the floor in a heap.

Her lifeless stared back at me and he began to shake with overflowing despair. looking at the man who just killed my mother I screamed at him, "YOU MONSTER, I'LL KILL YOU!" The man in question stared at me with a wide stretched sadistic smile before rushing at me with the bloodied knife. Right as the man swung at me with the knife, I dodged by moving to the right. Immediately I swung at him and connected my fist to the side of his face. He stumbled a bit before turning back to look at me with that same sadistic smile from earlier. He ran at me again and I was able to dodge him again, but I wasn't as lucky this time. I looked down as I felt a stinging sensation on my arm to see a cut in my shirt, red liquid flowing freely down my arm wetting my torn shirt sleeve with warm blood. I looked back up to see the man rushing me again and this time as I stepped aside I stuck my foot out, tripping the man. He fell to the ground with a loud thump and the knife went clattering to the floor a few feet away from him. I instantly ran for the knife, diving to the floor and grabbing it by the handle. Rolling, over I saw the man jump on top of me and pinning me to the floor with the man sitting on his hips and pinning my arms to the floor underneath me. He leaned down to whisper in my ear, "You are a pretty one aren't you, I think the boss will like you." Disgusted I took the knife in my hands and stabbed the man's wrist. The man pulled back with a scream, clutching his wrist. I sat up swiftly plunging the knife into the man's chest, pulling it out again and plunging it right back in. The man screamed and held his chest looking down at me with surprise. The man started to fall forward but before I could roll out of the way he fell on top of me, Soaking my torso in blood that was slowly making a puddle on the floor. I rolled the man off of myself quickly and ran over to my mom and kneeled before her, kissing her forehead and closing her eyes,"I love you, mom." I carefully unwrapped the key she kept around her neck and tied it around my neck, quickly leaving the house.


Outside looked like hell. Charred black bodies lie scattered around and houses were ablaze. I tried to search around for my friends but they were not to be found. I searched to see if there were any more survivors but I couldn't find any more. I fell to my knees crying, my head hung low. I started to think I was going to be alone forever. Wailing, I heard wailing, lifting my head back up and I tried to listen. I could hear crying, one of a child. I leaped to my feet and searched around the burnt house I was near, around the back was a small baby wrapped in blankets being held in the arms of the mother who was no longer alive. Leaning down I slowly picked up the swaddle of blankets and quietly hushed the baby. "Shh baby, everything will be okay now, I've got you." The baby quieted and looked up at my with his big curiosity filled green eyes. The baby slowly started to smile and reach his tiny hands towards me. "I've decided I'll call you Ren. How does that sound?" Ren just giggled.

I looked around one more time but found nothing. Sighing I went back to my house with Ren in my arms. I went around the house looking for anything I could bring with as I knew I could not stay it would be dangerous for the baby and me. I grabbed any clothes, food, blankets, and any other necessities I deemed important for our impromptu journey. When I had gathered everything I would need, I set off into the forest behind the house.

After walking for two hours I have become tired and decided to settle down for the night. I set up a temporary tent, with one of the blankets I had, by hanging it from a low branch sprouting from a tree. I used the two extra blankets to wrap up Ren and myself. I ate an apple with I fed some milk to Ren. After we were fed I tried to put Ren to sleep which wasn't hard with what has happened. I fell asleep next thinking about what was to happen to us.




Ren has turned three today. It has been three years since the Titan Pack attacked my village and although it was a past memory the mental wounds were still healing. I have learned to keep those memories in the back of my mind so I can keep concentrated on Ren. Today I have decided to treat Ren a little and go hunting for some meat. We still travel through the forest but we usually stop for a couple of days to rest up before returning to traveling.


I have hidden Ren in our tent under some blankets and made sure that it was closed and he has something to entertain himself. I told him to stay where he is but I know he doesn’t quite understand me, I just wanted to reassure myself. I have shifted into my wolf form so it would be easier to hunt and take down whatever animal I find.


My wolf form is a little on the smaller side with me being an omega, but I have beautiful chocolate brown fur that is in a messy style like I had just woken up. I had white on my paws and sharp claws that help me with taking down my prey. My wolf's eyes though were not my usual blue-green, but a golden color that glowed in the dark giving me an ominous look. My tail had the same chocolate color with white on the tip.


