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Deep Space

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Somewhere far, far away from earth, a barren planet stands. Cold, unforgiving, and carved clean with thousands upon thousands of caverns-A Floran sighs, settling down in a comfortable position for hours. She does not move, nor speak. Her scarlet red foliage shifts in the howling flurry, waiting silently for prey. Wind continues to blow upon a gelid landscape, slaked in ice and snow. Leaden clouds swirl and churn in the storm, as the hunter shivers a little. Suddenly, a voice breaks the silence.

Out of my millions of years of existence, this is the most patient I've seen you yet.” Sirius spoke, startling her.

The Floran turned around, teasingly sticking out her tongue through the protective mask. “I’m patient when I need to be, captain.” She snarled, mouth pouring with mist as she cracked her gloved knuckles and went back to searching quietly for prey.

Of course, Aroyaun. I still fail to understand why we are here when we could acquire the same goods from trading.” The Novakid looked out in the horizon. It was barren, lifeless; swallowed by snow and ice that graced itself upon their brimming body, each flake wilting under the soft light that was drowned by the haze of sleet.

Trading is for lazy folk. I’m gonna get the best and biggest game from the most dangerous planets. Jus’ you watch.” The Floran gloated pridefully.

The captain sighed, perhaps a little too loudly. They knew they weren't going to get anywhere with this hunt, and they might as well stop her before she had her mind too set on it. “Look, lieutenant. You have been idling here for over seven hours, and your vitals are damaged. It would be best to beam up to the ship and warm up before you turn into an 'icicle'.

Aroyaun paused for a long second, weighing her options. Of course Sirius was right-they were almost always right-a factor that didn't rub well with her urge to show off.

Fine. Yer’ no fun, ya know that?” The Floran withdrew the rifle to her chest and got up, standing next to the captain.

You have informed me of that plenty of times.” Sirius replied calmly, pressing a button on their wrist. Suddenly, a bright blue beam pierced through the storm with a synthetic crackle. Soon enough, the two were back in their own ship.

Aroyaun wriggled off her heavy-duty coat and mask, replacing them with goggles and a significantly more comfortable pilot’s coat. She brushed the snow off her bionic arm, and stormed away from the Novakid to go brag to the other crew members; specifically, other Floran crew members-on how good she was at hunting.

Sirius watched her childishly stumble away until she had vanished within the crowd, pivoting on their heel and navigating their way towards their personal quarters. Idle chatter echoed off the metal walls, and fluorescent lights buzzed in a mellow symphony. They entered in a passcode quickly and shut the airlock door behind them, gracefully situating themselves in the captain's chair which arrayed a quite dazzling splendor of stars, nebulae, quasars, the feathery tips of each galaxy kissing the void inbetween-It was exhilarating. In the stillness, they relaxed; soaking in the feeling of solitude that was sparsely appreciated by others. Sirius flicked up a hologram and began jotting down coordinates for their next stop for supplies, zoning comfortably into their ever unchanging schedule of work and experimentation.

This was going to take awhile.