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Miraculous Ladybug: Genderbent!

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Marin sighed, hardly paying attention to the teacher. He looked at the girl in front of him. Adrianna. He smiled faintly, when he felt someone nudge him. It was Al, his best friend. He looked at him and Al motioned to the teacher.
"Marin, are you going to answer the question?" The teacher asked.
"Uh... Could you repeat the question?" He asked nervously.
"How do birds fly?"
"Well you see, birds flap their wings which puts air beneath them and they get what's called lift. The more they flap their wings, the more lift, the higher they go," he answered.
"Excellent explanation, Marin. Now class, I want you-"
The teacher was interrupted by a loud crash. Everyone looked around.
"What was that?!"
"Where'd it come from?!"
Gasps filled the room as a figure appeared outside the window of the classroom. Maniacal laughter echoed from the figure.
"I am Cat Blanc."

Adriana stared at the window. Cat Blanc? How original. She needed to transform, but where?
"Run!" She heard the teacher instruct.
The students ran as the figure burst through the window. The only people left in the classroom were her and Marin.
"Come on!" She yelled grabbing his hand, leading him out of the classroom.
She looked back at the villain emerging from the door. He had an all white cat-like suit with a silver bell attached near his neck.
He copied my suit! She thought.
"Split up!" She heard Marin yell, letting go of her hand.
They dove to different sides as something collided with the ground between them. Adriana sprinted to the girls bathroom. Plagg flew out of her bag as soon as the door closed.
"What a copy cat," he muttered.
"No time, Plagg. Claws out!" She yelled.
She held out her ring, the kwami flying into it. Her mask and suit appeared over her clothes, her hair growing longer to cover her human ears.

Marin raced to the boys bathroom, rolling onto the floor. Tikki flew out of his over shirt smiling as she floated above his face.
"Tikki! Spots on!"
He raced out of the bathroom once he had transformed, seeing Cat Noire already staring down the villain.
"You copy cat!" She yelled charging at him.
Cat Blanc dodged, jumping over the girl. She skidded to a stop, turning to him again. Ladybeetle ran towards them. He threw his yo-yo at the villain, the weapon wrapping around his arm. He pulled, causing the villain to fall. Cat Noire pounced, easily being pushed off by Cat Blanc. She rolled to the side, growling as she stood up. The villain grinned, looking at the two heroes. He then took off running through the school.

Cat Noire growled as she and Ladybeetle ran through the hallways of the school after the villain. She ran on all fours, glancing at the boy next to her every once in a while. The villain led them outside and down the street. The heroes jumped and dodged on coming pedestrians when loud music began playing.
"Who in the world decided today would be a good day to have a parade?!" She heard Ladybeetle say.
She sighed looking at the huge crowd in front of them. She watched as Cat Blanc disappeared among the crowd.
"How are we going to find him now?" She asked.
"We'll need a good vantage point," the boy replied looking up.
"Good idea. Hold on tight," she said grabbing him by the waist.
She took out her staff, holding the top of it, extending it way into the sky.
"Good enough vantage point?" She asked.
"Good enough," he said smugly.
Cat Noire watched Ladybeetle as he looked around.
"There," He finally said.
She looked at where he was now pointing, a bright white figure racing through the streets, seemingly headed to a warehouse.
"Let's goooooo," she yelled as they began falling from the sky.
"Too fast, too fast!" Ladybeetle yelled.

They were falling from the sky. He flailed, kicking his legs and flapping his arms.
"Do something!" He yelled.
"You do something!" Cat Noire shouted back.
He looked around and pointed to the Eiffel Tower. Cat seemed to understand and threw her staff at the monument, the staff embedding itself in the steel. He put his arm around her waist and threw his yo-yo, it wrapping around the staff. They swung towards it. They swung past the Eiffel Tower, and he retracted the yo-yo, the weapon pulling Cat's staff free. They landed on a rooftop, Cat Noire on her stomach, him on his feet.
"I though cats always landed on their feet," he said smirking as he reached a hand down to help her up.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," she said, reaching up to take his hand.
She grabbed his hand and pulled him down onto the roof before standing up herself. He looked up at her shocked before smiling a little.
"What's the matter, Bugaboo? Cat got your tongue?" She asked smirking as she began walking away.
He stood up and followed her, looking at the streets below for the villain.
"Look. The warehouse," Cat said.

