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To Come Back To You

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Sakura waited and waited. It felt like she was waiting forever for Kakashi to wake up. They had taken him to the hospital and ran test after test on him, but there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him. But it’d been over a day already, and he still hadn’t waken up.

Sakura stayed by his side, only leaving the room if there was an emergency she was needed for. She’d fallen asleep like that. Sitting by his bed, holding his hand in one of hers and his wedding ring on a chain in the other.

She felt someone shake her awake and her eyes immediately went to Kakashi, but he was still fast asleep. She looked up to see Naruto standing beside her, “Naruto?”

He smiled at her, but it was nothing like his usual bright grin, “Hey, Sakura-chan, how you doing?”

Sakura tried to give him a smile and shrugged. He raised an eyebrow at her, “Have you ate?”

When Sakura didn’t reply right away he put his hand on her shoulder, “I’ll go get you something. Ramen? Or whatever you want?”

Sakura chuckled and put her hand over Naruto’s, “Sure, ramen sound good. Thank you.”

“Of course,” he grinned at her and left the room.

By the time Naruto came back with food, Kakashi still hadn’t woken up and Sakura was trying not to worry as Naruto tried to cheer her up. He told her any funny story he could think of that she didn’t hear already. He even talked about his last few dates with Hinata, which he blushed about the whole way through.

But eventually, he had run out of nice things to say. And they just finished lunch in silence until Sakura spoke, “He had found out we were married before he passed out.”

Naruto glanced at Kakashi who was breathing lightly beneath white sheets. He looked back to Sakura and asked, “Is that why he lost consciousness?”

Sakura shrugged, staring at her unconscious husband, “I can’t say for sure. But I think I’ve been a trigger for his memories.”

Naruto punched her lightly on the shoulder and grinned, “Well, hey, that’s good then! He’s remembering you!”

Sakura smiled at him and then she looked down at her lap, “He fell in love with me again.”

She didn’t have to look at Naruto to imagine his shocked face when he spoke, “Really? That’s crazy. That’s got to be like true love or something.”

Sakura chuckled and looked back up at Naruto. He had been smiling, but frowned when he saw tears down her face. She wiped at them and Naruto scooted his chair closer to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, “What happened?”

“I pushed him away. I thought that I couldn’t…that he wasn’t the same…not my Kakashi,” Sakura replied, knowing she wasn’t making any sense, but too tired to try to sound intelligible.

But Naruto knew what she meant. He pulled her close to him and she leaned into his side. After a couple of minutes, he asked her, “What about now?”

She sighed, gazing at Kakashi on the bed, “I can fall in love with him over and over again.”

Naruto chuckled and rubbed his hand up and down her arm, “Then, there’s nothing to worry about. Kakashi will wake up soon. It’ll all work out with or without his memories.”

Sakura smiled, feeling a little lighter, “I think so, too.”


Kakashi woke with a jolt. He shot up from his bed and blinked around him. He felt breathless, but he didn’t know why. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest and thought he must have had a nightmare while he was asleep. He looked to his left for Sakura and realized he was in a hospital bed. Then, everything came back to him.

He had had amnesia. He had forgotten sixteen years of his life. He had forgotten his first genin team, an entire war, and Obito. But he didn’t care about any of it. Because he had forgotten her. Even now that he could remember everything, the thought of losing her just in memory was terrifying. And the fact that he had scared the hell out of him.

He searched in the dark room for her, because she had to be there, right? Before he could panic, he found her. At the foot of his bed, her head resting on her arms. He sighed in relief and felt his heart clench painfully. How could he have forgotten Sakura? She was only the most important person to him. The reason he’d become so happy in the past six years. The reason he didn’t grieve at the memorial stone everyday anymore. The reason he now dreaded going on missions, because he was away from her. The reason he’d finally thought he could have a family after all these years of thinking it was impossible.

He could still remember everything that had happened these past few months. He thought about Sakura, how she had stayed by his side when he hadn’t even known who she was. He thought about how sad she looked, not even realizing it then. But he did now and it broke his heart. How could he have done that to her?

He reached for her, needing to know she was really there. That this wasn’t all a dream. A memory he was going to forget in the morning. Forget this amazing woman who somehow had still found a way to love him despite it all.

Kakashi had barely touched her hair, when she stirred awake. She looked up at him slightly dazed, then her mind cleared. Her eyes were wide and she spoke in a small voice, “Kakashi?”

