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Written Memories

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“It cannot be,” Erestor gasped quietly. Slowly, he reached for the journal that had been placed among a few other books. He hesitated briefly before lifting it, running his fingers along the leather cover.


“Erestor?” Elrond called to him. He had heard his friend's reaction and arched an eyebrow as Erestor dropped into the chair behind him. “Is everything all right?”


Looking up, Erestor shook his head and lightly tapped the top of the journal. He looked down at it briefly once more before he could bring himself to reply


“This..” He took a deep breath before he could continue. “This used to be Glorfindel's”


Elrond watched Erestor stare down at the journal resting on his lap. In all the years he had known the other elf, Elrond had never seen Erestor react this way.


“Are you sure?” He asked, moving to stand just before Erestor.


“Yes,” Erestor replied, sounding a little more like himself than he had just a minute ago. “I gave it to him for his birthday.” he added. “He always kept it with him.” Erestor couldn't seem to look away from the journal. “He would always write something it in, whenever he had free time. “Why is it here?”


Elrond had waited patiently and listened to his friend. Erestor's question had come, as he had known it would. He leaned back against the desk behind him and glanced at all the items laid out around them.


“There is very little left of Gondolin,” Elrond told him. “Except perhaps what you see here. Most items were found among the ruins. Whatever was deemed salvageable was sent here for safe keeping.”


A moment passed before Erestor grasped what he had just been told. Forcing himself to look up from the journal, Erestor looked towards Elrond, his eyebrow arched slightly


“There is more?” he questioned.


Elrond nodded slowly in reply. While there wasn't a lot more items, he wondered just what Erestor's reaction would be to some of them. Moving closer to where Erestor sat, Elrond placed his hand over the journal gently.


“Keep this with you,” he told Erestor. “Read it and then when you are ready to see the rest, I will show you.”


It was Erestor's turn to nod in reply. While he was curious to know what some of the other items were, he knew Elrond was right. He wasn't quite ready to see everything just yet. Just seeing Glorfindel's journal had rattled him.


“Go,” Elrond told him, chuckling lightly and giving him an amused grin. “I know you wish to start reading it.”


Clutching the journal tightly to his chest, Erestor gave Elrond a brief wave and left the office, heading toward his chambers where he knew he wouldn't be disturbed.


“Come now, Erestor” he told himself as he glanced towards the journal on his bed. He had placed it there when he arrived in his room and had not picked it back up since. “It is just a book. Glorfindel would not mind you reading his thoughts.” He let out a heavy sigh. “His personal and private thoughts.”


With a soft growl, Erestor turned and walked away from his bed to pour himself a drink. Seeing the journal again had brought back memories of the day he had given it to Glorfindel as a gift. Though he had been past his majority, he had still been young at the time, and had almost driven himself insane trying to figure out what to give Glorfindel. The journal had been a last minute decision.




Of all gifts I have received today, this is the one I cherish most,” Glorfindel told Erestor. “I have more weapons than one elf will ever need and yet every year I am given more. This however,” he said as he placed his hand over the leather cover of the journal “is more unique and more personal. I will always keep it with me. Thank you, Erestor. This means more to me than I can explain.”




Erestor chuckled and sipped his drink. He had felt quite pleased with himself after hearing Glorfindel's words that day, and it had been the start of a great friendship between the two of them. Sighing softly, he looked over towards the bed. It was a friendship that Erestor had hoped would become more. He had never had a chance to find out.


“He would read it if it were my journal,” he told himself then laughed quietly as he picked the journal up. “He'd read it to anyone who would listen, that's what he'd do.”


Setting his drink aside, Erestor made himself comfortable on his bed and leaned back against the wall. He opened up the journal and smiled as he recognized Glorfindel's writing instantly, even after all these years. He ran his fingers over the first page slowly, not even focusing on the words just yet. He pictured his long lost friend sitting and writing on these pages, much as he had seen him do many times.


“I never did ask what you wrote about,” he said, speaking to Glorfindel as if he was in the room. “Though I was always curious. Forgive me if I read something I should not.”





I do not think Erestor really knows how grateful I am for this journal. Very few know that I enjoy writing but it is even more than that. As I glance around my room, I see weapons fit for a warrior. Many many weapons. And yet this journal sticks out far greater than any of them. It is something different yet also something I can use far more than most of the swords and daggers that I own.


I was not even aware that Erestor knew when my birthday was, though it should not really surprise me. For one so young, he seems quite capable of finding out any information. I must find out when he celebrates his own birthday. The biggest challenge will be finding what to give him. It is a good thing I have always enjoyed a challenge.





Glancing over towards his desk as he closed the journal, Erestor grinned at the ink and quill set placed neatly on the end. It was an old set and the ink had long since been used. But the gift had been from Glorfindel. That was the gift he had received after giving Glorfindel the journal. It had always meant a lot to him, and it meant even more.


Reaching for his drink, Erestor opened the journal once more. He would read at least one more entry before putting it aside for the night. He took a sip and looked down at the written words again.




I found it! The perfect gift to give Erestor. I can only hope that I have returned in time to give it to him. It was easier than I thought to learn when his birthday is. However I am to leave on patrol duty and may not return before his day. I am tempted to give it to him before I leave, yet I feel that would be too early as well.


I did find out some very interesting information. Something that makes this journal even more special. Erestor never purchased it from the markets. It seem he made it himself. I do not know why he didn't tell me, perhaps he has his reasons. For now, I will keep this information to myself. He will tell me when he's ready, if he chooses to do so. I can only hope he enjoys my gift as much as I do his.





Chuckling, Erestor moved from his bed and set the journal down on his dresser. He wondered now how Glorfindel had found out that he had made the journal for him. He had been too shy to tell him in the beginning and after a while, it longer seemed like it mattered.


“I am glad you knew,” he said out loud. “I never knew quite how to bring it up after a while.”


With his drink finished, Erestor put away the glass and changed into his sleep clothes. It was tempting to pick up the journal and read a little more but he didn't want to finish it in one night. He wished to take his time as he was sure he would have more memories to deal with after each entry. He could only hope that they were all good ones, though he knew that there had been some dark days in Gondolin even before the final attack.