She looked down at the warehouse through its glass roof.
"I'll go first," Ladybeetle said swinging a panel open.
She watched as her crush leapt down into the warehouse. He crept along when chains sprung up from the floor, wrapping around his legs and arms. The chains were attached to a singled chain anchored to the ground.
"Not quite who I wanted to catch... But no matter," Came a voice from a dark corner of the warehouse.
The girl jumped down, running over to Ladybeetle, "You okay?" She whispered.
The boy nodded silently, gaze fixed on the dark corner where the villain appeared.
"Ah, how nice of you to join us, Cat Noire," Cat Blanc said.
The girl growled, crouching into a fighting position, "Let's go. Fight. Now."

Ladybeetle watched at Cat Blanc raced toward Cat Noire. The villain slid on the ground once he got close, Cat Noire jumping over him. He stood up and Cat Noire pounced. The both of them rolled to the ground, punching and kicking at each other. They dove away from each other, both standing up. Ladybeetle frowned as the villain called for Cataclysm. He raced forward towards him and Cat Noire. She jumped up, dodging him. The villain's momentum propelled him into Ladybeetle, the cataclysm cutting him free of the chains. He grinned and kicked the villain away.
"Lucky Charm!" He yelled throwing up his yo-yo.

She looked up to see Ladybug free and calling for his Lucky Charm. A ladybug spotted ball of yarn dropped into his hands. She bit her lip as she stared at the yarn.
"Cat!" She heard Ladybeetle yell.
The ball of yarn was coming towards her. She closed her eyes, grabbing her staff and swinging at the ball. She opened one eye slightly to see the ball of yarn go flying over the villain's head. The man raced after it, dropping his akumatized item, a laser pointer. Ladybeetle walked over and crushed the laser. The akuma flew out and Ladybeetle captured it in his yo-yo. Cat and LB walked after the villain.
He took the yarn and threw it into the air, "Miraculous Ladybug!"

The flash of ladybugs zoomed through the warehouse and through the school, fixing the damage. The boy sighed as the villain on the floor in front of him and Cat Noire transformed back so he was normal. The boy handed him the laser pointer and began walking away.
"LB? Leaving so soon?" He heard Cat call.
"Yep. Our work is done, isn't it?" He asked.
She sighed, "Well yes, but-"
"Then what?" He asked turning to look at her.
"Couldn't we just... hang out? I-I would really like to see who you are under the mask..." The girl trailed off.
He shook his head lightly and put his hands on her shoulders, "I'm sorry, Cat. But... We should keep our identities a secret. Even from each other."
He waved and turned, running off. He heard a sigh from behind him, but he continued on his way. He swung with his yo-yo across rooftops until he got to his house above his parents' bakery. He jumped down through the open hatch, transforming back as he did. He sighed as he sat on his bed.
"What's wrong, Marin?" Tikki asked as she floated out, sitting on his desk.
"I can't help but feel bad for Cat. I always turn her down. I feel like I'm so mean to her. And I just yell at her for flirting instead of just tolerating it," he replied sighing.
"You only turn her down because you like Adrianna, Marin. Maybe you shouldn't be so harsh, but you have a reason," the kwami said looking up at him.
"You're right. Thanks, Tikki," the boy said turning on his computer.
He sighed, seeing his screen, which was a collage of picture of Adrianna from photo shoots that had been on the Internet.
"Marin... Shouldn't you be doing your homework?" Tikki asked.
The boy nodded slowly, "Yeah... Oh right. My homework."
He grabbed his stuff from his pack.
"Marin?" The kwami started.
"Don't worry, Tikki. I know exactly what you're going to say," he said, racing down the stairs.
He came back minutes later with a plate of cookies, "All you can eat."
He placed the plate on the desk, stealing one.
"Thanks, Marin," Tikki said grabbing a cookie too.