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The Most Memorable Taste

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Title: The most memorable taste
Fandom: Angel/BtVS
Pairing: Angel, Angelus
Type of Spanking/Implement: Hand
Team: Paranormal
Rating: Mature
Summary: Memories to cherish…
Word Count: 100 words.
Crossposted at spanking_world , for the 1st year celebration with team Paranormal drabble challenges
Warnings/Spoilers: None


It’s one thing Angel can’t forgive his alter-ego, the taste of fresh blood warm and slowly slipping in his throat as he pauses, enjoying the squirming girl on his lap trying to escape his enthusiastic slaps on her offered red behind.

There is something becoming in feeling that warm flesh trembling under his heavy palm, all the luscious charms bountifully displayed and accessible… and permeating the air above all else, the blood slowly dripping from the various bites he snacks in between the play.

There was something so hedonistic in this, how can he forget that forbidden pleasure and taste?

The End.