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Haikyuu!! Month (VariousxReader)

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So since the 4th of July is around the corner for us Americans, I think that I will start out Haikyuu month with this.


Being an exchange student from America, living in Japan was already hard enough for you to comprehend; the roads were different, the schooling system far surpassed the one you were used to at your high school in America, and the all-around customs were really weird. However, you slowly adjusted to the differences the longer you stayed in the foreign country. While you were getting accustomed to subsiding in Karasuno as a transfer first year student of a couple of months, Tsukishima was getting acquainted to being the one person you relied on for everything. Being in the same homeroom as well as the one you sat next to, it was an easy way for you to strike up a conversation with him. Even though he only groaned or told you to stay away from him whenever you tried to communicate with him, the challenge proved to be delicious to you; wanting to pursue a friendship with him more until the day Tsukishima cracked and let you become his friend. Well, only so you would shut up about it.

It was summer: the sun was shining down, birds becoming more active in the warm weather and the flowers at full bloom. To you, it was a perfect day, until you realized what day it was. Looking over and up at the one walking beside you, you decided not to hold back due to the shock and realization.

"Kei!! It July the fourth!" you practically screamed, causing the taller male that walked beside you on your way home to groan, making a face in the process.

"Why are you yelling, ___?" He asked, instinctively placing his head phones that was hanging around his neck, promptly over his ears; he turned on his music, to drone out most of your talking.

"Japanese people don't celebrate the fourth of July?" you asked, looking at Tsukishima as he continued to look straight ahead but you continued anyway.

"Well, now that I think about it, the fourth of July is mainly an American thing," you laughed, skipping a bit in your step. "But... I think I still want to celebrate it today." You added, pulling out your phone from your skirt pocket.

"Good luck with that, I am going to head home." Tsukishima said, heading down the path to his house.

"KEI!?!?!?" you yelled out to him, not getting a response from him as you just pouted and sighed, heading to Ukai's shop.

It wasn't really that long of a run, heading into the shop, looking around for what you could buy to help celebrate the holiday away from home. You looked around to see if you could find anything, Ukai helping you in the process picking up all the things you think you're going to need to celebrate this wholesome day. When you were done shopping, you smiled, walking down a dirt road that you normally wouldn't walk down; that smile turning into a wide grin as you start to pick up you pace, holding onto the bag full of items you bought. It wasn't a hard task to do, knowing your way to your destination like the back of your hand even though this would be your first time actually visiting. After a short while, you stopped in your tracks, breathing a bit heavier than before, your free hand slowly reaching up to clench your chest; butterflies floating in your stomach, you feeling like they would fly right out of your mouth if you gave them a chance.

With slow yet heavy steps, you reached the door, giving the door a few knocks, hoping someone would hear them. A few seconds past as you heard heavy footsteps get louder and closer to the door. You suspected that it was Tsukishima coming to open the door. Before he was able to come out, you rushed and took out two small items out of the bag, to surprise him. however, the door slid open before you were able to get them promptly out of the bag, jumping a bit out of your skin looking up. To your dismay, it wasn't Tsukishima, but someone who looked a lot like him, well, in your eyes he did.

"Hello there. Do you need something?" the male asked, smiling brightly at you.
You didn't answer immediately, as a small blush crept on your face. He was attractive to you, but looking at his face in awe wasn't the reason why you were there.

"U-ummm... does someone named Tsukishima Kei lives here? I am a friend from school." You finally answered, a bit flustered due to your small sudden crush.

He smiled and nodded, not answering but goes back in the house. After a while, Tsukishima comes out and looks at you with in irritated glare.

"What are you doing here ____?" he asked, readying himself to walk back inside. He was caught off guard, however, when a small hand gripped his rather large wrist.

"Tsukki wait! Don't leave... I want to hang out with you for the night...please?" you started to beg, pulling Tsukishima in all directions, jumping up and down and calling his name plenty of times before he could formally answer you.

As irritated as he was, he wanted to say no and leave you there but then he would have to deal with your irritation the next day. He liked his peace and quiet more than anything in the world so if that meant that he had to deal with you for one night then that was a sacrifice he was not willing to take but did any way.

With a groan and a pull at his arm to get you off of him, he sighed, his eyebrows scrunching together. "Fine ____, I will go with you. Just don't call me Tsukki again."

You smiled, squealing a bit as you grabbed his arm once more and pulled him while you walked, towards the hills. When you both arrived, Tsukishima just watched as you dropped your bag, taking out the two sprinklers that you had and the fireworks that Coach Ukai had stored somewhere and let you have. You handed Tsukishima a firework and some matches, waiting for him to set it off. He hasn't done anything like this before as he stared at it for a while, trying to put two and two together. Once he figured out how to set it off, he slowly and begrudgingly set the firework off, walking away from it not even caring that much if he would get hurt by it, watching the red, white and blue sparkles flutter throughout the sky.

He wasn't really that amused but you were in awe, setting off the rest of the fireworks as he watched you, seeming like you were making a fool out of yourself. Once you were done, you stood next to Tsukishima, the sparklers in your hand, matches in another. You lit them both, handing one to Tsukishima as he watched you, taking the sparkler from your hand, then looked up at the sky, watching the last of your fireworks dance across the sky in different patterns and shapes. No words exchanged but you didn't mind. A small smile spread across your lips as you looked up as well, watching your work unfold.

"Hey, ____. Happy fourth." Tsukishima said in a light whisper, loud enough for you to hear.

"Thank you Kei... I am glad you're here with me." You said, that small smile growing wider, as you closed your eyes, listening to the crackle of the sparkler starting to fade out.

Not even realizing a rather large hand slowly reaching up and rested itself on top of your head, ruffling it ever so slightly.