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Bucky woke up with a jolt, heart pumping and chest heaving, and his cock aching with the uncomfortable need to get off. It was still dark but there was no way he was ever gonna get back to sleep now, he never did. This had been happening more and more frequently, waking up so hard he thought he'd explode and somehow, because of his fucked up head, unable to get rid of it. Well, not tonight he decided, he had enough of the frustration.
He slid his hand under the sheets, palming himself through his shorts, skin contacting with the dampness of the precome that had been leaking from the tip while he had been dreaming. He chewed at his bottom lip as he used his prosthetic hand to push the waistband of his underwear a little way down his thick thighs and tuck it underneath his balls, gripping his cock with the other. As he began to slowly stroke the length he couldn't help the quiet moan and the sharp intake of breath when he circled his thumb around the head, slicking the wetness around enabling his fist to slip smoothly against the skin. He closed his eyes, head tilting back on the pillow as he tried to relax and just let himself have this pleasure. Scenes and feelings from his dream started dripping down the edges of his mind. He gave his wrist a twist on an upstroke and shuddered as an almost constant stream of clear liquid ran down his fingers in response.


Bucky froze, eyes snapping open wide in the darkness.

“Buck... you awake?”

What the... Bucky stayed completely still, hand still grasping his now throbbing erection as he put the pieces together in his lust-addled mind. Shit. The mission. He was holed up in a shitty motel, with Steve. With Steve. Steve. Sleeping in the bed barely a couple of feet away from him. Fuck. Bucky decided to keep quiet and pretend he was asleep, hopefully Steve would fall for it and as soon as he heard his tell-tale cute little snores he could get back to fucking his fist.

“Are ya alright?” Steve asked. Bucky let the breath that he had been holding out and attempted to make some sort of noise in the realm of the affirmative.

“Nightmares again?”

“Mm.” Bucky grunted.

He heard Steve sighing sympathetically. “I know it's hard,”

Bucky nearly choked. You have no idea punk... he thought.

Steve kept on. “If you want to, I'm here if ya... wanna talk about it.”

“I'm okay Steve, really. It's happening less often now. I'm fine.” Bucky shifted in the bed, trying to ignore the way his cock twitched as he moved.

“You didn't sound fine Buck. I woke up cos you were screaming my name.”

Bucky screwed his eyes shut. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

“Please just talk to me, or someone, it might help.”

Bucky swallowed and winced. Sure. “Just go back to sleep Steve, I'll be fine I promise. I just need... some more shut-eye.”

“I felt much better after I talked it through with Sam...”

Bucky didn't hold back his laugh. “I don't think this is something I wanna tell Big Bird about.”

Steve huffed. “Well how bout me then? You know we used to talk about anythin' and everythin' back in the day, I'm your friend Buck. You've helped me god knows how many times when I've been in a jam, I just wanna return the favour.”

Bucky found himself reaching the end of his rope. A combination of lack of sleep and pure sexual frustration had been building up for months now and Steve whining on was breaking that final fragile straw. Bucky pushed himself to sit up sharply.

“Right. You wanna know what's wrong with me? I'll lay it out for ya pal. How about feeling so god-damn ratass tired because you hardly get half a night's sleep? How about the reason you can't sleep is cos you've been waking up every night with a stiff prick and not being able to do a fuckin' thing bout it cos HYRDA's fucked up your mind so bad you don't know your own body any more, and you've tried everythin' but nothin' works so ya can't get yourself off and have blue-fuckin'-balls most of the day cos you're so fuckin' lit up?! How about that Stevie?”

Silence. Bucky could almost feel the heat from Steve's flushed face in the dark. He cringed and thrust his face into his hands. “Steve, I- I'm sorry I-”

“No! No... I'm sorry I shouldn't have pushed you, god I'm sorry Buck, I just thought- “

Bucky ran his hands back through his hair. “Fuck. You don't need this Steve, I'm so fucked up. You're right, I need to see a shrink or somethin'.”

“Maybe. How long has it... um...” Steve asked, embarrassment giving way ever so slightly to curiosity.

“Bout last 4 months, I dunno. Had a dumb thought it might be because everythin's sorta settled down after the crazy shit that happened. Body's rememberin' stuff...”

He could feel Steve nod in the dark. “So, when can't...?”

Bucky spluttered out a chuckle. “Yeah more or less. I mean, I've tried my hardest – pardon the pun, just can't...get there.”

There was a few moments of silence between them before he heard Steve shift in his bed to lie on his back.

“M-maybe I can help?”

Bucky swallowed the huge dry lump in his throat and mentally scolded his twitching cock. Another moment of silence.


“So it wasn't a nightmare. When you were, calling for me...” Steve said quietly.

Bucky gulped again. “, I... um-”

“When you were... gaspin' and makin' those moans-” Steve's voice had gone so low any person with normal hearing wouldn't have been able to make it out, but Bucky could.


Bucky heard Steve move in the bed again.

“I wanna help Buck.”

Oh god his voice was like gravel and syrup. “Steve I'm not sure...”

“S'ok, anythin' I can do, I'll do it.”

Bucky's cock dribbled another few drops of precome at the thought.

“You still hard?” Steve asked, so innocently.

