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Paper Mask

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Conan’s eyelids were heavy. He could barely keep them open as he tried to focus his vision through his broken glasses. Shapes were moving in front of him and he couldn’t discern them. He heard stern voices and doors opening.

Then, silence.

There were less shapes.

“Ah!” He yelped as he grabbed at the pain that shot through his side when he tried to move.

Lifting his hand from his side revealed the familiar sight of blood. Looking down to his stomach he spots a small pool of his own blood.

“This is bad, I’ve lost too much blood”

He clicked on his glasses, nothing. He had lost his detective badge in the initial scuffle. His watch was broken, which means he didn’t know how much time had passed. He had left his cell phone at the agency in order to avoid Ran getting involved. He had no means of contacting anyone that could help him. He had told no one where he was going, so now no one would know where to look.

His eyeslids grew heavy again, he knew he didn’t have long until he lost consciousness.


He knew that voice, the voice that he hears in his dreams. The voice he wakes up to everyday. The voice that he had wanted to listen to forever. He listened as those familiar steps came closer, closer and then stopped.


He knows that voice as well. It haunts his nightmares. The ones that are filled with black alcohol and screams. Similar to the first, but so much worse.

He feels familiar hands on his torso as he is turned onto his non blood soaked side. His glasses slide off his face as he looks up towards his reason to keep waking up and solving mysteries. Their hand is holding his hand tenderly.

“-nan? Can you hear me? Please answer me!”

Her voice his cracking, barely coming out as her body is shaking with sobs. Her eyes meet his, tears are flowing freely down the sides of her face, similar to how his own blood had come down the sides of his face. Her eyes go wide, as if everything had just fallen into place. A small sad smile flashed across her face, followed by complete horror.

“Shinichi, why didn’t you tell me, why have you kept this a secret for so long!?”

He had prepared for this, thought about it over and over again. Still, no words came. He couldn’t think straight. All he wanted to do was just pop up like he usually does and wipe away her tears.

“I didn’t want this to happen to you,” he croaked out.

He tried to smile, maybe that would make her smile too. Maybe that would make this a little less painful for her. Her face deteriorates into shapes as black creeps into the sides of his view.

His eyelids were so heavy.