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A end worth living for

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You had joined an organization not too long ago called the Rfa. You met some pretty amazing people and honestly, they were some of the greatest friends you could ever have.

Most of the time they would cheer you up and that never failed to give you motivation to press on.

What they didn't know was your secret. You were almost sure seven knew because he did background checks on you, but he never brought itup.

You had a terminal disease eating away at every cell in your body. Constantly in pain but you had to push on for these friends.

The days before the party were approaching, and even though you tried to keep your distance you couldn't help but fall for each member. They were all so dear, which made it harder to make this decision.

Your legs no longer worked like they used to before. Trying to play it off in the camera, using the broken foot excuse.

But that would only work for so long. You can no longer breathe on your own, but the other members Didn't know that. They treated you like you belonged, like one of them. And that warm feeling was addicting.

You never want to ruin that. Which is why this party needs to be above and beyond. After all your end is approaching


You join the chat on the 11th day, and reminisce on past moments. Every bit of joy you've experienced these past days were more than all the happiness you've had in your entire life.

After talking for a little bit they each leave one by one saying they'll see you soon. "Oh..."

You sigh, that's all you can manage. After checking up on last minute details, you wheel your way out of the apartment, with the oxygen tank attached to the wheelchair. "Thank god for elevators" you manage to mumble only to be short of breath.

You don't want to surprise the other members so you manage to sneak in undetected. You only want to see the party, not participate.

Because that would only make it harder to say goodbye.

You knew there was no cure or operation, as your mother passed away from the very same illness.

Sitting quietly in the corner the members enter your line of sight. Each one elegantly dressed, but show signs of worry. You already know, it's because you're not there. "I'm sorry" you manage to gasp out.

Shortly after those words, Jaehee appears by your side.

"Excuse me, I don't believe you checked in. May I have your name?" She asks in a formal matter.

She was dressed in a slightly more fashionable work uniform. her eyes bore into you as she takes in the wheelchair. Along the many other much needed health supplies.


After clearing your throat a few times you quietly manage to reply. "Y/n." It comes out raspy and even though you only said one word, you want, no need more air, repositioning the nasal hose that breathes for you. For a split second you see shock.

Then a sense of sadness. "So it's you... You're quite.." You knew she was struggling. Everyone does when they see you, only looks of pity. Damn there goes the sneak in sneak out plan. "I'm not what you were expecting right?" You manage to squeeze out, hurting your lungs in the process. It must've taken notice to the other members because now they're surrounding you.

Each one, taking in who you are. The first one to speak is yoosung. "Who cares if you're a little broken, your still amazing for putting this party together!".

'No no no... Please stay away,' You think, 'I don't want to hurt you.' But no words escape. Your vision blurs as you think about your future. "Way to make the lady cry." Zen spoke up in a worried voice. You want to run and never look back, scream and tell them to stop.

You didn't think it would be this big of a problem. But you manage to say "I.. Have cachexia... And many other..." You take a break to breathe. "Types of cancers."

You take a moment to catch you breath. Waiting for their response. How will they react? Pity? Sadness?what about yoosung? He lost a close one and he is soon to lose another. You want to hide, make them forget you ever existed. After all you're a time bomb waiting to explode, hurting everyone around you.

"Well let's make this the best first party!" Yoosung says quite excitedly. "Yoosung, please calm down."

You turn your head to the raven haired male who spoke. "Jumin...." You say. He must've understood. After all you can barely talk in your condition. "Well I believe it's time to give your great speech, impress the mighty God seven~"

You hear the energetic voice and it gives you hope. False hope but confidence. After a struggle of getting on the stage to the podium, you glance out. How did it end up this way? Sneak in sneak out, that was the plan!

You take a deep breathe, because God knows you'll need it. Funny how things work out.

"Hello... Everyone, thank you for coming." Stopping to breathe "It means allot ... To me to host... This great party... And I hope it meets.. Everyone's" you pause. Please not now, a few more words just work. Your body catches up and you continue "expectations... I know I... Might look a little worn..." After clearing your throat you start up again "but I promise to make it through the party at least... As this will be the..."

Stopping to hold back the tears, you inhale and exhale. Trying to shake away the light head feeling. "This will be the first and last one I'm hosting.." There's a few gasps and you turn to look at the members.

Who all give you confused looks. All except the 2 members who figured it out, and instead of confusion it's...


"I want to make this a good party so please do not let my announcement ruin the... Atmosphere."

Pausing for a moment, " thank you again, have a good night." You end abruptly and slowly wheel your way down.

Although it didn't last long as the next thing you know your seeing black and hearing a voice shout "Y/N!"


You wake up, the smell of sterilized utensils enters your nose. Hospital. You move around only to realize you're immobilized by needles and tubes in places that tubes shouldn't be. "Is this it?" You mumble to yourself, only to reveal you're also wearing an oxygen mask. Figures.

After a quiet knock, the door slightly opens. To reveal all the members except for one. Everyone but V, which was okay as you only talked to him a few times, and at the party if that could be called talking.

"Hey sleepyhead you were knocked out cold for a few days." Says a certain blonde haired boy. Oh how you loved them all. You couldn't bring yourself to push them away, but you don't want to say goodbye.

They're your only friends. Hell they could even be called family. You look at each of them. Silence fills the air except for the machines keeping you alive.

How did it turn out like this? How did you get such amazing people around you, you don't deserve it. The pain you will cause them, but you know your time is running out.

"I'm.. Sorry" Quiet words spoken in a raspy voice.

"Y/n... Your gonna be okay right?" Yoosung gets the response that comes off a little too harsh

"Please go away...".

"Can it be cured? I can hire the best to help you."

Without even looking you knew who said it. Haha, only if they knew. It's called terminal for a reason, incurable.

You only want to go in peace. But thats so hard to do when the people you love most are right next to you.

"No... Don't waste it on someone.... Like... Me" barely