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Keeping Up Appearances

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Olivia was pouring orange juice to have with breakfast.   Everyone else had left, Olivia had slept in but she didn't care, she had nowhere to be unlike the others who were in relationships and led busy lives.  Her peace and quiet was interrupted when Lena walked in with a girl with bright blonde hair and pale skin, in her arms she carried a small pale boy with the same thick blonde hair. "Mom. . Who are they...?" Olivia asked paying no mind to the two who were standing right by Lena at the door. 
"Well sweetie this is Cathy and this is Cory" she replied turning her attention to them.   "Now you two will have to share the couch for now until we figure something out but still feel free to make yourself at home and you can come to me if you need anything" she explained before walking to where Olivia was sitting.  
"I thought you weren't taking in anymore foster kids" Olivia whispered.  
"It's just for now.   They need a place to stay.  Just make them feel welcome.   They won't be here long and Cory is already very sick so things are hard for them" Lena whispered back, she was a sucker for sad stories like this.  Meredith was the first to return along with her boyfriend Derek.  He was practically a part of the family he spent so much time there, he and Meredith both had the same dream of becoming a doctor and they were already taking basic first aid classes and training courses.  That's how they first met.
"Hey mom.  Who are they?" Meredith asked, going to the fridge to see what she could have as a snack before lunch. 
"Cory and Cathy. They're a charity case" Olivia replied, getting a look from Lena as a result.  "What?" she asked shrugging casually. Before Lena could get a word in the entire family had returned early for lunch after all it was a weekend, unfortunately Stef had to cover Mike's shift so she was working and would only be home for an hour, two at the most.   That gave her time to be introduced to Cory and Carrie and to get angry with Lena for not telling her about taking in more kids, the house was clearly full enough as it was.
"They have no one.   It's just temporary, a few weeks at the very most" Lena pleaded.  
"Fine. But don't do something like this again.  You need to talk to me about these things" Stef sighed and kissed Lena's cheek.  "Okay?"
"Okay" Lena said happily.  Everything would work out.  They hoped......

As everyone sat around the table, all eyes were on Cathy and Cory who sat on her lap.   He looked to be no more than five no one expected him to be 8.  He didn't act or think like an 8 year old, but that was his age.  As for Cathy she looked much older than 15, she had a great figure from practicing dance which left the guys staring, all except Derek who had all his attention on Meredith.  "So Cathy.  Why don't you tell us a little about you and Cory?' Stef asked trying to make conversation. 
"This is our first foster home.  They say foster care can be an awful experience but I'd rather be in that hell than the one I was in. Cory.... there's not a lot to say about him.  As for me I dance....and talk too much clearly..." she said looking down.  Clary smiled.
"No.  Trust me, no one talks more than Nina and Elena. Once you get those two started they don't shut up" she smiled and laughed a little.  Elena smiled too rolling her eyes playfully and Nina simply smiled to herself.   The family was so close, it gave a warm and welcoming feeling.  Meredith got up dragging Derek off with her.  She didn't appreciate the little things as much as before.   She had gotten used to things.  All she was thinking of now was her and Derek. She didn't think Cathy and Cory would stay very long so there was no point in getting to know them, a makeout session with mcdreamy was much more interesting to her.

Meanwhile downstairs Cathy brought Cory away from the noise of the chattering family.  He looked up at her. 
"Momma?" he asked weakly, Cathy was about to correct him but decided not to. 
"Yeah honey?'
"I feel funny" he mumbled. 
"It's okay.  You'll be okay.  Just rest sweetie it's alright" she kissed his head and cradled him in her arms.   She loved him so much and he was the only one she had left.  The only one from her past, her only family.  At least that's what she thought but unfortunately her pleasant stay with the Fosters was about to take a turn for the worst.....