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Lukas climbs through his bedroom window at 12:45am with the strong stench of whiskey on his breath. His eyes are bloodshot red and before Philip can even say anything he's being pushed onto the bed. He lets himself melt into Lukas' kisses even though he knows the other boy won't even look him in the eye when it's all over.

He can't pinpoint the exact moment that he fell in love with blond haired boy, maybe it's a continuous effect. Every day that he sees him, he falls a bit more. Which explains why it felt as if his heart was being ripped out of his chest when he saw the other boy holding hands with the pretty girl with brown eyes.

“Come on, fuck, Lukas—look at me.” Philip pants as he tries to pry the other boys head from his neck. He's so close and all he wants to do is kiss him and see the look on Lukas' face as he comes. But Lukas doesn't move his head from where it's placed at the side of Philips neck, but instead he bites down hard.

Philip is right. Lukas rolls off of him and throws the condom into the bin beside his bed. He tugs on his boxer shorts, then his jeans and pulls his t-shirt over his head. Then he's out before Philip can even say a word.