She looked so scared. And it was his fault. Kakashi took a shaky breath and told her, “I’m so sorry, Sakura, I –“

But suddenly she was in his arms, hugging him so tightly he knew he’d have bruises. But he didn’t care. She was crying and shaking in his arms. He held her closely, feeling his eyes start to burn. “Sakura, I’m so sorry. I-I can’t believe…I’m so sorry.”

Sakura pulled him closer to her if that was even possible and told him back, “It wasn’t your f-fault.”

Kakashi kissed the top of her head, “That was the worst nightmare I’ve ever had.”

Sakura chuckled humorlessly, turning her head towards him, “Same here.”

He met her eyes, hating that the green was surrounded by a puffy pink, “I’m so sorry.”

Sakura buried her face in his neck, “Stop apologizing.”

“I can’t believe I forgot you,” he whispered, still feeling shaken from almost losing who was in his arms, “You’re the only person I couldn’t stand to forget.”

Sakura pulled back and tugged down his mask. Then, she kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back, tasting the salt from her tears on her lips. The kiss started out slow and then turned more desperate. Sakura’s hands were buried in his hair, tugging on the silver locks. She was kissing him so deeply, he was finding it difficult to breathe. It was likes he was getting all she could from him, like they only had this one kiss. Like he was going to disappear from under her fingers any minute and maybe in a way he could.

When she finally broke away breathless, she stared at him like she was waiting for something. Kakashi leaned forward enough to kiss her on the corner of her mouth and whispered to her, “I love you.”

She was quiet for a moment and then she smiled, tears pouring out of her eyes. She laughed and kissed him all over his face, on his cheeks, his nose, his eyes. She ended with one more sweet kiss to the lips, “I love you, too. Always.”

Kakashi held on to her and she nestled herself into him, now laying completely on top of him in the small hospital bed. Not that either of them cared. Sakura laid her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around his torso, “I’m never letting you go. Even if you start to hate me.”

Kakashi shook his head, his hand coming down to comb through her pink hair, “I could never hate you. Even with only knowing you for a few weeks, I was already falling in love with you.”

Sakura sighed against him and he could practically feel her smiling. They were quiet for a while and Kakashi was sure Sakura was falling back asleep. But he didn’t want to, he was almost scared to.

“What if I don’t remember when I wake up?” he asked her, his voice nearly trembling.

But Sakura just lifted her head off of his chest and smiled at him, “I’ll just make you fall in love with me all over again.”

Kakashi looked into her eyes and felt his heart rate calm down. He raised his hand to cup her cheek and she leaned into his touch. He asked her, “Promise?”

She nodded, smiling at him so warmly he could never imagine letting her go. She dug into her pocket and pulled out a chain and Kakashi recognized his wedding band hanging from it. She gave it to him and he slipped the ring off the chain and on to his finger before giving her the chain back. She told him, “I've worn this everyday since you lost your memory, to keep you close to me. When I had gone back to our house and you collapsed, I was going to tell you that I loved you. I was going to have us start back over.”

Kakashi brought her face to his and kissed her softly, “I promise I’ll always love you. Even if I have to learn how to do it all over again.”

And he fell asleep holding her with an odd sense that everything was going to work out even if it seemed like it wouldn’t.


*6 years later*

“Daddy!” a child screamed and little feet padded across the floorboards towards him.

Kakashi swung the giggling little girl up into his arms, “Hey, princess.”

Akiko hugged his neck and he held her to his chest, “Missed you.”

Kakashi squeezed her and kissed the top of her head, “Missed you more.”

Akiko pulled away and met his eyes with her matching charcoal ones. She shook her head, pink locks shaking with the movement, “Impossible.”

Kakashi chuckled and poked her on the nose, “Nope.”

Akiko laughed and poked him back. Sakura came into the room then with a sigh of relief, “Kashi, thank kami. I thought you’d be home days ago.”

Kakashi put Akiko down and went over to his wife. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the lips, “Sorry, had some unexpected company.”

Sakura frowned and looked over him. Kakashi kissed her again, “I’m fine. I wouldn’t scare Akiko like that.”

“I know,” Sakura sighed against his lips, “Force of habit.”

Kakashi pulled away with a kiss to her cheek. Then, licked his lips tasting something odd. He looked back to Sakura and saw blue batter on her face. He raised an eyebrow and wiped it away with his thumb, “Blue batter?”

