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Knights of Time

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Your name is Dave and you are bored to tears. You wouldn't have expected it to be this way, really, but no one seems to be very interested in you at the moment. Karkat and Terezi are talking to each other; they seem to have some unfinished business. Kanaya has gone off in a murderous rage to find Gamzee, who's run off to God knows where. Even the mayor is too busy mourning the loss of Cantown to really pay you any notice. He keeps sniveling something about democracy and innocent lives. Your friends' same-aged parents and guardians are here, too. Everyone is busy ignoring you in favor the teenage versions of the people they'd admired, or been in contention with, their entire lives. And to top it all off, your guardian is simply too busy flirting with Jade's to even notice you.

Where is Jade, anyway?

You know she returned a little while ago, all tears and apologies about the inconvenience of trying to knock out an evil Jade Harley. 

You search the area for her, casually surveying the plains until you trip over a leg in a striped sock, barely catching your balance. Jade is curled up on the ground,  her arms and legs flailing wildly in front of her. It takes you a moment to realize that she's running in her sleep — on all fours!

Dave: Suppress your laughter.


You fail to suppress your laughter. You are laughing so hard, Jade wakes up, startled, then grins. You keep laughing until you realize she is staring at you and starting to giggle. With some difficulty, you revert to your usual stoic expression.

" 'Sup?" You say. Jade giggles again.

"Just enjoying a nice sleep when I wake up to none other than Dave Strider laughing like it's going out of style." She says, still grinning.

"Everything I do is in style." Jade snorts at this.


"So why aren't you over there fawning over your grandfather-father-figure-whatever the fuck he is." Jade raises an eyebrow and looks pointedly over to Dirk inching Jake backwards onto a slab of stone. He seems to enjoy Jake's codpiece a little too much.

"Ah." You reply, a bit relieved that you aren't the only one left out, and feeling a bit stupid for not realizing earlier that she'd share your predicament. "It's a bit weird to think that my bro's gay. Or at least... this version is."

"We've been over this, Dave. He's not your brother. He's your father. And you're his ancestor."

"And Bob's your uncle." You try to wrap your head around it, while Jade sighs. "I dunno," you continue, "it's not like I have anything against, it, but I can't imagine myself being interested in a guy, you know?"

You suddenly hear a voice from behind you. "Repression really isn't healthy Dave." Rose's voice is low and assured, but playful. You glance over to see that her ancestor is also busy flirting, with both John AND his ancestor, Jane. You're amused, to be sure, but your face is straight as ever... which reminds you...


"Oh, nothing, bro." Rose winks at you and you know she's lying. "I have something for you by the way." She hands you a piece of parchment with little blue and yellow symbols on it.

You raise an eyebrow.

"You'll understand later, Dave." Her smile is serene and mocking.

"Rose, you are being more cryptic than usual, and believe me when I say you are usually a model citizen  for cryptic behavior. You are more cryptic than a crypt. If someone were making a documentary about cryptic behavior and asked me who-"



"I need to talk to Jade for a minute."


Dave: Extricate yourself from the situation.


You aren't sure what extricate means, and you don't really care, but you decide to leave. Maybe you can try to cheer up the mayor. You look at the piece of paper Rose gave you. There are two lines of symbols, both which appear to be on musical staves. Above the first is written "For me:" You look at the symbols: Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, A. This of course means nothing to you. You look at the song beneath it. "To gain his trust:" The yellow circles with arrows are again unintelligible: Left, up, right, left, up, right. You go over to the mayor and sit down next to him, patting him gently on the shoulder as he sobs.

"Hey bro." You try to calm him, occasionally glancing over at Rose and Jade. They seem to be talking about you, and you can't shake the feeling something big is about to happen.


Dave: Be Jade


You are now Jade Harley, and you aren't sure you're even capable of doing what Rose is asking of you.

"But Jade, if we can't do this, we all disappear. Not only us, but our universes. Earth, Alternia, and billions of other universes we've never even heard of. And what's worse, if Jack Noir has been interfering there, then he'll be able to escape the destruction. He'll be the only thing left of our universe. Worst case scenario for all parties."

"Alright. I'll do my best. But why only Dave?" You say, staring in his direction. "Why aren't all of us going to be there to help him out?"

"I don't know why, but I only see Dave. Space is your area of expertise, not mine."

"True enough. I've never tried to use my power to such an extent, though. It'll take all of my power and all of Bec's." You say worriedly.

"Whatever you need to do." She replies. "This is important."

"I'll do whatever it takes, Rose." She's right after all. You have to do whatever needs to be done.


Jade: Be Dave again.


You are now Dave Strider again, and the constant stares you're getting from Rose and Jade are starting to make you seriously uncomfortable. You could understand Jade's stare—you're a pretty hot guy after all— but Rose is your sister. Besides, you would have to be pretty stupid to actually think their stares are driven by lust, considering the expressions they are wearing. You look at Jade's face especially. Uncertainty, concern, and then... determination? That's a bit worrisome. You look at the piece of paper again. Rose is planning something for you. And you're not sure you're going to like it.



"You want me to do WHAT?" You stare at Jade and Rose incredulously, forgetting your usual calm façade. What the two of them are suggesting seems ludicrous.

"I'm going to send you to another multiverse." Jade says. "There's another Knight of Time there, in a special session. You need to help him or we're all screwed. We won't even be created unless he is victorious."

"But that doesn't make sense. We already know it was the troll's session that made our universe. And what do you mean, 'special session?'"

"Alternia's universe will also cease to exist, Dave. Our whole multiverse. Every single universe in our... I'll call it a system. There isn't really a word for it."

"That's because of the nature of the special session." Rose interjects. "There's very little literature about it, but from the tiny scattered pieces of information I could find, it's called a Cycle Session. The session repeats itself over and over in many forms, and in each, the main hero is the same, reincarnated. It appears that there are others who often reincarnate as well, but it is not consistent. Much of the information I have, in fact, is inconsistent. The only thing that remains true across all my research is that if the hero fails to win the game in one of the repeated sessions, we are all destroyed."

"But doesn't the Alpha timeline dictate what needs to happen?"

"I think time works differently for his session." Rose responded.

"Then wouldn't I be the least useful person to send?"

"Actually, Dave," Jade cuts in, "I think you may be the only one I can send. I mean, I'm not sure, but I have already tried to send Rose and myself and there's something... something about us that won't let us be sent through."

"What makes you think I'm any different?"

"Because I saw you there." Rose says.

"Ugh. Fine. I don't really want to argue about this shit anymore. Do your worst, Jade, baby."



You are nauseated beyond belief. When you told Jade to do her worst, you hadn't meant it literally. You sit down quickly, trying not to throw up on the boots in front of you. Wait... boots?

You slowly look up to see the baffled face of a blonde haired, blue eyed boy in a blue... is that a tunic? With tights? Yes. Yes it is. And despite the fact that the person in front of you is obviously a guy, it sort of suits him.

"Uah!" He cries, jumping back and pulling out his sword and shield. Great.