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"Jackson, can you run through these articles and tell me if they're any good? Mr. Harris will be on my ass if I don't send in anything decent." I huff out in annoyance while Jackson, one of my assistants, gave me a sympathetic look. I handed out the files from my satchel and he took them graciously while also handing me my coffee. I gave him a grateful smile before taking a sip of my cold brew.

"Sure thing, Stiles. By the way, did you hear about the new guy coming in from the Hills?" Jackson asked me as he stood and walked with me to the office.

"No, but I hear he is something to look at," I smirk into my coffee as I open the door and held it out for him. We walked back into the office, the whole room was buzzing with reporters and interns alike, trying to find the next scoop for tomorrow's paper. I let Jackson lead me to his cubical, which was right next to mine and he began taking some things out for me to look at.

"I also hear that he has these adorable bunny teeth," Jackson adds while pulling out some pictures for me to see. "Can't wait to meet him if he's anything Scott told me about."

"Scott told you about the new guy?" I asked incredulously, knowing full well that Scott is better off working the camera than writing a description or profile. The poor dude doesn't even know how to describe exotic eye color.

"Well, he is the one giving the tour," Jackson replies and I sigh heavily.

"Oh dear lord," I shake my head and proceed to look over what Jackson has for me. It's simple still life pictures sent in for the "Art is Life" article Erica was doing. Some looked nice, others looked like I've seen them on a Tumblr post once or twice before.

The morning drags on like that, looking over pictures and editing Boyd's first draft on "Deucalion Corporation Faces Lawsuit of Worker's Death". Nothing usually exciting, but something to relax to. I was at my desk by now when I heard the familiar laughter of my best friend ringing through the already bustling office. I look up to see the most handsome man to have ever walked the face of the earth. My jaw literally drops when I see him walking with Scott, smiling brightly with his beautifully sculpted jaw, bright colorful eyes that were framed by large thick nerd glasses that somehow add to his hotness, and dark black hair that looked like it was made of silk. Oh my lord, he even had the bunny teeth! Swoon!

I shake my thoughts, feeling the skin over my cheeks heat up and I try to calm down a few notches. Yes, the man was unbelievably hot, but I am a professional news reporter! I must look like some horny teenage girl now instead of the strong independent woman I really am! And just like that, within a few seconds of just seeing him, I already hate him. I repair my composure and got back to work, knowing full well that Scott was going to bring the new guy to introduce him to the team. He must have been an intern or something, but he didn't look the part. He could as well have been a news anchor for the tv broadcasts. Shame.

Just as I figured, Scott did bring the new guy over, with a wide smile and an easy going personality, Scott introduced us all to the new guy. "This is one of our reporters/ assistants, Jackson Whittmore. He started off as an intern but managed to get to be my best friend's right-hand man."

"Why hello to you, Mr. Handsome," Jackson winked and I fought hard not to laugh at the look on the new guy's face. He was blushing now, even nervously smiling as if he isn't sure what the hell is going on. Scott patted his shoulder reassuringly, laughing along with Jackson.

"Don't worry, Jackson isn't hitting on you. He actually has a girlfriend, or should I say fiancé?" Scott told the new guy. Jackson held up his hand to show a gold band on his left ring finger.

"She liked it, so she put a ring on it," Jackson adds, smirking at the poor dude innocently.

Scott finally took notice of me, smiling wide before he directed the confused new guy towards me. "Now, I must introduce you to my boss/best friend. Stiles Stilinski herself."

Jackson added an erratic sound of clapping and cheering as I rolled my eyes, pushed my glasses back onto the bridge of my nose, and stood up. I smiled wide at the guy, holding my hand out towards him in welcome. He seemed to have frozen right on the spot, but his hand mindlessly took mine. I chuckle a little under my breath before I took his hand into mine, feeling a little surprised at how smooth his hands were. He looked a little flustered, his cheeks turning light pink against his peach colored skin, and his mouth morphed into several types of smiles.

"Y-You're Stiles Stilinski?" The new guy asked incredulously as if he couldn't believe his eyes for one second. I couldn't help but smile as his jaw almost dropped to the floor, and his beautiful green eyes were almost the size of saucers then. I couldn't help the smile that was seemingly permanently painted on my lips, using my free hand to brush away some of the hair that had fallen in front of my face.

"That I am," I say, smiling warmly at the already nervous intern. His face flushes more, and he gives me a relieved smile. "Stiles Stilinski, but you already knew that.

