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[podfic] The Shape of Me Will Always be You

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 Fic: The Shape of Me Will Always be You by MissDisoriental

Chapter One

Reader: Kess

Cover Artist: Kess

Fandom: Hannibal

Ship: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Canon typical murder things, references to sexual assault

Reader's Notes: wip time!!! This fic is 278k and I have approx 300k in other works that will be posted as complete works, so this will probably take a long time to finish. I'll try to post at least one chapter a week until the end of the podfic big bang, then I'll post more often, time permitting.

Music: an instrumental version of Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey 

as always, click to stream, right click and save as to download!

here's the MP3 [23 MB, 00:24:59]