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It’s the winter of 1952 in Central City and the young shop girl Kara Danvers is awoken by her alarm on a very particularly cold morning. Sighing and pulling herself out of bed nonetheless, she manages to somehow make her way to her wood stove where she lights it and hopes it’ll warm her apartment quickly. Warming her hands on the crackling fire for just a minute till the sleep is somewhat shaken from her eyes. She brushes her teeth and goes to the window to see her boyfriend Jimmy Olsen on his bicycle on the street below.


Opening the window and smiling down at him, “I like your scribbles.”


Jimmy looks to the chalk drawings on the ground behind him and just laughs and decides to play along, “Yeah, I’ve been busy. I don’t know how you do it.”


Kara smiles from above and wraps her arms around herself tighter to fight off the cold, “What?”


“Manage to look like a million bucks so early in the morning.”


Shaking her head Kara smirks, “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”


Kara Danvers dressed and ready to meet the day locks her apartment door behind her and bounds down the steps and out to greet Jimmy where she kisses him on the cheek, sliding onto the back of his bicycle. While on her way to work he seems more into making conversation then she does, “So I go the schedules in the mail. You listening to me?”


“Yes, I’m listening, you got the schedules.”


“There’s two sailings to France in June and one in July.”


Kara isn’t that impressed and not very sure if she feels like she’s up to it but she responds with a unenthusiastic, “Wow.”


Jimmy pedals on through the park and passed a pond waiting for more than a simple wow, “So what do you think?”


“I think...I think it’s too cold and I can’t think straight,” she just laughs and hopes it’ll put him off her answer for awhile.


“Alright, let’s get you warmed up.”


As they enter work at a department store the guard hands them all santa hats stated that they’re compliments from management on account of the season. Jimmy tries to make conversation with Kara but she only acts uninterested as it is. Leaning down to kiss her on the cheek, “Well, I’ve gotta open the floor, I’ll see you later.”


Kara just smiles and waves him a goodbye as she puts her santa hat on and heads off to her department for work. She works in the toy department so many dolls for little girls and yet what really catches her attention is the train set that goes around and around all day. Customers are trickling in now, having to get their children their presents before Christmas comes. Kara stands at the counter waiting patiently like a good little store clerk her eyes wandering through the mess of people. That is until her gaze falls on a older blonde woman in a fur coat across the store standing at the train set, her brown gloves held in one hand. The train set turns off as she accidently brushes the on/off switch and she immediately looks up to meet Kara’s gaze. It’s like through all of time and space they were meant to have their gazes meet across a busy room out of all the people. Their silent staring contest is interrupted as a woman holding her daughters asks Kara where the women’s restroom is.


Breaking her gaze from the older woman Kara smiles reluctantly at the woman, “Oh, if you head back to the elevator and take a right you can’t miss it.”


“Thank you!”


Rushing to look back to see if the woman is still there Kara is disappointed to see she’s moved on. A few minutes later while she’s trying to arrange a display case a pair of gloves are placed on the counter, “I was wondering if you could help me find a gift for my son.”


“Oh? What would you have in mind.”


The blonde woman goes to light up a cigarette but Kara interrupts her, “I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to smoke on the sales floor.”


Sighing the blonde woman lowers the cigarette from her mouth, “I’m sorry, shopping makes me nervous.”


“That’s alright, working here makes me nervous.”


“What did you want for a present when you were a kid?”


Kara smiles and looks in the distance, “A train set.”


The blonde woman smirks, “Really?” Kara nods happily, “Do you know much about train sets?”


Enthusiastically Kara points to the train set she saw her at earlier, “I do, we actually just got a new model in last week. It’s hand built and hand painted, it’s limited edition, one of 5000. You may have seen it earlier over by the elevators. I would show you but I’m sort of confined to this desk.”


The older woman looks over to the train set from earlier and contemplates it, “Do you ship?”


“Special delivery. You could have it in two or three days. They’d even assemble it for you.”


Smirking the woman makes up her mind, “Well, that’s that. Sold,” they just stare at each other for a minute until the older woman speaks up, “So should I pay now?”


Completely flustered Kara turns to the paperwork behind her, “Oh, yes, of course. Um…” she steadily fills out all the information needed before asking, “We’ll need your account details and your shipping address.”


“Of course. I love Christmas. Wrapping presents and all that. And then somehow you wind up overcooking the turkey anyway,” scribbling her final signature she confidently slides the paperwork over and says, “Done. Where’d you learn so much about train sets?”


“Oh, I read. Too much, probably.”


Kara hands her the receipt, “Well that’s refreshing. Thank you. Merry Christmas.”


Kara smiles her megawatt smile and responds with her own, “Merry Christmas.”


The blonde woman turns and walks away, Kara’s gaze following her every inch of the way as the woman stops a few steps from the counter and spins around and points to her own head, “I like the hat.”


And then she turns and resumes her exit of the store but she’s left Kara clutching her clipboard and her gaze unable to turn away from where this beautiful woman once stood. Kara is hypnotized and can’t quite understand why she’s so drawn to a woman she just met. Finally breaking her gaze she goes to process the information and notices that the woman left one of her gloves on the counter. Snatching it up Kara isn’t quite sure whether she should go run after that woman or hold onto it. But settles with the only logical thing being she should mail it to the address she just left with her. One things for sure though, this woman has sparked something inside of Kara she never knew was there.