"Stiles, this is the new guy, Derek Hale," Scott says to me, his usual bright smile was wider than normal, indicating that he really liked this guy. That was Scott for you, always giving people the benefit of a doubt. Maybe that's why he wasn't that good of a reporter.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Derek. And welcome to the Beacon Post," I say, shaking his hand once more before letting it go. Derek smiled a little more, letting his hands awkwardly sway to his side.

"Thanks, it's really exciting to be here," Derek says, his smile was even brighter than Scott's, and I didn't think that was possible. He had a beautiful smile, almost breathtaking, and his teeth were brilliantly white, with crooked bunny teeth on display, doing weird things to my body. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks as I had to look away for a moment, then looked back at him with a bright smile of my own.

"I know you'll get plenty of that," I add, seeing him smile even more. It looked like it was hurting him to smile, but I wasn't one to complain.

"If I'm not stuck as the coffee slave," Derek says jokingly, making me almost snort in laughter.

"With Stiles, I think you'll end up being her own slave," Jackson adds, making almost everyone laugh. I am blushing heavily at that while giving him a deadly look, but there was no malice behind it.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I respond, failing miserably to hide the smile from growing wider on my lips.

"Well, whether it be for coffee or something kinkier, I'm sure Stiles will have you whipped by the end of the week," Jackson answers, mostly looking at Derek as he imitated a whipping sound and his wrist flicking around to indicate so. "She is well known to be a dom,"

"Oh, my god, Jackson," I say in an almost whining tone. "I hate you so much right now,"

"But it's true!" Jackson says playfully while wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "There's a reason why she's head reporter, she can basically get any man to talk and tear down their will at the same time."

"Ignore him, he's an idiot," I say, pushing Jackson off me before fixing my hair a little. "Trust me, I'm not as scary as they make me seem,"

"I think I believe you," Derek says, smiling at me reassuringly before Scott clears his throat.

"Sorry ladies, but I have to take Mr. Hale with me and on with the rest of the tour. He needs to know where the coffee place is or else he'll feel the wrath of Stiles Stilinski in the morning." Scott says before dodging my hand as I tried to slap his shoulder.

"You're an ass, Scott. You're not my best friend anymore." I say and he looked like I just kicked his puppy.

"But my queen! How can you end such a beautiful relationship! I literally worship the ground you walk on!" Scott says, causing Derek to laugh for the first time.

"Yeah right. The only ground you worship is wherever Allison walks on." I say to him, smiling wide as his contorts into mock misery.

"Alas! I cannot please both women of my life!" Scott says dramatically, making everyone in the room laugh.

"As you can see Derek, a few years of working here, you'll end up almost as pathetic as Scott," I tell Derek, who seemed to be beaming by the atmosphere in the small area.

"You wound me, Stiles! You were supposed to be my Best Gal," Scott says and I couldn't help but laugh more.

"Ask Jackson, or Isaac," I tell him, making him pout.

"Fine, but don't expect me to say yes when you ask me to be your Man of Honor," Scott says before pulling Derek with him to continue on his way.

"Scott, we made a deal remember? You'd be my maid of honor if I helped you win over Allison! Frilly pink dress and all!" I call after him, making him trip a little in his steps.

"You just live to humiliate me in front of potential friends, don't you?" Scott asked pitifully while I was smiling wider than usual.

"It's my job to since you don't have an actual sister to do it for you," I say as he leads Derek away.

I couldn't help but watch as they disappear around the corner, and it may have been pervy of me to be glancing at Derek's ass. Oh, my god. His ass is glorious! So round and his slacks were sinfully tight around them. Stiles! Stop looking! He's your co-worker now! Stop it! Yes, he has a fine ass, but you don't need to be obviously staring at it!

As if Jackson caught on to my train of thought, he poked me in the ribs with a knowing smirk. "Looks like someone has a crush on the new guy," Jackson says teasingly.

My cheeks were on fire now and I gave him a harsh glare, "Don't think about it, Whittmore, or I'll tell Lydia about your tie,"

"It is a wonderful tie, and I don't see what the big deal is about it!" Jackson protests.

"Get back to work, or I'll tell Harris," I tease as he huffs in defeat.

"You're not invited to our wedding," Jackson tells me before going back to his cubical.

"We'll see what Lydia thinks about that," I call back, hearing an aggravated groan in return.


Later that evening, I was working late at the office, trying to get some last minute articles in before publication for the next day. I was basically alone at this point; I think the only other guy who was here was the janitor. It was a little nerve-wreaking to be here after hours, but at least I got some time to try and figure out what I was going to do for the main article next week. I've been trying to think of something to write about that would make a lot of people interested in the paper, but so far I got nothing. I sighed, looking at the screen of my computer with a killer writer's block. Instead of spending hours trying to think of some tangible thing, I decided that I might as well head home already and turn in.

