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The Nickname

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Fans usually think that being an actor is always really exiting but in fact working on a set implied a lot of waiting, more waiting than acting. It can take hours between takes but Richard Armitage doesn’t really mind because it gives him a lot of time for his favorite pastime: looking over his boyfriends. It gives him time to look at their gorgeous features without them noticing. Richard is not a very talkative guy but he is an observant one, who gets to know and appreciate people by observing them: the way they act, talk, breath, smile, eat.

Only dressed in his fat suit, Richard was comfortably seated on his chair next to Martin and Graham, his long legs crossed, his piercing blue eyes focused on Aidan. The young man was laughing at Stephen’s enthusiastic air-guitar solo when he caught Richard’s gaze. Aidan gives him a shy and tender smile. Richard even if he was sad and confused, couldn’t help but smile back.
He shifted his attention on Dean, who was pacing like a tiger in a cage, his eyes on his phone, probably texting someone or choosing music from his CCR playlist, a bored sigh escaping his shaped pink lips. Dean is probably not aware that even bored and a little impatient, he still looks breathtaking and Richard suddenly wants to cross the room, take him in his arms and press light kisses on his ear to make him smile… but he suppresses this need from his mind.
The three have agreed to keep their relationship secret. The other cast members probably suspect that there’s something going on between them but they never talk or joke about it and they respect their co-star’s private life. It’s Richard who insists the most on being subtle about their relationship because he wanted to protect his lovers and their careers. He needed to avoid the nightmare of having their photo and names published in some crap magazine under the title: « Hobbit cast gone wild : an unexpected threesome ».

Richard relaxed his head back on the top of the chair, closes his eyes and sighs, lost in his thoughts. As much as he loves his boyfriends (and probably always will), these days he is getting frustrated. He tried very hard not to, telling himself to be a grown man and not let something so stupid affect him… but that didn’t work and he was still angry and sad.

The problem that Richard obsessed over was the nickname problem. Aidan and Dean had nicknames and not him, and he was kind of jealous.
The point is that his lovers were always very polite to him, very respectful and admiring, almost reverent. They stopped calling him Mr. Armitage when they first kissed and since then, they only call him Richard, never « Rich » like some of the other cast members. Richard doesn’t really mind not being called « rich » by those two and he is fine with « Richard » in public situations. The thing that bothers him is the fact that his boyfriends showed the same respectful distance all the time, even in bed. A sweaty, panting and very naked Aidan, with his fists clenched, fingers tangled in the bed sheets, back arching with pleasure, will probably say « Please Richard, may I have you, I want you very much, please take me » instead of something like « fuck me hard and dirty, babe!!».

Of course Richard can’t be the « baby » of anyone… because the role is already taken… by Aidan. Richard called Aidan « my baby » out loud one morning while kissing his neck and holding him tight against his chest and since then the nickname had stuck. Richard tried to use this harmless and pretty common love nickname for his other boyfriend but that didn’t work.
That afternoon they were in Richard’s trailer, cuddling on the couch and Dean suddenly stood up to refill his glass of water in the kitchen but Richard had decided otherwise and grabbed him by the waist to pull him down on his lap : « come back here baby » said Richard joyfully.

But Dean struggled to escape his older lover’s grip saying « sorry Richard, I’m not Baby, Aid is the official one now ».
« Yeah! I’m the one and the only! » replied the young Irishman with a boyish grin. The nickname was really not original and Richard didn’t really understand why they wanted it to be exclusive but he agreed that it was the perfect nickname for Aidan. His beautiful, keen Aidan, all childish and sexy at the same time and he was the youngest of the three of them after all. Richard accepted the idea because it was true; Aidan really was his boyfriends’ baby.

Dean gets his nickname about one week later. Thorin and Kili had to shoot an outdoor scene and the weather was shitty all day, wind and rain even hail in mid-afternoon but Peter decided to shoot anyway. Fili was not in that scene so Dean went back to his trailer, took a long warm shower and changed his clothes trying to look casual but sexy. He searched in his closet and found two warm blankets he throws on the couch than he left his trailer with the spare keys for Aidan’s and Richard’s trailers and he came back with clean and comfy clothes for both of them. He began to wait for his lovers, preparing hot chocolate the way he knew his boyfriends liked it: with a hint of mint cream for Richard and with caramel and marshmallows for Aidan. When they arrived in Dean’s trailer minutes later, exhausted and soaking wet, they were delighted by Dean’s little attentions. He helped them take off their wet dirty costumes, trying to warm them with hot kisses and caresses. Then he pushed them into the shower.

