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[Podfic] Before The Storm

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Total Length: 03:18:01
M4B Link:
M4B Size: 140.8M


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Chapter Stream Size Length Summary
01. NSFW - A Man Who Is Not Afraid [link to stream] 89 MB 1:36:40 Raidou's back from a hard, bloody mission, and looking for something shiny. Ryouma's about to head off on an A-rank that might kill him, and all he wants is one night with no regrets. NC-17
02. From Here On Out [link to stream] 69 MB 01:15:09 As the ANBU Trials come up, Raidou is slated to be a brand new captain—but where does that leave his old team? Or his teammate, Katsuko, who has her own issues to deal with?
03. One for the Road [link to stream] 24 MB 0:26:10 Genma breaks up a civilian fight and ruins Katsuko’s fun, but only for a little while. Alcohol and good company are in the offing when she tags along to his cherry blossom viewing party.