I shut down the computer, collect my things and stuff to take home with me, turn off the light in my cubicle, then went on my way out. The temperature outside had dropped earlier in the evening, so now it was close to below freezing, but at least I had my coat on and regret wearing the pencil skirt Erica bought me. My heels clicked on the cement sidewalk as I made my way towards the parking lot where my baby-blue jeep waits for me, wrapping the coat tight against my body and holding the files against my chest. I make it to my jeep, opening the back door to toss the files in and making my way over to the driver's side with my keys in hand. I was about to get in when suddenly I get this feeling that something wasn't right.

I turn around only to see a man in a black mask, just standing there and staring at me. I felt my hackles rise and I quickly tried to climb into the jeep, but the man had launched forward and grabbed the back of my coat. His gloved hand had clamped over my mouth, muffling my screams as he pulls me backward and pushes me to the ground. I try my best to fight him off, using all the self-defense skills I learned from my Dad (being the Sheriff's Daughter is apparently a dangerous thing to be), but none seemed to work with this guy. My hand had clutched into a fist and I had planned to knock his lights out, but he produced a knife from his pocket and had pressed it against my throat.

"Keep quiet, or else I'll have to cut that pretty face of yours," The man says threateningly, almost taunting me with the knife.

"Sorry, I'm not usually the quiet type. I'm more of the kind of girl that can talk your ears into bleeding if I wanted to." I snark back, but that only made him press the knife harder against my skin. "What the hell do you want?"

"Whatever you have in your wallet lady, or maybe a little more since you're one of the pretty ones." He says with a gross smile. I cringe and gave him my best death glare.

"In your dreams, you perv. All my stuff's in the jeep, so if you so kindly let me up, then I'd be more than happy with giving you whatever you want." I say, hoping he was more interested in the money than in wanting to kill me.

"Maybe I want to make my dreams come true?" He implies, giving off a thick chuckle before letting one of his hands run down the naked flesh of my thigh where the skirt was ridden up.

"Get the fuck off me!" I snap, trying to use my hands to push him off me. Instead, he just grabbed a fist full of my hair and pressed the cold blade against my skin until I actually felt something wet trickling down my throat. "Help! Someone! Help!"

"No one's going to hear you, bitch," The guy says.

Suddenly, it looked like someone had grabbed onto his shirt and literally tossed him off me, throwing him close to the other side of the parking lot. I quickly sat up, looking up in shock to see a man standing over me, not threateningly, but like he was making sure I was alright. In the low light, I could see that the man was built, like he was just muscle and bones, wearing spandex so tight that it hugged almost every bulging muscle, his eyes were so green and colorful, they looked like a freaking rainbow, and his hair was almost as black as night.

"You, sir need to know how to treat women with respect," He says, looking at the guy he had just thrown. The mugger looked like he was unconscious, so the guy in the suit turned back to me and slowly held out his hand towards me. "Are you alright, ma'am?"

I nod my head slowly, slowly reaching out to take his, which were surprisingly smooth. He easily lifted me to my feet, making sure I was balanced before he let me go. For the first time in my whole life, I was basically speechless. This guy just saved my life, wearing some ridiculous costume with an S on it, and... a cape? Really?

"Do you need some medical assistance for your neck?" He asked, and my hand quickly flew to my neck, flinching once I felt the familiar sting of pain and the line of blood. It didn't feel that deep, and it's not like I was spazzing on the floor, coughing up blood through my mouth or something. Just a small cut from a knife.

"No, I'm fine," I say, my voice a little shaky. I cleared my throat and finally looked at the man. "Thank you, for saving me,"

"You're welcome," The man replied, giving me a gentle smile before turning back to the mugger. "I'll take him to the police, so you have nothing to worry about. "

"Who are you?" I couldn't help but ask, looking at the guy in wonder.

He smiles, then sends me a small wink, "Just someone who wants to help. And you are?"

I was surprised by his question, almost went into shock, but I managed to clear my head enough to answer. "Stiles. Stiles Stilinski,"

The man smiled and gave me a small wink. "Stay safe next time, Stiles."

Next thing I know, the guy literally begins floating in the air, flies to grab the mugger and takes off into the night. I was left with my jaw hanging, watching the empty space of where the guy was. What. The. Shit. He...did he just fly? What the hell! Suddenly, I begin to feel very dizzy and I make my way back to the jeep. God, I need a drink.


"Stilinski! Hale! In my office!" Harris yelled from his door, using his hand to indicate to me and Derek to come into his office.