When the two men were cleaned and changed and seated on the couch Dean wrapped them in the blankets and brings their cups
: « this one’s for my baby, and this one’s for you Richard, careful, it’s still really hot »
And he sits next to the men of his life, smiling.
Buried in the comforting blanket, Aidan took a small sip of his cup and raised with a weepy thankful look « you don’t know how amazing, wonderful and sweet you are Dean, do you? ».
« yeah, you really are» added Richard

Dean took a sip from his own cup with a mischievous grin, « thanks guys… you know… I only did it to enjoy the fantastic sex afterward, because you two owe me a favour now».
Richard burst into laughter and opened his arms: « come here you adorable rabbit in heat! »
Dean put down his cup on the table and snuggled in Richard’s manly arms, his legs on Aidan’s laps. The older actor leaned down to brush the tip of his long nose over Dean’s forehead; he took his time, appreciating the contact of the blond’s smaller body with his chest. He pressed his lips gently to Dean’s who let out a small sigh of contentment. When Richard broke the kiss he cupped the young man’s cheek in his hands, brushing one thumb over his lower lip.
« That’s weird, you taste like honey » he whispered.
« Yeah, strange indeed because I didn’t eat honey today… »
« That’s because YOU are the honey » replied Aidan with a husky voice, pressing a kiss on his boyfriend’s knee, « you are always sweet and kind, to us, to everyone, you are so sweet even your skin tastes like melted sugar. It’s a taste that I am already addicted to, you know. »
Richard buried his fingers in Dean’s blond hair. « and his hair is the right color : golden as clover flower honey » noted Richard in his mind but he didn’t voice that thought… because it was pretty mushy. Instead he tightened his grip around his lover’s body to lift him in his arms: « I will take you to the bedroom honey, so Aidan and I can reward you for your kindness».
« Yes, please Richard, It would be very lovely, if you want to of course »
Richard rolled his eyes, « are you gonna call me Mr. Armitage? Because if you do I’ll leave… » he was only half-joking… « of course I want to, and you don’t have to ask permission for me to pleasure you until you beg for mercy ». Dean shivered in his older lover’s arms, anticipating what was coming.
Richard gently put Dean on the bed and Aidan crawled to lie on top of his blond lover and began to undress him while kissing his jaw line and neck, Dean squirmed and mewled under him.
Relax honey! Aidan whispered fondly into his ear.
The night is still young…, added Richard removing his own shirt.
That night they made sweet love to Dean and that was how he got his nickname… honey….another totally not original nickname but that suits him very well.

This happened 2 months ago and right now Richard was worrying because he wonders when he will have a nickname as well. But the lads keep on calling him Richard and being very polite all the time like he was almost a stranger, a lord, or a living god, or something like that, even if he was sharing their bed almost every night for 4 months and it was nearly driving him insane.
After all those months, the nickname problem had become very hard to handle. He felt left apart, like he was not able to be really included in his lover’s privacy. He had tried very hard to shut up the paranoid-Richard that lived in his head, whispering horrible things to him like:
« Dean and Aidan they are each other’s Ones, you are just an intruder in their love life, that’s why they don’t give you what you want »


« You think they love you but they are just sort of « fangirling » about you, you are a kink for them, nothing more, just a phantasm; they just see the older actor they admire in you, not an equal, not a real lover ».

Richard doesn’t want to think such things but he can’t help it because he was dearly, deadly, desperately in love. He was now watching Aidan chatting with Stephen, gesticulating while he talked, utterly cute in Kili’s costume. And there was Dean not far away, now calm and serious like a real heir of Durin, his stunning pale blue eyes still focused on his phone.

Richard wanted to kick himself, because he hated himself for doubting the trueness of his boyfriends’ feelings. Richard knows he should talk to them but how can he possibly talk about it without looking like a complete idiot… or worse.

« Aidan, Dean, please give me a cute nickname, little pink unicorn, great sexy pumpkin, whatever, anything, I don’t mind, I just want to know you love me and care about me. I need this to know that we are a thing for real.»
No! That sounds really weird and dependant.

Or maybe…

« hey Baby, Honey, I want you to call me [insert something here] when we are alone together »

Definitely not! Sounds like I am an old creepy pervert…

He sighs, loudly, pushing a few strands of Thorin’s wig out of his tense face.
« Rich? You okay mate? »
Martin’s voice snapped Richard out of his reverie.
« Yeah Martin, I’m okay, thanks »
« You look angry… »
Suddenly, Peter’s voice calling them on the set saved the tall actor from further investigations.