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Heartbroken, A Kalicia romance

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Chapter 11- Strikes and hits

Kalinda's heart pounded rapidly as she got into her apartment. She knew he was there. She sensed him, she smelt him. Trying to act as if she didn't, she flipped on the light and made her way to the bedroom, taking off her jacket in the process. Feeling the gun she had placed at the back of her skirt, under her blouse, she breathed slightly calmer. She didn't blink once when she discovered him, sitting on her bed, playing with the baseball-bat that had been beside her nightstand.

' We have to stop meeting like this.'

Kalinda knew he had been waiting to say the words, but didn't want to grant him the pleasure of them having any effect on her. She was surprised how much they actually did. There was a time, not too long ago when men like Blake meant nothing to her. She would have played with him, maybe even would have slept with him or, if she really would have thought him dangerous, maybe she would have fled. Hid. Again. But not now. The investigator knew, deep down, what had changed, but she still had trouble admitting it to herself.

Remembering that attack was her best defense, she didn't answer with words, but simply looked at him, while she began to unbutton her blouse. She saw his demeanor change immediately and his eyes widened.

Strike one, she had taken him by surprise.

He licked his lips, and Kalinda had to suppress a shiver of disgust. Her emotions laid much too much on the surface, since… No… Now was not the time to let those thoughts enter her head.

' You know the investigation they have going for you… I could try to… Make that go away, if you want.'

She moved closer to him, pressing aside the slips of her white silk blouse, revealing the black adorned bra.

' And why would you want to do that?'

She was happy to hear her voice still did her bidding and spoke the words teasing, seductive and without a hint of hesitation.

He placed the bat against the bed and stood, his eyes narrowing.

' Are you armed? Wired?'

She pulled the gun from its hiding place and threw it to the side, spreading her arms and legs, indicating he was welcome to search her. As he did so, she felt as if she was watching from above, taking in the scene. She didn't feel his hands or his body as he pressed it against hers.

' My turn'

She turned around suddenly and wasn't completely surprised he, smiling, let her search him. As she took away his weapons, his smile became more cocky. What was it with men like Blake? He obviously thought he was so irresistible that she couldn't wait to get into his pants, no matter what he had planned for her. As he was stripped to his boxers, she smiled back, moving her own body against his, pushing him back onto the bed.

' Why are you doing this?'

She felt the goosebumps arise as she breathed the words into his ear, the warm seductive air rising more than the hairs on his skin.

Strike two, she had gotten him aroused.

' What are you looking for?'

She sensed how his hands slid over the fabric of her bra, trying to find the clasp and noticed how his breathing had fastened. As she moved slightly, getting the clasp out of his reach teasingly, she heard him whimper. Now she was playing the game she was good at, she felt her confidence get stronger and she knew that made her movements seem even more sensuous.

' They just… They wanted me to look into you'

She moved a little closer to him again, smiling slightly as she looked into his eyes and batted her lashes.

' They?'

' Listen, honey, I don't know who they are, ok, so you're barking up the wrong tree there. All I know is that they pay me and they want to know everything about you there is to know. I guess you made some enemies.'

As she let his hand find the clasp, she pressed herself against him, preventing the bra to fall down as she slowly licked his jaw. She heard him moan as she reached his ear.

' Would you find out for me?'

She knew she had him, she knew what he would say and she knew what her response would be.

'Hmmm what would I get in return?'

Strike Three and out. He was in her court now, and it was her turn to hit.

As she kissed him and he hungrily devoured her mouth, she let her hand slide around the baseball bat behind him.

The hit was strong and without a hint of hesitation, the sound of his breaking ribs should have been nauseating. But she didn't feel anything as she watched on. He gasped for air, collapsing to the ground, hugging his chest. As she placed the bat back against the bed and calmly observed him while she got dressed, she smiled at the devastation in his eyes.

Strike One. A great hit. It looks like it`s out of the park.

' I know it feels like you can't breathe. Just calm down, you will be able to inhale in a few seconds. Here's the way it is, Calamar. It`s not about what I will do to you if you do find out. It's about what I'll do to you when you don't.'

Seemingly still unable to utter a word, he glared at her before slowly making his way to the door.

' What? Stay! Recover! It was a heavy night for you, please. Take the floor. I'll see you at work tomorrow.'

Placing the gun in its earlier hiding-space and picking up the baseball-bat and a small sports-bag from the corner of the room, she looked at him and shook her head before stepping over him. As she made her way out the door he whispered something and she turned to smile at him again.

' What was that, now?'

' I called him, you know…'

Her eyes focused on his raging ones, trying to determine what he was referring to. He spoke the words slowly, but the pain she saw in his eyes no longer satisfied her.

' I called your husband'

And just like that, he caught the ball.