Derek had a nervous look on his face, which no one would fault him because even though he'd only been here a month now, he was almost terrified of Harris. Everybody was terrified of Harris during their first year, except for myself because I knew the guy was just all bark and no bite. That's how I became head reporter ya know. So, I gave Derek a reassuring smile before leading him to the office and standing strong as we face the worst boss in the world.

Harris looked good in his forties, hair still slick and black, but puny eyes that watched your every move like a snake. Maybe he was secretly a Reptilian? He had his hands clasped together while giving Derek and I a look that made the poor guy squirm under his glare. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest and pushing my glasses back on the bridge of my noise.

"What do you want from us this time, Harris?" I asked, not willing to play the waiting game with him. Harris just smiles a little before leaning back in his chair.

"Well, there has been a rise in this so called Superman sightings, and I've wanted you two to make an article from an exclusive interview with the hero in question." Harris tells us.

"Sir, no news reporter has ever had an interview with Superman," Derek informs him, but Harris just smirks.

"That's why I want you two to figure it out. Especially since you're a new rookie and she's got some years under her belt. I hope that this would be an enlightening proposition for you, Mr. Hale. Allowing Miss Stilinski to show you have to be a real reporter." Harris replies, waving his hands in my direction.

"There's got to be a catch," I say, narrowing my eyes at my boss.

"There is," Harris continues. "I want the article by the end of this week, or else you'll lose your position as head reporter,"

"What?! You can't demote me!" I snap at him, placing my hands on his stupid mahogany wood desk. "Deaton rightfully gave me that position before he retired! I've held true to that title for the last year of my life! You can't just demote me if I don't hand in an article about an interview that would be impossible to get!"

"Sir, I'm not as experienced to be a reporter yet, I don't want to risk Stiles losing her position." Derek tried to add, but Harris didn't look like the words affected him.

"I want the article by the end of the week. No excuses, and no complaints of any kind. Now, you two, out of my office." Harris says and I glare at him.

Derek and I file out of the office. Derek looked at me with guilt while I seethed with anger. I was so mad, I was close to tears, taking in deep breaths to try and calm myself down. I didn't notice that Derek was talking to me until he placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Stiles, are you alright?" Derek asked quietly. I turned to him, letting out a heavy sigh before giving him a reassuring smile.

"I'm alright, Derek. I just hate Harris so much right now. I can't believe he would do that to me, I mean, I know he hates me, but geez! This must be his brilliant scheme to get me to lose my job! That is so low of him!" I sucked in another breath, exhaling through my mouth and let my nerves calm down, "I'm sorry you're having to listen to me rant." I smile at him sheepishly.

"It's okay, Stiles. I understand. I guess everyone was right about how much of a dick Harris can be sometimes," Derek chuckles a little, trying to lighten my mood.

I smile wide in gratitude, "He can be, at least to me he is."

Derek laughs a little, smiling warmly at me. "At least he put us together to work on the article."

"True," I nod then began to lead him to the break room. After the shitstorm Harris tried to pull on my, I could seriously use some coffee right now. "The thing is though, how are we supposed to get that interview? Superman is like Big Foot at this point, and I have no idea how we can contact him."

"Why don't you leave that to me?" Derek asked, smiling at me. I couldn't help but notice something odd about the way he smiled, like he was keeping a secret or something, and that was kind of bothering me for some reason.

"How are you going to contact with Superman?" I asked incredulously.

"I kind of know my way around. I may be a rookie reporter, but I at least know how I can get my sources," Derek says and gives me a wink. That sends a shiver down my spine and I quickly laugh to hide the blush that was appearing on my cheeks.

"Okay then, if you're so sure you can get an interview with Superman, why don't I hold you to a wager?" I asked, smiling wickedly his way, which made his smile falter a little and all of a sudden, he looked nervous.

"What kind of wager?" Derek asked cautiously and I smile even brighter.

"If you can get that interview, at least before the end of this week, then I'll take you out to coffee from now on." I say and Derek smiles a relieved smile.

"I think I can do that." Derek says, giving me a cheeky smile.

"Then let's shake on it." I hold my hand out, waiting for him to take it. He slowly takes my hand in his, still as smooth as ever, and shakes it.

We look into each other's eyes for a moment, just staring as I take in his multicolor green eyes. They looked like the color of the life under the sea, so rich and full that I could get lost in them for hours before I was pulled out by a cough. Derek and I turned to see Erica Reyes, a reporter from the business section of the paper, smiling wide at us from the entrance of the break room. Derek and I immediately let go of our hands, me blushing like a geisha with make-up on as she struts her way into the room. She sends a flirtatious wink at Derek and a knowing grin towards me before silently grabbing a can of soda from the fridge and making her way out.