Sakura shrugged with a smile, “It’s what she wanted.”

Akiko ran over to them and tugged on Kakashi’s pants, “Daddy, want to see the cake?”

Kakashi nodded, “Of course.”

Akiko grabbed his hand in her small one and pulled him to the kitchen. She pointed excitedly at the table where a blue dog bone shaped cake sat. Akiko put her hands on her hips proudly, reminding Kakashi of her mother, “Mama and me made it for the new puppies!”

Kakashi laughed, looking at the writing on the cake that was obviously Akiko’s, “It looks great, sweetie.”

Akiko grinned and then ran out of the room, yelling, “I’m going to get the hats!”

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at Sakura, “Hats?”

Sakura laughed and held up her hands, “Hey, I’m letting her do whatever she wants. They’re her ninken. If she wants to have a party for them, then she can.”

Kakashi looked at her slightly nervous, “She is only five, do you think she can summon enough chakra for the contract?”

Sakura nodded, pulling new dog bowls out of a shopping bag, “I think so. We’ve been practicing her chakra control. If not, she can always try again later. The contract’s just a formal thing at this point, I think she’s more excited to meet them.”

Kakashi had retired his own ninken a couple years ago since they had started to age. He didn’t want to lose any of them in battle, so he didn’t summon them anymore. They just lived happily at the Hatake household as pets. But the ninken had always been loyal to the Hatake Clan and they told Kakashi that they had already picked puppies for Akiko to raise as her own ninken.

When Akiko finally told Kakashi she was ready, he summoned Pakkun for her who brought with him eight puppies. Akiko ran over immediately and cooed at them all, introducing herself to each of them. Kakashi and Sakura chuckled, and Pakkun explained to her that they couldn’t exactly talk yet.

But Akiko was still happy and she strapped little party hats on each puppy. Pakkun told her all of their names and she listened to him intently, going over them until she had them memorized. They loved her and licked at her face, jumping on her and almost making her fall down. She giggled and helped Sakura put their specially made doggy cake in bowls and put them in front of them.

As they ate, Akiko looked up at Kakashi excitedly, bouncing on the balls of her feet, “Daddy, can I try and do the contract now?”

Kakashi glanced at Sakura and nodded, “Sure, honey. You remember the seals?”

She nodded and Kakashi summoned the contract and explained to her one more time how it works. She nodded along with him and Pakkun laid down in front of them, overseeing the whole thing. To Kakashi’s relief, Akiko did it perfectly and added her name to the scroll.

Before he tucked her in that night, Akiko told him, “Mama told me a story today.”

Kakashi sat at the edge of her bed, “Oh?”

She smiled, “She told me about when you lost your memory.”

Kakashi frowned. Why had Sakura told her about that? But Akiko just continued smiling, “She told me that you fell in love with her again.”

Kakashi smiled back at her, “Yes, I did.”

“That’s so cute. Like a fairytale,” Akiko told him sleepily and then she asked, “Daddy, have you ever forgot Mama again?”

Kakashi shook his head, “No, after that day that I woke up and remembered everything, I never forgot again.”

Akiko asked him, “What if you forgot again?”

Kakashi ruffled her hair, “Then, Mama and I would get to fall in love all over again.”

Akiko smiled sleepily with a nod, “Uncle Naruto was here too and he told me you guys had true love.”

Kakashi laughed and tucked Akiko into her covers. He kissed her head, “That’s true. Now, go to sleep, Akiko. We can talk in the morning. Goodnight, I love you.”

“Love you.”

Kakashi stepped out of the room quietly, closing the door behind him and found Sakura leaning by the wall outside the door. She grinned when she saw him and pulled him towards her, “Akiko pointed out that I’m living in a fairytale and I’d have to agree.”

Kakashi kissed her with a chuckle, “Well, I have found my one true love.”

Sakura snorted, “Don’t be so cheesy.”

Kakashi wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to their bedroom, “I have a five year old little girl, I’m going to be cheesy.”

Sakura leaned against him, “That’s true. But I’ve learned to love all you cheesy jokes by now.”

Kakashi pulled her towards the bed and whispered the most ridiculous pick-up lines he could think of as he kissed her, just to show her how cheesy he could be. But she just laughed into his lips and Kakashi trusted that Sakura would always love every part of him, cheesy jokes and all.