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The Little Lost Puppy finally Home

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The night air hit Stiles before he knew what was happening, he had been in bed... So why was he outside now? He tried to move, but felt a harsh grip restraining him. He couldn't see anything, his breathing only got faster as he felt himself being picked up and moved, like he weighed nothing....

His head began to spin when it felt like everything was moving at a faster speed, but I'm not in a car... Stiles couldn't think beyond that as his hands gripped onto what ever soft surface they found.

Derek raced through the forest with the boy in his arms, the night was a good cloak, but the key was getting stiles as far away as possible before the boy realized what was happening to him. His pup would be perfect once he got away from the big, scary world.

Stiles couldn't keep track of anything, his eyes closing against the stomach turning scenery that was flashing by.

Derek soon felt the soft snores from his baby, his pup would be so happy when he woke up. It was the perfect time to rescue him, as Stiles was all alone, who would take care of him if Derek hadn't found him? His new pup would be so loved and cared for without a care in the world, even if he didn't know it yet.

Derek moved quietly into his house, tomorrow they would go on a plane to the main area with everyone else, but tonight he needed to hunker down and get some rest, his pup would be excited when they reached their new home.

Derek laid Stiles in his temporary crib in the only bedroom, after fastening a blue pacifier on for his pup to suck incase he woke up. Hr hadn't been able to change the pup into his new clothes, since this was a way station before everything got going. "Sleep well, pup."

Tomorrow was going to be an adventure.