Derek and I looked at each other nervously before he fumbled with his neck tie. "Hm, so I'll get back to you later about that interview?"

"Sure, maybe later we can get together and pull up some questions we would ask?" I offered and his smile had returned, as beautiful as ever.



Against all odds, Derek actually managed to get me an interview with the Man of Steel. I honestly had no idea how he had done it, but I was very impressed. When I tried to ask how he got the interview, Derek just said that he just had really good contacts. I threw in a joke about how he had to play a damsel in distress, which caused Derek to laugh wholeheartedly and said that may have been one of his tactics. That caused me to almost snort out my coffee through my nose, which was both hilarious and embarrassing by itself because Derek awkwardly had to get me napkins to help clean the spill I made. Nonetheless, I still owed him coffee, which I was more than willing to do since he basically saved my job.

"So, where does this Man of Steel want me to meet him?" I asked Derek as we made our way into Starbucks one afternoon. Derek was still smug over the whole thing and he had a wide smile planted on his face.

"He'd like to meet you on top of the Beacon Post building. Tonight." Derek informs me, still having that smile on his face.

"What about you?" I asked, mindlessly brushing off the wrinkles of my skirt as we waited in line for the cashier.

"Superman prefers it just being the two of you. He seems to trust you more than me," Derek answers, his smile faltering a little.

"Aw, does someone have a crush on Superman?" I asked in a mock cooing voice, which made Derek blush feverishly.

"I do not! I don't really see him being attractive." Derek rushes out, trying his best to regain his casual composure. I couldn't help but laugh a little at his antics.

"I'm kidding," I laugh, enjoying the way he looks so flustered when he's embarrassed. Derek just smiles, eyes gleaming through his thick rimmed glasses. "But seriously? You are the one that did put the interview together, it would only make sense for you to come as well."

"It's alright, I actually already have plans that night," Derek replies and I look at him curiously. I tried to push the thought of him going on a date, not really sure if I would like the idea. I mean, yeah I do like him, even consider him as a friend, but I would also like to go out with him. Derek was sweet, despite his grumpy exterior, and he is a little shy and clumsy at times. He's just the definition of cute, but if he already has a girlfriend? Then there goes my dreams of ever being Mrs. Hale...okay that sounds creepy. Damnit Stiles and your weird way of pinning!

"Oh really? What kind of plans?" I asked, trying to sound curious and not disappointed.

"I'm visiting my mother tonight," Derek replies and that immediately lifts some weight off my shoulders.

"Oh, how nice. Where does your mother live?"

"Beacon Hills. that's my hometown," Derek answers and I could feel my jaw drop.

"You're from Beacon Hills? So am I!" I say excitedly, smiling wide at him. Derek looked shocked at first, then a wide smile played on his lips.

"No way," He says like he doesn't believe it.

"Way. I can't believe I've never heard about you. We've got to have been at least in one class together,"

"Honestly, that wouldn't be a surprise. I was actually homeschooled,"

"Really? You were homeschooled?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah, there were so many of us, my Mom thought it would be better if she had us all in the same place. It was easier for her that way, and I didn't mind."

"Wow, no wonder I've never seen you before. I definitely would have remembered those eyes," I say, not realizing what I meant until a shocked look crossed his face.

"My eyes?" Derek asked, his face still conveying surprise.

"Oh, um, yeah," I nod nervously as I began to rub my hands together. "They're really pretty, I mean, I can't even tell what color they actually are. Are they green? Hazel? I wouldn't have a clue..."

"They're just hazel," Derek replied, actually smiling wide.

I smiled back, still feeling my cheeks turn pink as we came closer to the counter.

We continued conversing about the Superman article and a few about our personal lives. I learned that Derek grew up with a huge family, about eleven people that included is Mom and sisters. I told him about how Scott and I meet in the sandbox and how I stole his juice box and shoved him in the dirt because he was being a big cry baby. He was surprised about how we ever became friends by that, but I explained that we had bonded over our love of superheroes and how awesome it would be to actually be one.

Derek seemed a little sore about that, but I reminded him that we were just kids and still believed in Santa Claus. We laughed it off after I told him about how my Dad actually gave Scott nightmares that one Christmas where he had dressed up like Santa and actually ended up looking like Krumpas instead, which freaked us out back then. After Derek and I got our coffee, we went back to work, reminiscing over our childhood memories. Derek smiled more than I had ever seen him do since he started working here, and I was glad to be the one to make him show his adorable bunny teeth.