“Like a fuckin' rock.”

“Okay. Get your hand round it, nice an tight.”

Bucky found himself blushing. “I dunno that this is -” He cut off as he heard something soft land on the floor.

“C'mon Buck, humour me. Don't get all shy now, I know you remember the times back in the apartment, weren't no place for any privacy, you used to mack on girls in front o' me, touchin' them and stuff, wound me up real bad. We used to jack off in the same room all the time when we thought each other was asleep.”

Bucky let go of the breath he was holding. “I know but that's's weird.”

Steve flipped on the bedside table lamp. “Buck, look at me.”

Bucky blinked several times before his eyes adjusted to the light, then looked across the room at Steve. He was lying with his head propped up on two pillows, the sheets had been thrown off and he was completely naked. Bucky's eyes roamed over his hard pecs, down his ridiculously defined abdominal muscles, taking in his toned stomach, and down, down, down the sharp V-lines cutting in from his narrow hips. He had one hand behind his head, while the other gave his long thick cock languid strokes.

Bucky's mouth went dry.

“It doesn't have to be weird. I'll do it with you. C'mon.” He smiled, his cheeks tinged with pink.

Bucky found himself pushing the sheets down past his hips and wriggling out of his shorts. Before he could chicken out he swiped a another look at Steve. He was lying fully back now, eyes closed, lips slightly parted as he worked his hand achingly slowly up and down. Bucky found his own hand automatically slipping between his legs and mirroring Steve's movements as he gently traced his fingers over the thick veins on the underside of his cock.

“Feels good don't it?” Steve husked.

Bucky's breath came stuttering out as he twisted his palm. “Y-yeah...”

“Here.” Steve said, as something landed on the bed beside Bucky's hip. A little tube of KY. “Feels better with this.”

Bucky flipped open the cap and squeezed some out into his hand, flipped it closed and threw it back at Steve. As he closed his fingers back around his cock he shuddered with the simultaneous cold and slick-smooth sensation of the lube. “Ahh...”

“Mm, fuck that's good.” Bucky heard Steve curse out, and he couldn't help it if his fist picked up a little speed.

“So, what were ya dreamin' bout?” Steve asked, inbetween increasingly heavy breaths.

Bucky circled the head of his cock with his finger and thumb and squeezed.

“Was it Dolores?” Steve smirked.

Bucky bit into his lip again. “You know it wasn't...”

“So -mmf- what got ya hollerin' my name?” Steve's voice adopted that husky, honey drip tone that shot straight to the base of Bucky's spine. He looked over at him again, fresh beads of arousal leaking from him as he watched Steve squeezing his own nipple and massaging his balls.

“S- somethin' like what you're doin' now...fuck.”

Steve turned his head to look straight at Bucky. “Somethin' like? Talk to me Buck, what was I doin'?”

Bucky's thought his cock couldn't possibly get any harder but here he was. He stroked himself a little faster, a groan escaping his wet lips as he smoothed his metal hand down his body to give his balls a squeeze too.

“C'mon Buck, tell me, please.”

“Fuck Rogers...” Bucky was pumping his fist over his purple cock faster every time Steve opened his mouth, whether it was words or a filthy moan that came out, it didn't matter. Bucky was almost, almost ready to burst, but he felt himself slipping away from the edge again. He turned his head to the side to look at him.

“Steve, this ain't helpin' I don't think I can...” Bucky's mouth stopped forming words and simply hung open as he took in the sight before him. Steve had brought his feet up the bed so his knees were bent and open, his lube-covered cock making dirty wet sounds as his hand twisted along the length of it. Bucky followed his other hand down to where it was nestled between his thighs, two fingers thrusting in and out of his ass as his hips bucked to meet them.

“Was it like this? Cos it feels damn good Buck, damn good.

“Oh god...oh fuck Steve...” Bucky sat up on his heels facing Steve's bed, prosthetic arm braced on the mattress as he fucked up into his hand.

“C'mon Buck, I'm gonna come gonna come with me?”

Bucky's eyes flitted incessantly from Steve's cock, to his fingers pistoning in and out of his pink hole, and back to his face, his pupils dark as the night and his tongue swiping across swollen pink lips in between the sharp intense gasps of pleasure that escaped them. He could feel the tightening at the base of his spine, his balls pulling up, the warm creep of the first wave of orgasm threatening to spill over him.

Steve...fuck, Steve please!

He saw Steve's abs and stomach clench, mouth falling open and back arching as he howled Bucky's name and thick spurts of ejaculate shot over his body. Bucky whined as he followed him immediately, shuddering and moaning as his cock pulsed in his hand, come dripping down his stomach and fingers and onto the sheets. He fell back onto the bed panting and cursing.

“You good?” Steve huffed after a few minutes, wiping the mess off with a towel.

Bucky gulped for air. “Oh shit that was amazing, but I'm still hard...” He whimpered. “I'm still fucking hard.” He screwed his eyes shut. He heard Steve getting up off the bed and then a moment later felt a weight beside him on the mattress.

“So am I.” Steve said simply.

Bucky opened his eyes and stared up at Steve. Steve gazed back, eyes still black.

“Fuck me.” Bucky said flatly.

Steve grinned. “Thought you'd never ask.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~