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Anastasia On The Case

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'The Mystery,' wrote Anastasia, 'of Why Women Are Attracted to Emotionally Unavailable Men.' She underlined it, scribbled under it to add emphasis, and, after some thought, drew a huge question mark over the rest of the page.

Women were definitely attracted to unavailable men. Or at least, Anastasia was, and readers were always writing in to Cosmo about it. 'Dear Cosmo,' they wrote, 'I am in love with a married man,' or 'my gay friend,' or 'my boss.'

When she was younger, Anastasia had thought it would be easy to answer the letters in the advice column. 'Dear Friend,' she would write, 'This man will never love you back. Why not distract yourself, by taking up a new hobby? I hear tennis is excellent for curing heartbreak.'

Anastasia never thought she would be one of those women. But then, Steve Harvey had never broken up with her before. Steve Harvey had broken up with her two weeks ago for a girl called Marion Hawthorne, who was spending half her time in Boston since her parents had gotten divorced.

Marion Hawthorne, school rumor informed her, lived in a house in Meadowview Lane, had three horses of her own and her own bathroom. Marion Hawthorne did a modelling shoot for Teen Vogue in Japan, and was the lead writer for the school magazine back in New York. Once, the admissions director for Juilliard had promised her that she could get a scholarship there any time she liked. Was it Juilliard? Maybe it was Princeton. Maybe it was both.

And Marion Hawthorne was going out with Steve Harvey. Who Anastasia liked even more now, because he was Emotionally Unavailable.

If he ever got a girlfriend, thought Anastasia sulkily, I'd probably start being attracted to Robert Gianini. Good grief.

She flicked to the back of her notebook and wrote:


Mysteries (unsolved)

- The Mystery of Who Would Go Out With Robert Gianini
- The Mystery of Why People Move From New York To Ruin Other People's Relationships
- The Mystery of Why Someone Needs Three Horses


This wasn't making her feel any better. 'Rats,' said Anastasia, and threw herself back on the bed.