As promised, Derek told me that Superman was going to meet me on the roof of the Beacon Post building, and instructed me to wait until seven and to wear something nice. At first, I was a bit confused, but Derek simply replied that it was what Superman wanted, so I just shrugged it off and prepared my notes. When it came around time that I should be walking up the stairs to the roof, I made sure to check myself in the mirror.

I was wearing a black evening dress with spaghetti straps, black flats Lydia loaned me, and a crop jean jacket. I only had light makeup on, keeping that professional look, and my hair was in its natural curl. It was nicer than my casual outfits, and it was really the best I could do since Lydia was still in San Francisco for some month long business trip. I adjusted my neckline a little, trying not to show any cleavage. One of the downfalls of owning this kind of dress. After taking a few deep breaths and running a hand through my hair, I decided that it was time to get up there.

'It's just an interview, Stiles. No big deal, you've done them multiple times before.' I thought to myself, but then again, this was the same guy that saved me almost a month ago. Like seriously, he was hot. Nope. Bad Stiles. Keep this professional. Your positon depends on it!

With another deep breath, I took the elevator to the top floor and made my way to the stairway that lead up to the roof. I hesitated a little when my hand brushed against the door handle, a small wave of anxiety rushed through me. Of course, why would I, Stiles M. Stilinski, nervous? Maybe because I'm meeting the city's new hero? That sounds a bit farfetched. Get a grip girl! Woman up!

I pushed the door open and I was stunned when I took in what was laid out before me. Holy shit, it was like I had just walked into a fancy restaurant or something. There was a single table with a cotton white table spread over it, with a single candle light at the center and what looked like food set out on that table. My jaw literally dropped to the floor and my eyes grew wide in shock. In that moment, the Man of Steel himself flew in with a sheepish smile on his face. I couldn't help but blush as I went over to him.

"Wow, you really know how to impress a news reporter," I say as Superman came to my side and held out a hand for me.

"Well, I figured since you're interviewing me, might as well make sure you were comfortable. When I heard that you wanted an interview, to be honest, I was really excited." Superman says as he leads me to the table. Being an actual gentleman, he held out one of the chairs for me to take a seat in, then went to his seat.

"You were excited to meet me?" I asked incredulously, wondering why a guy like Superman would be excited to meet with a reporter, especially one that looked me. I mean, I knew I wasn't one of the pretty girls in school, I was just so average looking, with pain brown hair and eyes. The plain average Jane.

"Yeah, I mean," For the short few moments since I knew him, he actually seemed flustered. Strangely, it was really familiar. Like I've seen it so many times. "Well, you have an interesting personality, I was just curious about you."

"Really? You find me interesting?" I asked with a nervous smile on my face. Superman gave me a way more brilliant smile, which even that oddly looked familiar as well. Huh, strange.

"Well, yes. I do read your articles." Superman says, his hand waving my way.

I blushed a little bit, smiling a little more at him. "Why don't we get to the interview? If that's alright with you."

"Of course, but there are some requests I like to ask of you," Superman, the freaking Man of Steel, looked nervous.

"What kind of request?" I asked curiously. Superman looked at his hands for a moment before returning his light green eyes to me.

"I was hoping if you could refrain from asking anything personal? I would much like to keep some privacy in my life, you understand right?" Superman actually looked nervous, like he was reluctant but seemed to trust me enough to go through with this interview. I couldn't help but feel a twinge in my heart as I looked at his pleading eyes. The familiarity of them and how open they seem made my heart ache even more.

I smiled reassuringly, reaching over to take one of his hands in mine. "Of course, if you like, you can let me know if any of the questions seem too personal. I'll skip those and we can move on, how does that sound?"

He actually smiles back, so brilliant and beautiful, it almost made me cry. "That sounds perfect,"

I went on with the interview, asking him basic questions like 'what made you want to be superman' and 'How do you want the public to see you as, since they've never seen a human being capable of such things as flying and super strength.' He answered them as honestly as he could without revealing too much about his personal life. It honestly went really well, and I actually enjoyed myself because he was just so open with me. I liked how he would crack a joke here and there, and it just made him more... human... and yet so familiar.

The way his eyes gleamed with joy or content. How he shows his bunny teeth when he smiles. Wait a minute... Bunny teeth? As we conversed about his past (him keeping it as vague as possible) I couldn't help but take notice of some things about him that seemed so familiar to me. His eyes would wrinkle whenever he smiles, his defined cheekbones, his multi-colored green eyes. He reminds me so much of Derek for some reason...

"Is something wrong, Stiles?" Superman asks me, pulling me from my thoughts.

