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22nd of July 1990

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, from number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.
Well that's what they want you to think because, In fact they had a little magic secret living with them little nine year old Harry James Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

It was cold and stormy day where nothing could be heard apart from the rain and the thunder no matter how hard you screamed

Harrys POV

I can't believe this! How dare they! This is all Dudley's fault if he would just leave me alone while cooking this wouldn't have happened. I kept thinking as I kept pounding the door with my fist. "PLEASE LET ME IN! I'M SO SORRY PLEASE LET ME IN!"I kept screaming but they wouldn't open the door. I tried standing up but I couldn't it hurt so much that my legs gave up and I fell back on my behind and man did it hurt. 'If only Dudley would have left me alone' I thought back to what happened


Dudley walked into the kitchen and I felt him glare at my back. "What is it that you need Dudley" I asked him as I flipped the last pancake and was finishing with the bacon. "Why isn't the food ready, freak! I'm hungry and I want to eat now" he said as he got closer. I got nervous, it always ends badly when Dudley gets close to me while I'm cooking. "I'm sorry your food is already done all I have to d-"I was interrupted as he pushed me off the stool angrily. I fell down I felt my arm hit something as I went down and soon enough I found out what it was. It was the pan where I was cooking the bacon and the grease landed on my arm. I let out a sharp scream and Dudley started screaming too but for another reason. "DAAAAAAAAAAAAD THE FREAK HURT ME WITH THE PAN HE BURNED ME" the useless annoying Dudley started screaming. I started panicking "Dudley shhhh…. please stop please Dudley I'm sorry but please don't" I begged him but he ignored me. Uncle Vernon stomped into the room his face turning an ugly red in anger. Dudley ran to him and showed him where a little drop of bacon grease had fallen on his hand. Uncle Vernon turned to me and looked at me with a look of pure hatred it wasn't the same as the other looks this one had all of his hatred and anger for me and it scared me so much. "YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING UNGRATEFUL BRAT" he yelled at me. I tried to get away but he pulled me up by my hair he had a sadistic smile on his face. "You're going to get to worst punishment for hurting my son" He slammed me into the table and-

~flashback end~

No I don't want to think about that. I sighed and decided to just lay down since screaming and pounding on the door seemed futile and my arm started to hurt more. What am I going to now? My arm looks all red and blotchy and it looks like I have a blister or two and all I have is what I'm wearing and this stupid blanket. I can't stay here I need to get away. I looked around but everything looked blurry then I remembered my glasses were still inside but I don't care anymore. I decided to stand up and start walking no matter how much it hurt. I walked for a while until I couldn't anymore and I collapsed onto the side of the road. "My, oh my what is this I see?" I tried to look up at the owner of the voice but all I saw was three cloaked like blurry figures. "It's a boy it seems should we help him?" another cloaked figure asked. "Yes of course you idiots stop trying to sound mysterious and help me pick him up!" the tallest one of the figures said as she? hit the other two girls I think they're girls since their voices sound girly. I felt them pick me up and start walking just as I blacked out.