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The Russian Perspective

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The first time I saw Katsuki Yuuri was in the entrance hall of the stadium after the event. I must have walked straight past him when I was talking to Yuri about his performance, but I became aware of someone's gaze as I stood waiting for Yakov to finish yelling at Yuri, and turned to look. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't recognize him as a fellow competitor, and asked him if he wanted a commemorative photo, he looked so shocked and hurt at that, and I was left staring after him when he turned and walked away.

He had been with two men, one shouted in Japanese after him, and the other yelled out "Yuuri" in an annoyed voice. It was then I realized my mistake, he was Coach Celestino from Detroit, and that had been Katsuki Yuuri of Japan who'd come in sixth place, and lost his chance to compete further.

Yuri!!! on Ice - 01 snapshot @05.28

Yuri had also taken note of the shout, and was glaring at the Japanese Yuuri's back, muttering angrily in Russian, "Pathetic idiot!! Good riddance to bad rubbish!!" I was surprised at his ire, as far as I knew they had never met, and as Yakov dragged both of us away in the opposite direction, I asked Yuri what was wrong. He told me about his meeting with the other Yuri in the toilets, "A dog!! Can you believe it!! He fucked up over a dead dog!! He doesn't deserve to be here!! There should be only one Yuri competing here, and that's me!!" I had unwittingly rubbed salt in fresh wounds due to my own airhead-ness, and Yuri's adolescent arrogance, we had hurt a grieving person, and I'd missed out on getting a hug from a cute boy in glasses.

I started to follow Katsuki Yuuri from then on, nothing official of course... I just wanted to make sure he was okay, or that was how it started anyway... I watched every performance I could find online (which were better than I expected), looked at the photos posted by his roommate of his everyday college life, and his continued skating training, he was my dirty little secret, at the end of a hard days training, or when I was feeling stressed about my choreography, his cuteness healed me. So as a result... I actually saw the video of Yuuri dancing my routine before it went viral!!

Yuri!!! on Ice - 01 snapshot @19.55

In the time that I'd been watching Yuuri I'd come to the conclusion that he had uptapped potential. Coaches saw how he was normally, shy, unassuming, and a bit clumsy, then they made the mistake of letting that influence his choreography, but the fact is that Yuuri is totally different when he is on the ice. There is a flow to his movements that pulls you in, the ice is a place where Yuuri is free, where all the things he can't express normally come out in his dance. He was my muse for Agape.

When I saw Yuuri dancing MY choreography, MY dance, I realized that I could give him so much more... Yes, he made mistakes in the technical aspects, but his expression!! Watching his life from a distance, I'd come to adore Yuuri like I adore my dog, but watching Yuuri dance my routine sent shivers down my spine, watching his expression, his body language, it was like he was talking directly to me, he was shouting, "Look at me!!" If someone asked me then I'd probably have said that I wanted to be the Fairy Godmother to his Cinderella, "You shall go to the ball", but if I'm honest what I really want is to be his Prince Charming. He was also my muse for Eros, seducing the innocent Agape, the pair dancing across the ice together.

So that was how I made my decision to become Katsuki Yuuri's new Coach, not entirely self centered whatever you might think, I fully intend making Yuuri the best of the best, and in doing so I'm hoping to find new inspiration, both in my dance, and maybe in life too. After all, spending the next year teaching a very cute innocent boy in glasses, ALL sorts of new things, sounds like an excellent idea, don't you think?! *winks*

---------- To Be Continued ----------