"Oh, sorry, no. Nothing's wrong. It's just that you look really familiar to me, that's all." I say, trying to brush off the thought, but he seemed rather shocked. Not the reaction I was expecting.

"Well... we have met once before..." Superman says as if he was trying to brush it off as well.

"I know that," I inform him, a little sarcastically. "I mean you remind me of a friend of mine. His name's Derek Hale, I'm sure you know of him?"

"A little," He says reluctantly. "He was the one that arranged this meeting,"

"How do you know Derek anyway? I'm sure it took him a lot to arrange this," I say, indicating to the table with my hands.

"We have a mutual friend," Superman says, leaving no room for questioning.

Lucky for him, I'm not the kind of girl that relents her questioning.

"Well, you two really look alike. Like you could be twins or something... or maybe..." I looked at him a little closer, noticing the way he looked nervous, like he was terrified what I was going to come up with. Almost as terrified as Derek was when Harris called us in about the article... The same look... Then it hits me. Oh, my god....

"Derek?" I asked flabbergasted. Superman's face contorted from shock to surprise and to shame with a wary smile added to it. I could actually see it now. Why Superman and Derek looked so much alike was because they were the actual same person. The same fucking person. Only difference was those fucking glasses.

Without another word, I get up from my seat, not looking back as I made my way down the stair case and to the elevator. Derek had already beaten me to it, a pleading look on his face as he blocks my path from the elevator. I glare at his adorable green eyes, and then hating myself for thinking that they were still adorable.

"Stiles! Please, I can explain!" Derek says frantically, which only caused me to intensify my glare.

"Can you? Can you really?" I asked, my voice taking on a harsher tone.

"I can almost explain, but please! Please just hear me out!" Derek pleads, but I cross my arms over my chest.

"Why should I? You've lied to me about who you are, Derek! I mean, what was the whole point in this set up? To humiliate me? To make me embarrassed? To get me to lose my job?" I asked him, feeling tears brim against my eyes and I took in a shaky breath in order to calm myself down. I wasn't going to cry in front of him. I wasn't that weak.

"No! Stiles, I would never do that to you! Yes, I lied, but that was because I needed to keep my identity a secret! I wouldn't risk the people I care about with what I do! You have to understand that I need this to be kept secret. For my family's sake and for yours too!" Derek begs.

"Then why lie to me about it? Why make me believe you would do this out of the kindness of your heart?"

"Because, I knew how much being head reporter meant to you, and I didn't want to risk your job. I thought that if I did this, then you would get what you needed for the article and... and I really liked you. I still do, Stiles. I wanted to impress you and treat you like a lady for once as Superman. You were so fond of him; I didn't really know how else I could get your attention." Derek confesses.

"Derek, I wasn't fond of Superman, I was fond of you. I liked you and actually wanted to go out on a date with you. But now, I honestly don't even know if I know you at all." I push pass him and get to the elevator as it opens.

"Stiles-," Derek calls after me, but I cut him off.

"I won't tell anyone about your secret," I tell him, earning another shocked expression. "But please... just leave me alone."

"Stiles, I-," Derek tries again but I shook my head.

"Just don't..." I walk into the elevator, not taking my eyes off him until the doors close.


It's been almost a week now since that night. A lot has changed since then, and I wasn't even sure how it all had gone down the way it did, but honestly I wasn't even surprised. I began avoiding Derek at work, not looking at his general direction and always making myself disappear whenever he comes by. Scott and Jackson have taken notice in my strange behavior, but they knew well enough not to confront me until I was ready to talk. Since Derek and I never got back together to work on the article, Harris actually demoted me, and what made it worse was that he did it in front of everyone in the office.

It was humiliating, with everyone giving me sympathetic looks. I refused to see what look Derek gave me. And what really grinded my gears was that Harris promoted Erica to Head Reporter as well, which caused her to give me a smirk as she stepped forward to take the promotion. No one seemed as excited, especially since no one really liked Erica that much. Scott and Jackson tried to comfort me in taking me out clubbing, but I wasn't in the mood for it.

At this point in my life, with failure brewing in my stomach, I just really didn't want to do anything. I should be angry, but it was basically my fault that I never did the article. I mean, I had all the notes needed to complete it, even without Derek's help, but I just didn't think it would be something I should be doing. Since I had just found out that the guy I liked was actually Superman, Beacon City's new superhero, and was playing some sort of joke with me. I guess it wouldn't have been right, seeing as Derek had begged me not to tell anyone, and I didn't.