Staying close to the ground I snuck around keeping my eyes sharp and my hearing heightened. I had been out for only about twenty minutes and haven’t found anything yet. Coming around a tree I see in the distance a medium sized stag grazing. I flatten myself to the ground and crawl forward towards the stag making sure to stay hidden in the overgrowth. When I’m about 5 meters away from the stag I lower my breather as to not be detected. Getting ready to pounce I wait for the stag to turn it’s back before leaping through the air and jumping on the stag’s back biting the back of its neck and keeping a firm hold as it tries to escape my grasp, but I don’t let up and it soon sags in my hold. Proud with my kill I drop it and bite its tail to drag it back to camp. I’ll have to set up a little fire and cook it up before I feed it to little Ren because his stomach would not be able to handle the raw treat. Just thinking about is making my mouth water.


I’m coming back close to the camp when I catch the smell of something foreign not too far away from our camp. I speed up my arrival but travel downwind as to not alert the foreign animal. I leave the stag little ways away from camp and cover it in leaves. I do not wish for the smell of the fresh blood to be smelled and have it direct the foreigners to our camp. When I arrive at the camp I immediately enter the tent and change back to my human form, putting on a tee shirt and a pair of ugly tan pants. I unbury Ren from the mass of blankets and hold him close to me. Ren awakened by my arrival smiles up at me and reaches his tiny hands towards my face. I smile back down at him and slowly put my finger in front of my lips and softly say “shh.” I put down Ren and cautiously crawl out of the tent and is hit with the strong smell of an alpha and many others. I scan our surroundings knowing that we have been discovered and the enemy is hiding in wait. “Come out and show yourselves! I can smell you I know you are there!" I scream into the seemingly empty forest.


After a small wait leaves rustle to my right and I sharply turn to see a short man walk out. This man was more beautiful than any alpha he can remember. This man, although short in stature was obviously very muscular. He was dressed sharply but not formally, no, he wore army-style pants and shirt with combat boots. He had a big knife strapped to his hip. The man had an army styled undercut that was as black as night and pointy eyebrows matching his hair color. His face was set in a frown but I could tell he wasn’t necessarily upset. His skin was milky white and looked soft to the touch. This man was definitely intimidating but as looked soft and kind hearted deep down. He would definitely like to get to know this man, but first, he must address why he was surrounded.


“What business do you have to interrupt me.” I stayed on high guard after saying this, not knowing what this alpha might do. The man’s gaze sharpened a fraction before he opened his mouth to speak. “I should be asking you that omega. You are right on our pack's border and as we do take in guest we are curious as to why you were staking out and not coming closer.” Struck by this man’s rude behavior I scoffed in disbelief. “ I do not like what you are insinuating, alpha,” I put extra emphasis on his dynamic as to show my distaste. He scoffed before answering, “I didn’t think you would, now would you mind informing me as to why you are here.” I still didn’t like his tone, but as he had said it was his packs' border I was on I knew not to disobey to much.”I was just traveling through, I did not know this was your packs' border you will have to forgive me.” I lowered my head slightly, not in submission but to ask forgiveness. He hummed slightly and took a more casual stance as he seemed to think before speaking.” Alright omega, I forgive you, but I would like to know why you are traveling alone.” I looked at him with a guarded look not wanting to answer.”If you will not answer we will remove you by force.” Scared now for not my life but Ren’s, I obeyed.” I do not have a pack, I was just passing through with my son.” He seemed taken back by that.”I do not smell anyone other than you,” he proclaimed. I nodded.”I know I have made sure to cover his scent with mine so he could not be detected. If you would allow I can get him from the tent to prove it.” He sharpened his gaze at me in an untrusting way and I became more nervous but he finally agreed to let me get Ren. I slowly went back to the tent to retrieve Ren, pulling him out of the tent but keeping him close to me.


The man relaxed again and sighed.”I will not harm an omega who has a child. I would like to make a proposition, though. Seeing as you have no pack, would you like to join ours.” I was slightly hesitant to agree not knowing what kind of pack it was. The man seemed to see my hesitancy in my eyes because his gaze softened and he said, “How about you come with us back to the village and we will give you a week to decide if you want to join our pack.” At that proposal, I agreed.

I packed up anything important and took down the tent. I made sure I had all of Ren and my clothing made a sling out of a small blanket for Ren to rest in. Having a quick look around I made sure everything was packed up and I was ready to leave. I looked up at the man and asked for his name.”My name is Levi.” He made a small gesture with his head for me to follow and we set off towards the village. I don’t know what I just got myself into.