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Concrete Revolutio is not mine

Jiro entered his room with a sigh. Today has been a rough day, the whole week was. He doesn't know why, but it seems that everyone decided to collectively mess with him for the whole week. But that's not what is bothering him currently.
Jiro, as a normal functioning human, obviously has his needs. Currently, Jiro is in need of something.
More precisely, sexual needs.
Come to think of it, Jiro, a nearly 30 years old male, should've already had a spouse, but either he's not interested yet or he's the unluckiest man in the world, he hasn't got any. And so, he seek to satisfy it himself by doing what people normally do in this situation.
He then slipped into his pajama, and wait until later on to do it. It's not that he's worried about getting caught in the act as there's barely people in his house, let alone that goes into his bedroom but, just for precaution that he wait.
He waited until around midnight, when he's sure that the others had already asleep. He then locked the door, and turn off the light. He then walk to his window to close the curtain, but then decides not to. He then walk to his bed, and sat down while resting his back on the head of the bed.
Before he proceed, he contemplates on his decision, but it didn't take long as his excitement is showing with the arousal on his pants. He let out a sigh, and lead his hand towards his crotch.
He grind his teeth as his hand cupped the bulge on his pants. He paused for a while before massaging it through the fabric of his pants. He shivered at the sensation and, deciding not to waste too much time, slid his hand inside his pants and his underwear. He held back a moan as his hand got into contact with the tip of his penis. He then starts to move his hand up and down his length slowly, not wanting to rush it to enjoy the sensation.
After enough teasing, Jiro decide to continue. He grabbed the elastic band of his pants and tuck it down a little, and then use his other hand to pull out his cock. He starts to pump slowly, part of his mind screams faster, but he doesn't want this to end too soon. But he, too, cannot keep it up forever.
He then starts picking up the pace, going faster and faster, but controlled so that he won't lose control. Not feeling enough, his left hand then goes down his pants and played with his balls, rolling it and caressing it.
At this point, Jiro just couldn’t hold it anymore, his pace become erratic alongside his breath. Soon, he feel the familiar feeling of something rising, which encourage him to go faster. The pleasure becomes unbearable..
And then he came.
He bit his lip to hold his moan as his orgasm hits, white fluids spraying out, covering his hand and his clothes. He keeps on his pumping until the orgasm completely subside. He catch his breath, then observe his body. With a sigh, he grabbed a box of tissue, and starts wiping the semen of his hand and, to extent, his dick. He also wipes some that lands on his shirt. He then throw away the used tissues onto the trash can after making sure there's no trace of semen left. Unfortunately, his pajama is now stained with semen and sweat. He decides to discard it all, and slip under his blanket naked, and went to sleep.