I've kept to my word and have not uttered a word about that night to anyone, not even Scott. Still, it didn't help that now all I felt was depression for losing my dream job because I acted like a total girl about it. But then who can blame me? My crush was actually freaking Superman, and he had the audacity to play me like I was some idiot. I had every right to fume with anger. Either way, I still wasn't a head reporter anymore. And even thinking about it had upset my stomach enough to convince Scott and Jackson to let me stay in tonight.

So here I am, sitting alone in my apartment, with my dog Pennywise. (Yes, I named my dog after a clown, don't judge me, I'm a horror movie junkie. I laugh in the face a fear!) He was a red Siberian Husky with thick fur and beautiful blue eyes. My Dad gave him to me when I first moved out to Beacon City, and he's been with me ever since. Pennywise was curled up against my thigh as I sat on my couch, channel surfing for something interesting to watch while mindlessly stuffing my face with kettle corn. I was wearing my pajamas, just some grey sweats and a t-shirt that said 'I own a Werewolf oven'. My hair was twisted into a bun on the top of my head, and my nerd glasses were on. I was more than ready to have a night to myself, seeing how crappy of a week I had.

Just as I was beginning to dose off, Penny began barking at something, lifting her head to sniff the air before he began barking again.

"What is it, baby?" I asked him, reaching out to pet him in hopes of calming him down. Instead of relaxing, Pennywise jumped from the couch and began barking at the French doors that lead to the balcony. Sitting up a little on the couch, I could see that Derek was standing there with a strange expression on his face.

At first, I was shocked because how in the hell did Derek get onto my balcony? I live on the thirteenth floor (I know, unlucky number right?) in the apartment complex, so how- oh. Right, he can fly. I contemplated on just ignoring him until he went away, but by the look on his face, I knew he knew I was home.

With a heavy sigh, I got up to open the doors and meet him out in the balcony. It was rather small, but it had the perfect view of the city. My arms were crossed over my chest as I waited for him to say something, but he just kept standing there like he wanted to say something, but just didn't know how to start. Penny was still barking at him, almost to the point of growling until Derek leaned down and began to pet his head. Penny froze, leaning into the touch before he did his whole leg kicking thing that I find most adorable about him. Derek had yet to say anything, which was now beginning to annoy me.

"What do you want, Derek?" I asked him finally, which caused him to turn away from Pennywise and back to me. He sighed and stood back up, meting my eyes for the first time.

"Stiles, I want to apologize for what happened," Derek says, pausing for a moment.

"For what? Humiliating me? For me losing my position?" I asked angrily.

"For everything. Look, I know I should have done things differently, and I didn't know you were going to guess it right away. I just wanted you to have the interview for the article so Harris wouldn't demote you. I swear I didn't mean to hurt you that way, Stiles." Derek says pleadingly.

"But why?" I asked him.

Derek sighs, taking a long deep breath before he answered. "Because I really like you, Stiles. I really wanted to ask you out, but I was too shy. I thought maybe doing it as Superman would make it easier, but I ended up hurting you, and I am so sorry for that. I didn't mean to, but it did and I can't take that back."

"You like me?" I asked, feeling a little bit surprised about that.

Derek nods, "Ever since I first meet you, I've always liked you. You're the most beautiful person I have ever meet, and I really wish I could have another chance to get to know you."

Now it was my turn to take another deep breath. I pondered over it for a few minutes, taking in consideration that he had actually done this so he can go out with me. That was what the whole set up was for, romancing me until I was nothing but a pile of goo at his feet. It was a sweet gesture, but he didn't need to be someone else in order to do so. Despite all my logic saying to steer clear of Derek, my heart couldn't help but make me say, "Fine,"

"Huh?" Now Derek was the one confused.

"Fine. I'll give you another chance, but if you ever do that to me, Derek Hale, I'll string you up by your man berries." I say and he looks at me wide in shock.

"Really? You're giving me another chance?" Derek asked.

"I am, because honestly I like you too. And I want to see where this goes, but if you make me regret it, I'll warn you now that my Dad's the Sheriff back in Beacon Hills. He'll be more than happy than to arrest you for breaking his baby girl's heart." I say and Derek almost looked like a child on Christmas.

"Thank you, Stiles, you have no idea how much this means to me," Derek says in relief. "I promise; I won't make you regret this. I'll make everything up to you."

"Well, you can start by staying with me and watching the whole Twilight series with me," I say and he wrinkles his nose a bit.

"The whole series?" He asked, a little weary.

"It's the only way you can make it up to me," I smirk at him and he sighs in defeat.

"Alright. As long as I'll be forgiven in the end." Derek says as he follows me into the living room.

"We'll see about that." I smirk at him.